============== i) Top DDR_001 ============== DDDDDDD DDDDDDD RRRRRRR DDD DDD DDD DDD RRRRRRRRR DDD DDD DDD DDD RRR RR DDD DDDD DDD DDDD RRR RRR DDD DDDD DDD DDDD RRRRRRRRRR DDD DDDD DDD DDDD RRRRRRRRR DDD DDDD DDD DDDD RRR RRR DDD DDDD DDD DDDD RRR RRR DDD DDDDD DDD DDDDD RRR RRR DDDDDDDD DDDDDDDD RRR RRR MMM MMM AAAAAAAAA XXX XXX MMMMMM MMMMMM AAAAAAAAAAA XXX XXX MMM MMMM MMM AAA AAA XXX XXX MMM M MMM AAA AAA XXXXXX MMM MMM AAAAAAAAAAA XXXX MMM MMM AAAAAAAAAAA XXXXXX MMM MMM AAA AAA XXX XXX MMM MMM AAA AAA XXX XXX NMM MMM AAA AAA XXX XXX ============================================= Take It To The MAX! ============================================== DDR MAX North American Version FAQ Version 0.95 Written By: Knight of Fire ============================================================= ==================================== ii) Revision History DDR_002 ==================================== November 8th, 2002 0.95 - Well, I added a few more unlocks, more edit mode stuff and I'm near completion. Changed a few stuff around, that's about it. October 31st, 2002 0.91 - Well added a few unlocks, almost near completion. Also, for the average Joe, this is not a DDR MAX (Japanese) FAQ, but for the North American version, as stated at the top of my FAQ. I'll probably do a what's the difference between the two section. October 29th, 2002 0.90 - Well, I'm near completion, thanks to DDR Freak posting the official songlist today with the Oni courses ^.^ I just need to do some stuff on edit mode and stuff like that, then I think I'll be almost done, just need the game for the full unlock sequence. October 25th, 2002 0.75 - Well a few days before the game ships out to the stores and I'm here updating the FAQ once again. It seems that we're now getting ONI MODE! YAY! Other than that, I'm just tinkering around with the song list, I'll finish that once I have a confirmed full songlist posted somewhere like DDRFreak. October 2nd, 2002 0.5 - Whee! Well this is my first FAQ, I felt kinda bored so I decided to try a hand at writing a Dance Dance Revolution FAQ, and since DDR MAX is coming out in a month or so, might as well start. I'll probably be adding the basic stuff for now, I'll hopefully have a partial song list available as well since Konami has already posted a few songs which will indeed be on DDR MAX. ================================== ============================================================= iii) Sections DDR_003 ============================================================= Code i) Top 001 ii) Revision History 002 iii) Sections 003 1) What is DDR? 004 2) How to Play 005 3) Game Modes 006 - Game Mode 007 - Workout Mode 008 - Training Mode 009 - Edit Mode 010 - Options 011 - Records 012 - Information 013 4) Changes in DDR MAX 014 - What's the difference between the 015 Japanese and North American release? - Groove Radar 016 - New Game Modifiers 017 - Freeze Arrows 018 - Wahhooo!!!! Oni Mode! 019 - Where's Emi and Rage!!??! 020 - OMG! Extra Stage! 021 5) Song List and Difficulties 022 6) Oni Track List 023 7) Unlock List 024 8) FAQ within a FAQ 025 9) Allow List 026 10) Credits & Thanks 027 11) Copyright Information 028 12) Contact Details 029 iv) Bottom 030 ================================ 1) What is DDR? DDR_004 ================================ Dance Dance Revolution, is a music game where you use your feet to play. The game is quite hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, will get easier. You have 4 arrows, up, down, left and right which represent the control pad of your controller. Yes, you can play DDR on a controller but going out to purchase a pad is a wise investment if you want to experience the full fun factor of the game. ================================ 2) How to Play DDR_005 ================================ To play, you must first select your song, but I will cover that later on in the FAQ in the Game Modes section. Once you have selected your song, you will see a bar up at the top of the screen, that represents your "health". Once your bar is empty, you fail the song. Below that are four stationary arrows. Once the song begins, arrows will start to scroll up the screen. Once the moving arrows nears the stationary arrows, get ready to move your feet to hit the arrow, to get a Perfect, you must hit the arrow as it overlaps the stationary arrow. Sounds hard, but it really isn't. Some problems new players have is that they step on the arrow as it passes the stationary arrow, which causes them to get a Good, Boo or Miss. Having a good sense of rhythm is a key to becoming a better player in DDR. Even if you don't have a good sense of rhyhtm, try different techniques which will allow you to try and stay on beat, like counting 1,2,3,4 along to the beat of the music. (It helped me when I first started out ^_^) ================================ 3) Game Modes DDR_006 ================================ ************************** Game Mode DDR_007 ************************** This is the main section of DDR MAX where you will most certainly be playing on. When you select this option from the main menu, you will be taken to the Select Play Mode screen where you are given a choice of playing your usual Single (One Player), Versus (2 Player) or Double (1 player playing on both dance pads). After there, you will be asked to Select Difficulty (Light, Standard, Heavy and Oni). You can access Oni Mode by pressing right one more time after the selection arrow is highlighted over Heavy mode. You can still go from any mode while selecting a song to play, but this is primarily there as a way to lessen your time hitting the down arrow on your dance mat. As you may have noticed there are no more Character Selection screens, that is talked about later on in the FAQ. After all that is completed, you are taken to the Song Selection screen. There, scroll through the song list using the left or right arrows. When you find the song you wish to play, press the X button. If you want to have a little more fun, hold down X to go to the Modifier Screen. On the Song Selection screen, if you wish to go from one mode to the next, just hit the up or down arrow, in which way you want the difficulty to go, up being easier and down being harder. There you can adjust the speed of which the arrows scroll, to playing on Reverse mode where the arrows scroll from up to down, just like in Beatmania. To tinker with your modifiers, scroll left to right to select the modifier on that row. To change rows, hit the X button, to go back, press the Triangle button. When you're satisfied with all your modifers, go to Exit and then have fun playing! =) After the song, hoping that you'll pass the song, you will be taken to the score section of the game, and it will show you how many perfects, greats, goods, almost, boos and Ok's you've got in that song. The more perfects you get, the higher your grade will be. You can have a maximum total score of 50 million in one song. Grades can vary from AAA to E and Bonus is calculated by two methods: - Maximum combo in the song and the total OK's for the freeze steps - How well you perform in the 5 different attributes (Voltage, stream, chaos, air and freeze) To find your rank, each song is given a certain amount of 'Dance Points'. It is calculated by finding out the number of Normal arrows in the song, multiplied by two. Then take the number of freeze steps and multiply it by 6. Then add those two values up to give your max total score. The equation for this is: (2 * Amount of Normal Arrows) + (6 * Amount of Freeze Arrows) To figure out how many dance points you've received, use this little info guide below. Perfect = 2 points Great = 1 points Good = 0 points Almost = -4 points Boo = -8 points OK (Successful Freeze step) = 6 points NG (Unsuccessful Freeze step) = 0 points Your grade rank will be determined by how many dance points you accumulate based on the amount of Dance Points achieved over the maximum total score. (Amount of Dance Points) / (Maximum Total Score) = Your rank (must be equal to or higher than the percentage listed below) The grades are divided up into: AAA - 100% AA - 93% to 100% A - 80% to 93% B - 60% to 80% C - 60% to 45% D - Less than 45% E - Failed ******************************** Workout Mode DDR_008 ******************************** *coming soon* ******************************** Training Mode DDR_009 ******************************** Training mode is where you get to brush up on your DDR skills without a fear of failing the song in the middle (yea, you could always turn autofail off in the main game). The Menu sort of looks like this below: Music Select Player: Single, Versus, Double Difficulty: Light, Standard, Heavy Speed: 1-5, 1 being the slowest and 5 which is at default speed Assist:2. Metronome 3. Song + metronome 4. Arrow Clap 5. Song + arrow clap 6. Metronome + arrow clap 7. Everything Metronome is when a tick sound is heard after every measure of the song. Arrow clap is when there is a clapping sound on every arrow. Which helps in perfect attack. (credits to soulgenesis) Select Option: Speed Modifier: 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x or 8x speed Boost: On or Off Appearance: Visible, Hidden, Sudden, or Stealth Turn: Off, left, mirror, Right or Shuffle Other: Off, Little, Flat or Solo Scroll: Standard (bottom to top) or Reverse (top to bottom) Freeze Arrows: On or Off Bar Start: Which bar of the song you want to start at. I believe you can't start from the end of the song. Bar End: Which bar you of the song you want to end at. You can't start at the beginning of the song. Start: Starts song Edit: Loads edit data Exit End Options Again - Try the song over again Check - Checks judging and timing Yellow - Perfect!! Green - Great! Blue - Good Purple - Almost! Red - Boo! By pressing select, you get to see the timing scale. Yellow - Perfect timing Blue - Timing is too soon Purple - Timing is too late Red - Missed Menu - Goes back to the menu ******************************* Edit Mode DDR_010 ******************************* Controls for Edit Mode: L1: Change cursor moving units Red - 1/4th Blue - 1/8th Yellow - 1/16th *Green - 1/12th (Must be in Sequence Menu) L2: Area mark. Placing two marks on different sections make those sections in between the editable area. R1: Quickly scroll through the sequence. R2: Displays the Area Menu. Up/Down Directional Buttons: Scroll the data/Changes items in the Select Menu. Left/Right Directional Buttons: Switch between 1P and 2P side/ Switch Menu Changes the menu select content/ Places or deletes corresponding arrows during recording Select: Access Sequence Menu Start: Begins recording. Hold down to stop the recording process. Triangle: Places/Deletes Up arrows / Cancels command selection Square: Places/Deletes Left arrows Circle: Places/Deletes Right arrows/ Confirms command selection X: Places/Deletes Down arrows/ Confirms command selection Analog mode: Enables usage of the left and/or right analog sticks. Main Menu New Data: Creates a new edit Load Data: Loads edit data into the Edit Library Library Manager: Manages your edit data saved in the Library Outside Manager: Manages dat that is saved out of the Library (ie. DDR KonamiX song edits) Guide: View a tutorial about the controls in Edit Mode. Exit: End Edit mode session and return to the Main Menu. Edit Library An Edit Library is a management system of all your edits stored on the PS2 Memory card. Only one Library can be made on a memory card. In the Library, you can store up to five different folders which can contain a maximum of 30 songs, giving you 150 different edit files. Also, the data can be transferred and exported using an Input/Output function. Edit Menu New Data: Creates a new edit. Save & Load: Opens the menu to save, load or rename edit files Quick Save: Quickly saves the edit. Useful for saving then continuing working on the same edit. Recording: Access the Recording Option Menu. While in the work area, press Start to begin recording. (These following settings can be changed in the Recording Option Menu) Play type: Watch, Over Input, Save Input, Judge 1 and Judge 2 Repeat: Loop on or off Speed: Choose the desired playback of your edit file from 1-5. Input SE: Turn the sound effect for entering or erasing arrows during the recording session Filter Bright: Adjusts how much of the screen is shown in playback mode. Option: Input type: Cursor staying still in pace (Keep).Arrow moves to the next line when you place an arrow (Next) Icon Expl: Turns Icon Explaination On or off. Status: Views info about the current file like the song name, total # of steps. Library Manager: Manage the edit data in the Library Manager Outside Manager: Manage edit data svaed outside of the Edit Library like the KonamiX edit files. Guide: View a tutorial about the controls in Edit Mode. Exit: End Edit mode session and return to the Main Menu. Area Menu (R2 button) (Most commands can't be used unless two area marks are set) Copy: Copies the selected area of the edit file to the clipboard temporarily. Cut: Deletes the selected area to the clipboard's memory Undo: Up to three operations can be undone to correct your mistakes. Delete: All the arrows in the selected area will be deleted. The stuff on the clipboard will not be deleted unless new data is put in there. Reverse: All the arrows in the selected area will be reversed by the following options: - Mirror: All arrows will be reversed - Up/Down: Only the up and down arrows will be reversed. - Left/Right: Only the left and right arrows will be reversed. Quantize: Arrows automatically matched to fit 4th, 8th or 12th notes. Sequence Menu (Select Button) Player: Single, Double or Couple Zoom: Off, 2x, or 4x Triple: Record arrows in the 12th position. *Note: 12th notes can't be put in tempos outside of the 12th note timing. Freeze Arrow: Off or On *Note: When turned on, you cannot place regular arrows in the edit. To input freeze arrows, align the cursor the the start of the freeze and hold down the corresponding arrow input button when pressing the up/down directional button. To delete freeze arrows, the cursor the the start of the freeze and hold down the corresponding arrow input button when pressing the up/down directional button. To input freeze arrows when you aren't recording, hold down the desired arrow input button and wait for the arrow to turn to a bright green colour. Continue holding down the desired input button and press the up/down directional button to change the length of the freeze arrow. Work Area: Normal (1P and 2P sides are divided) or Double (1P and 2P sides are combined together) Arrow: Change the type of arrow shown. ******************************* Options DDR_011 ******************************* *coming soon* ******************************* Records DDR_012 ******************************* *coming soon* ******************************* Information DDR_013 ******************************* *coming soon* ================================ 4) Changes in DDR MAX DDR_014 ================================ ******************************************* DDR_015 What's the difference between the Japanese and North American release? ******************************************* - Different Songs - Oni Mode - Feet Ratings are still there - 2 DDR MAX 2 songs on DDR MAX (US) [Spin the Disc and Secret Rendezvous] - One is in English, the other in Japanese, duh! ******************************************* Groove Radar DDR_016 ******************************************* It is a new thing that they've put out on the DDR MAX series, along with the regular 1-10 (10 because of Max 300) foot ratings it is a graphical representation on how hard a song is according to 5 attributes: Voltage, Stream, Chaos, Air and Freeze. Voltage - Density of the steps at its peak in the song Air - Amount of jumps in the song Chaos - Irregularity of steps Freeze - Number of freeze steps Stream - Overall density of the steps *********************************** New Game Modifiers DDR_017 *********************************** To access the Game Modifier screen, highlight the song you want to play, then hold down the X or O button. In DDR MAX, you have the ablility to tinker around with the speed of how fast the arrows scroll up your screen. In DDR MAX, you have an option of 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 3x, 5x and 8x the normal speed. You can now also play with the DDR Solo 6 panel arrows as well. If you aren't familiar with 6 panel, the extra two panels are located beside the up arrow, one going up and to the left and the other going up to the right. If you're up for a challenge, try playing songs on Reverse mode! It's quite the shock if your not used to the arrows scrolling from the top to the bottom. The last two rows of modifiers are if you want to play with Freeze arrows and which difficulty you want to play on, if you made a mistake. ************************* Freeze Arrows DDR_018 ************************* These are a new type of arrows presented in the MAX series. The freeze arrows add a whole new challenge for players, where you have to hold down the arrows as they scroll. These freeze arrows will give a player an OK if succesful, if not, a mark of N.G. is given. ************************************** Wahhooo!!!! Oni Mode! DDR_019 ************************************** Oni mode is originally a new mode in DDR MAX 2, but KoA (Konami of America) was pretty good and decided to give us some DDR MAX 2 stuff on the US release of DDR MAX. Oni Mode is a variation of DDR 3rd Mix's Nonstop Challenge where you have a set number of songs and you try and passing it. This time, you only have 4 lives and with every Good, Almost, Boo, or N.G grade, you lose a life. Once you have 0, game over for you. So in essence, you have to try and full combo each and every song to the best to your potential. Though some courses will give you back some lives, it just depends on the difficulty of the song. To access Oni mode, press right one more time after the selection arrow is highlighted over Heavy mode. ************************************** Where's Emi and Rage!?! DDR_020 ************************************** As you may have noticed in Game Mode, you don't get to select a character to play as. They are replaced by the FMV videos where you get to see your favourite characters dance along in the video. ******************************** OMG! EXTRA STAGE!!! DDR_021 ******************************** If you're good enough, as you play DDR on Game Mode, as your final stage you get a grade of AA (or higher) while hitting 85% of the steps with PERFECT. You can also get MAX 300 by get 90% PERFECTS if you don't full combo the stage. In order to get Candy, the second extra stage, you must pass MAX 300 with an AA rating. ======================================== 5) Song List and Difficulties DDR_022 ======================================== Artist - Song Single Difficulty, Double Difficulty Slake - 22 Dunk Single - 5, 7, 8 Double - 5, 8, 8 DJ Nagureo - 5.1.1. Single - 1, 5, 7 Double - 2, 5, 5 dj Taka - Abyss Single - 2, 5, 7 Double - 3, 5, 7 kTz - AM-3P Single - 5, 6, 8 Double - 5, 6, 7 Divas - Baby Baby Gimmie Your Love Single - 1, 3, 6 Double - 2, 4, 6 Naoki - Brilliant 2U (Orchestra Groove) Single - 5, 6, 7 Double - 4, 5, 7 Naoki (feat. Paula Terry) - Broken My Heart Single 4, 5, 9 Double - 4, 6, 9 Luv Unlimited - Candy Single - 4, 5, 8 Double - 4, 6, 9 JJ Company - Celebrate BM Single - 4, 5, 8 Double - 5, 8, 8 Club Space - Cutie Chaser (Morning Mix) Single - 3, 3, 5 Double - 4, 4, 4 Steve Rhyner - Dark Black Forest (Short Trip) Single - 3, 6, 7 Double - 4, 5, 7 DJ Nagureo - Deep In You Single - 5, 7, 8 Double - 5, 8, 8 SOTA (feat. Ebony Fay) - Do It Right (Harmonized 2 Step Mix) Single - 4, 6, 7 Double - 3, 5, 7 Scotty D. - Drop the Bomb -System S.F. Mix- Single - 3, 5, 7 Double - 3, 5, 8 Naoki - Dynamite Rave -Down Bird Sota Mix- Single - 4, 5, 7 Double - 3, 5, 7 D-Complex - Ecstasy Single - 4, 6, 7 Double - 4, 6, 7 TaQ - Electro Tuned (the SubS mix) Single - 5, 6, 9 Double - 4, 6, 8 TaQ - Era (Nostalmix) Single - 3, 6, 8 Double - 4, 6, 8 RevenG - Exotic Ethnic Single - 4, 5, 9 Double - 4, 6, 9 Slake - Gambol Single - 1, 5, 8 Double - 4, 7, 7 Mr. Dog (feat. DJ Swan) - Gentle Stress (AMD Sexual Mix) Single - 5, 7, 8 Double - 5, 7, 9 Symphonic Defoggers with 1479 - Get Me In Your Sight (AMD Cancun Mix) Single - 3, 6, 8 Double - 3, 4, 7 Big-O (feat. Taka) - Gradiusic Cyber (AMD G5 Mix) Single 5, 7, 8 Double - 5, 7, 9 Sho-T (feat. Brenda) - Groove 2001 Single 4, 6, 7 Double - 4, 6, 7 De-Sire - Healing Vision Single - 3, 6, 8 Double - 3, 5, 9 2MB - Healing Vision (Angelic Mix) Single 5, 7, 9 Double 5, 7, 9 TaQ - Holic Single - 4, 6, 8 Double - 4, 6, 8 Reel 2 Real - I Like To Move It Single 4, 6, 7 Double 3, 5, 7 Good-Cool - I Was The One 3, 5, 7 Double - 3, 5, 6 Slake - I'm For Real Single - 3, 5, 7 Double - 3, 4, 6 Naoki - Insertion Single - 4, 6, 9 Double - 4, 6, 8 Final Offset - Jam & Marmalade Single - 3, 5, 8 Double - 4, 6, 7 Okuyatos - Kind Lady Single - 4, 6, 7 Double - 4, 5, 8 Stone Bros. - Let the Beat Hit Em! (BM IIDX Version) Single - 3,6,7 Double - 3,5,7 Stone Bros. - Let the Beat Hit Em! (Classic R&B Style) Single - 3,5,6 Double - 3,5,6 Shin Murayama (feat. Argie Phine) - Let's Talk It Over Single -2,5,6 Double - 2,4,7 L.E.D. Light - Overblast!! Single - 3,6,7 Double - 3,5,8 DJ Taka - Logical Dash Single - 3,6,8 Double - 3, 5, 7 System S.F. (feat. Anna) - Look To The Sky Single - 3, 4, 6 Double - 2, 5, 7 System S.F. (feat. Anna) - Look To The Sky (True Color Mix) Single - 4,5,7 Double - 3,5,7 Naoki (feat. Paula Terry) - Love Again Tonight (For Melissa Mix) Single - 4,6,7 Double - 4,6,7 Chang Ma - Love This Feelin' Single - 6,7,8 Double - 7,8,9 RE-VENGE - Matsuri Japan Single - 4,5,9 Double - 4,6,8 Omega - Max 300 Single - 6,8,10 Double - 6,8,10 U1 Jewel Style - Midnite Blaze Single - 4,5,8 Double - 4,5,8 Captain Jack - My Generation (Fat Beat Mix) Single - 4,5,6 Double - 3,5,6 Mitsu-O! with Geila - My Summer Love Single - 3,6,9 Double - 3,5,9 Good-Cool (feat. JP Miles) - Never Let You Down Single - 3, 5, 7 Double - 4,5,7 Aurora (feat. Naimee Coleman) - Ordinary World Single - 1,4,7 Double 4,5,7 2MB - Orion.78 (Civilization Mix) Single - 6,8,9 Double - 6,8,9 200 - Paranoia Evolution Single - 6,7,8 Double 5,7,9 190 - Paranoia Max (Dirty Mix) -Club Another Ver.- Single - 6,7,8 Double - 7,9,9 dj Nagureo - Peace Out Single - 2,4,7 Double - 3,5,7 NM (feat. Julie) - Remember You Single - 1,3,5 Double - 1,3,5 CJ Crew (feat. Christian D) - Rhythm and Police (K.O.G.G3 Mix) Single -4,6,9 Double - 4,7,8 Symphonic Defoggers - Rugged Ash Single - 5,7,8 Double - 5,8,8 Togo Project (feat. Sana) - Sana Morette Ne Ente Single - 2,5,8 Double - 2,5,8 Darude - Sand Storm Single - 4,6,8 Double - 4,6,8 Divas - Secret Rendez-vous Single - 2,5,7 Double - 2,5,7 Julie Frost - Share My Love Single - 3,5,7 Double - 3,4,5 Thomas Howard - Silent Hill Single - 2,6,7 Double - 4,5,7 Caramel S. - So In Love Single - 3,6,7 Double - 4,6,7 Good-Cool - Spin the Disc Single - 2,5,8 Double - 2,5,8 JS-16 - Stomp to My Beat Single - 5,6,7 Double - 5,6,7 Joe Rinoie - Synchronized Love (Red Monster Hyper Mix) Single - 4,5,8 Double - 4,6,8 Golden Gate - Take It to the Morning Light (Extended Vocal) Single - 5,6,7 Double - 3,6,8 DJ Suwami - The Cube Single 4,6,7 Double - 4,6,7 L.E.D. (feat. Sana) - The Shining Polaris Single - 3,5,7 Double - 3,5,7 De-Sire - Trip Machine Climax Single - 5,7,9 Double - 5,7,9 Kosaka Riyu - True... (Trance Sunrise Mix) Single - 3,5,8 Double - 3,6,8 Venus - You Leave Me Alone Single - 3,6,7 Double - 4,6,8 ======================================== 6) Oni Track List DDR_023 ======================================== Oni Course Name (# of songs) Lesson Oni 5 Baby Baby Gimmie Your Love - Standard Peace Out - Light AM-3P - Standard The Cube - Standard Ecstasy - Heavy Club Trax 8 I Like To Move It - Maniac Take It to the Morning Light - Light Ordinary World - Standard My Generation - Standard Stomp to My Beat - Heavy Sandstorm - Heavy Dark Black Forest - Standard You Leave Me Alone - Heavy Variety 7 Insertion - Standard Let's Talk it Over - Standard Deep In You - Light Exotic Ethnic - Standard 22 Dunk - Standard Never Let You Down - Standard Paranoia Evolution - Heavy Adrenaline 8 I Was the One - Heavy Logical Dash - Heavy Jam & Marmalade - Standard Shining Polaris - Heavy Holic - Standard Rhythm and Police - Heavy Trip Machine Climax - Standard Max 300 - Standard Home Bass 17 Cutie Chaser - Standard Look to the Sky - Heavy Groove 2001 - Heavy Love This Feelin' - Standard Shining Polaris - Heavy Midnite Blaze - Heavy Dynamite Rave (Down Bird Sota Mix) - Standard Kind Lady - Heavy Look to the Sky (True Color Mix) - Heavy Sana Morette Ne Ente - Standard Healing Vision ~Angelic Mix~ - Standard So In Love - Heavy Do It Right (Harmonized 2 Step Mix) - Heavy Orion.78 (Civilization Mix) - Standard Overblast - Heavy Drop the Bomb -System S.F. Mix- - Heavy Hardcore 21 Ordinary World - Heavy The Cube - Heavy Jam & Marmalade - Heavy Love This Feelin' - Standard True... (Trance Sunrise Mix) - Light Sandstorm - Heavy Era (Nostalmix) - Heavy I'm For Real - Heavy Secret Rendezvous - Light Exotic Ethnic - Standard Rhythm and Police (K.O.G.G3 Mix) - Heavy Electro Tuned (the SubS mix) - Heavy My Summer Love - Heavy Paranoia Max (Dirty Mix) -Club Another Ver.- - Standard Healing Vision - Heavy Stomp to My Beat - Light Matsuri Japan - Heavy Spin the Disc - Heavy Abyss - Trick Synchronied Love - Standard Candy - Heavy ======================================== 7) Unlock List DDR_024 ======================================== Normal Unlocking (Passing 5 songs method) 5 songs - Love This Feelin' 10 songs - Rhythm and Police (K.O.G. G3 Mix) 15 songs - Get me in your sight ~AMD CANCUN MIX~"; 20 songs - So In Love 25 songs - Look to the Sky (True Color Mix) 30 songs - Healing Vision 35 songs - Let the beat hit em! BM IIDX Ver 40 songs - Kind Lady 45 songs - I'm For Real 50 songs - Secret Rendezvous 55 songs - Sana Morette Ne Ente 60 songs - True (Trance Sunrise Mix) 65 songs - Dynamite Rave (Down Bird SOTA Mix) 70 songs - Abyss 75 songs -Holic 80 songs - Gambol 85 songs - Jam & Marmalade, if you haven't beat Variety yet 90 songs - My Summer Love 95 songs - Electro-Tuned (the subs mix) 100 songs - Max300 110 songs - Logical Dash 115 songs - 5.1.1. 120 songs - Trip Machine Climax 125 songs - The Shining Polaris 175 songs - Paranoia Max (Dirty Mix) -Club Another Ver.- 200 songs - Candy 225 songs - Gradiusic Cyber (AMD G5 Mix) 250 songs - Hardcore (Oni Course) and Spin the Disc 500 songs - Drop the Bomb (System S.F Mix) <-- +/- a few songs Songs Unlocked via Oni Courses Beating Lesson Oni - Dynamite Rave (Down Bird SOTA Mix) Beating Club Trax - Shining Polaris Beating Variety - Jam & Marmalade Beating Adrenaline - Home Bass, and Spin the Disc Beating Home Bass - Hardcore, and Do It Right (Harmonized 2 Step Mix) Beating Hardcore - Drop the Bomb System SF Mix Failing an Oni course - gentle stress(SENSUAL MIX) Other Unlock Methods After AA your final song and unlocking EXTRA STAGE - Silent Hill Failing first normal song - Celebrate Getting a grade on every stage - I Was the One Clearing the unlocked Gambol - I'm For Real Watching the Lesson Movie - So In Love AA Never Let You Down - I Was the One AA So In Love - Kind Lady AA Look to the Sky - Look to the Sky True Color Mix AA Healing Vision Angelic Mix - Healing Vision ======================================== 8) FAQ within a FAQ DDR_025 ======================================== These are some emails I usually get so I'll just post the answers here. If I ever get another email from anyone with a question that is stated in here, they will automatically get blocked. Q. How do you get Drop The Bomb -System S.F. Mix- ? A. Pass 500 songs or beat Hard Core oni Q. How do you access Oni mode? A. To access Oni mode, press right one more time after the selection arrow is highlighted over Heavy mode. ======================================== 9) Credit and Thanks DDR_026 ======================================== I'd like to thank you, the reader for taking the time in reading my DDR MAX FAQ for the PS2. I hope that you found this useful and will recommend this to any other people who are interested in DDR. Secondly, I'd like to thank Konami for making this extremely fun game! I don't know what my life would be obsessed about if there wasn't such thing as DDR. Toshiba Emi, thanks for the cool music which is found on DDR ^_^ Third, to the people at DDR Freak who kept me up to date on the latest news and tidbits about the game, props go out to Cryptic, dancer-x, Spike, blue^ and the entire Sneak Crew there. Fourth, to Aaron from Aaron In Japan.com for information I picked up about the DDR MAX scoring system. His site (along with all the AAA pictures can be viewed in the DDR section of www.aaroninjapan.com) Fifth, I'd like to give a big thank you to dahak2001, Sarcasticmofo gob126, sheppyboy2000 and regnsta for posting the songs that are unlocked in the game. ======================================== 10)Allow List DDR_027 ======================================== These sites are allowed to use my FAQ: GameFAQs (recent updates will be on there) Cheat Code Central If you see that this FAQ is located on another website other than the sites listed above, please email me about it stating where my FAQ is illegally hosted on. I will deal with the matter after that. ======================================== 11) Copyright Information DDR_028 ======================================== Copyright 2001 by Andrew Mariano/Knight of Fire All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized reproduction of this FAQ in any shape or form is prohibited. This FAQ was intended to be hosted on GameFAQs.com, but if you wish to use my FAQ on your site, please send me an email with your name and website and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you plan on using ANY of the information in this document, please CONTACT ME FIRST. I cannot stress that enough since the internet is filled with people who scam other people's work. Not to say that all work is scammed, but there are a few people that do. So if I ever catch anyone who used information taken directly from here without permission, they will be notified immediately and also will be asked to remove the info. If I have done anything wrong, please contact me and I will remedy this problem if it is within good reason. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. ======================================== 12) Contact Details DDR_029 ======================================== Well please if you wish to contact me feel free. I usually check my email 3 times a week, so I may not reply to your email asap. I will not tolerate any: Hate Mail, Pornography, Racist Material, Spam or other garbage emails. Questions are okay, but if they get too repetitive, I'll probably post them up here. Email: miraisquall@hotmail.com MSN: Same as above AIM: Legend Of MaxX Please contact me if... - There's a mistake in my FAQ - You want to talk about DDR DO NOT CONTACT ME IF.... - Your answer can be found in this FAQ - Begging for mp3s, ROMs, pics, etc. - Asking for codes - Modding your console - Flames/Rants/Raves about anything other than my FAQ - Random stupidity =================== End DDR_030 ===================