Dance Dance Revolution: Konamix (PSX) Song Functionality list. Version. 1.0 ? 2002 Joseph McCain The purpose of this list is to provide an easy reference for what songs do or do not have unique arrow patterns in different game modes. Information on songs that are compatible with 6-panel mode and Double Maniac mode provided by Chris Gomez and where reproduced in accordance with the terms of his copyright. For more information on Dance Dance Revolution: Konamix, check the faq written by Chris Gomez at Legal Notes: This document is licensed by the terms of the GNU Free Document License, version 1.1. Terms used in the list: "Fully Functional" - This song has a unique set of arrows in all modes "No 6-panel" This song does not have a unique set of arrows in 6-panel mode in solo mode. In other words, the song will play exactly as it would in 4- panel mode, there will not be any up-left or up-right arrows. "No 2X Maniac" This song does not have a unique set of arrows in Double Maniac mode. In other words, in doubles mode, selecting this song on Maniac will give you the same arrow pattern as selecting that song on Trick. "No Battle" This song does not have a unique set of arrows for each player. In other words, both players will be given the same dance pattern with no steps unique for player 1 or player 2; often this is the same as the Basic dance pattern. (Note: A * next to "No Battle" indicates that the battle pattern is not the same as the Basic pattern. It is most likely a unique dance pattern, but both players still get the same steps, there are no "player 1 only" or "player 2 only" arrows.) Song List: .59 [Fully Functional] Absolute [No 6-panel, No Battle] Afronova Primeval [No 6-panel, No Battle] After the Game [Fully Functional] AM-3P (303 Bass Mix) [No 6-panel, No Battle] B4U [Fully Functional] Baby Baby Gimme Your Love [Fully Functional] Brilliant 2U [Fully Functional] Burnin' the Floor [Fully Functional] Can't Stop Fallin in Love [Fully Functional] Celebrate Nite [Fully Functional] Cutie Chaser [No Battle*] Dead End [Fully Functional] Dive [No 6-panel, No Battle] Diving Money [No 6-panel, No 2X Maniac, No Battle] Do It Right [No 6-panel, No Battle] Don't Stop (AMD 2nd Mix) [Fully Functional] Drop Out [Fully Functional] Drop the Bomb [Fully Functional] DXY! [No 6-panel, No Battle] Dynamite Rave [Fully Functional] End of the Century [Fully Functional] era (nostalmix) [Fully Functional] Genom Screams [No 6-panel, No 2X Maniac, No Battle] groove [No Battle*] Healing Vision [No 6-panel, No Battle] Higher [Fully Functional] Holic [Fully Functional] Hysteria [Fully Functional] La Senorita Virtual [Fully Functional] Leading Cyber [Fully Functional] Let the Beat Hit 'Em (Classic R&B Style) [No Battle*] Let Them Move [Fully Functional] Look to the Sky [No 6-panel, No Battle] Luv to Me (AMD Mix) [Fully Functional] Make a Jam! [No Battle*] Make it Better (So-Real Mix) [Fully Functional] Make Your Move [Fully Functional] Matsuri Japan [No 6-panel, No Battle] On the Jazz [No 6-panel, No Battle] Orion.78 (AMeuro-Mix) [Fully Functional] PARANOiA [Fully Functional] PARANOiA Rebirth [Fully Functional] Patsenner [No 6-panel, No 2X Maniac, No Battle] Perfect Free [No 6-panel, No 2X Maniac, No Battle] R3 [No 6-panel, No 2X Maniac, No Battle] Salamander Beat Crush Mix [No 6-panel, No 2X Maniac, No Battle] Super Star [Fully Functional] The Earth Light [No 6-panel, No 2X Maniac, No Battle] think ya better D [Fully Functional] Trip Machine (luv mix) [Fully Functional] Wild Rush [Fully Functional]