Dance Dance Revolution Extra Mix - Data Bank List v.1.0 by Sailor Bacon 26 June 2001 ------------------------------------------------ Warning: Please do not post this FAQ without my permission. Please do not email me asking me to send you updates because I've got better things to do with my life. Do NOT use this FAQ for any profit making use at all, this is MY work, not yours. If you post this FAQ it cannot be altered in any way and cannot be displayed alongside any types of advertisements. Dance Dance Revolution Extra Mix is copyright 2001 Konami. This FAQ is copyright Allen "Sailor Bacon" Tyner The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at: ************************************************ Revision History ************************************************ v.1.0 Um... everything. ************************************************ Table of Contents ************************************************ -A quick word... -The List -Final Words ************************************************ A quick word... ************************************************ This is in my opinion an easy to overlook feature that I'm quite happy Konami decided to tack onto the game. You can recover old steps to use for almost every version of DDR out on the PSX (barring the Dancing Stages and weird ones like Disney's Rave). I just wanted to see a list up on the Net so those who don't own the game can see all of the cool steps that they are missing and for those who do own the game to have a quick reference guide they can look at without booting up the game. So, here ya go. ************************************************ The List ************************************************ Abbreviations: 1 = Dance Dance Revolution 2 = DDR 2nd Mix 3 = DDR 3rd Mix 4 = DDR 4th Mix C1 = DDR Club Version 1 C2 = DDR Club Version 2 BH = DDR Best Hits EM = Extra Mix 20, November [C1] -from VCO12 Afronova Primeval [EM] -Challenge Trick-1 -Single Basic (KCET) -Single Trick (KCET) AM-3P [2,3] -Double Maniac -From VC007 Bad Girls [2] -Double Maniac -From VC007 Boom Boom Dollar [2,BH] -Double Maniac -From VC007 Boys [1,2] -Double Maniac -Single Maniac (New) -From VC007 -PF-BOYS Brilliant 2U [2,3,BH] -Double Maniac -Single Maniac (New) -From VC007 Brilliant 2U (Orchestra Groove) [2,3] -Double Maniac -From VC007.1 -From VC007.2 Butterfly [1,BH] -Double Maniac -From VC007 -PF-BUTTE Butterfly (Upswing Mix) [3] -Double Maniac (New) -Single Maniac (New) Can't Stop Fallin' In Love [EM] -3Panels Celebrate Nite [EM] -3Panels Club Tropicana [EM] -Double Basic (KCET) -Double Trick (KCET) -3Panels Dancing All Alone [4] -Single Trick -Single Maniac -Double Trick -Double Maniac Deep in You [C2] -From VC012 Diving Money [C1] -From VC012 Do It All Night [3] -Double Maniac (New) -Single Maniac (New) Don't Clock Me [EM] -Double Basic (KCET) -Double Trick (KCET) -3Panels Dr.Love [C1] -From VC012 Dream a Dream (Miami Booty Mix) [EM] -Double Basic (KCET) -3Panels Drill Instructor [EM] -3Panels Drop Out [EM] -Challenge Extra-1 -3Panels Dub-I-Dub [2,BH] -Double Maniac -Single Maniac (New) -From VC007 Dynamite Rave [3,BH] -Double Maniac (New) El Ritmo Tropical [2] -Double Maniac -From VC007 Flashdance (What a Feeling) [3] -Double Maniac Follow the Sun [4] -Double Maniac -Single Maniac Freaky [EM] -3Panels Gentle Stress [C2] -From VC012 Get Off [EM] -3Panels Get Up'N Move [2,BH] -Double Maniac -From VC007 Get Up'N Move (In Extra) [EM] -3Panels Gradiusic Cyber [C1] -From VC102 Have You Never Been Mellow [1,BH] -Double Maniac -Double Maniac (New) -Single Maniac (New) -From VC007 Hero [2] -Double Maniac High Energy [EM] -Double Basic (KCET) -Double Trick (KCET) -3Panels Hysteria [EM] -3Panels I Believe in Miracles [1,2,BH] -Double Maniac I Don't Want to Miss a Thing (Planet Lution Mix) [EM] -3Panels I'm Alive (Cut'N'Move) [EM] -3Panels I'm Alive (Uncle 36 Sec feat MC Taiwan) [EM] -Double Basic (KCET) -Double Trick (KCET) -3Panels If You Were Here [2,BH] -Double Maniac -From VC007.1 -From VC007.2 Into the World [C2] -From VC012 Jam Jam Reggae [C1] -From VC012 Kiss Me [EM] -3Panels Kung Fu Fighting [1,BH] -Double Maniac Kung Fu Fighting (Miami Booty Mix) [EM] -3Panels Let the Beat Hit em! [EM] -3Panels Let the Beat Hit em! (BM II DX version) [EM] -3Panels Let the Beat Him em! (Classic R&B Style) [EM] -3Panels Let's Get Down [1,BH] -Double Maniac -Double Maniac (New) -Single Maniac (New) -From VC007 Little Bitch [1,BH] -Double Maniac -PF-BITCH Love [2] -Double Maniac -Single Maniac (New) -From VC007 Love Machine [EM] -Double Basic (KCET) -Double Trick (KCET) -3Panels Love So Groovy [C1] -From VC012 Luv to Me [C1] -From VC012 Make a Jam! [1,2,3] -Double Maniac -From VC007 -OYATU Ver. -URA Ver. Make It Better [1,2,3,BH] -Double Maniac Make It Better (So Real Mix) [2,3] -Double Maniac My Baby Mama [EM] -Double Basic (KCET) -Double Trick (KCET) -3Panels My Fire [1,BH] -Double Maniac -Single Maniac (New) -From VC007.1 -From VC007.2 -From VC007.3 Operator [3] -Single Maniac (New) Overdoser [C1] -From VC012 PARANOiA [1,2,3,BH] -Double Maniac -From VC007 Paranoia Evolution [EM] -3Panels PARANOiA KCET (Clean Mix) [1,2,3] -Double Maniac PARANOiA MAX (Dirty Mix) [1,2,3,BH] -From VC007 Put Your Faith In Me [2,3,BH] -Double Maniac -From VC007 Put Your Faith In Me (Jazzy) [2,3] -Double Maniac -From VC007 Samba de Janeiro [EM] -Double Basic (KCET) -Double Trick (KCET) -3Panels Sexy Planet [EM] -3Panels Ska a Go Go [C1] -From VC012 Sky High (DJ Miko) [EM] -Double Basic (KCET) -Double Trick (KCET) -Double Maniac (KCET) -3Panels Smoke [2] -Double Maniac -From VC007 SP-Trip Machine (Jangle Mix) [2,3,BH] -Double Maniac Stomp To My Beat [2,BH] -Double Maniac -Double Maniac (New) -Single Maniac (New) -From VC007 Strictly Business [1] -From VC007 Strut Your Funky Stuff [EM] -3Panels Super Star [EM] -3Panels Temple of Love [EM] -3Panels That's the Way '98 [EM] -Double Basic (KCET) -Double Trick (KCET) -3Panels That's the Way (I Like It) [1,BH] -Double Maniac -From VC007.1 -From VC007.2 The Earth Light [C2] -From VC012 Together & Forever (Captain Jack) [EM] -3Panels Together & Forever (Nineball feat. Atomic Gun and Julia) [EM] -Challenge Extra-10 -Double Basic (KCET) -Double Trick (KCET) -3Panels Trip Machine [1,2,3] -Double Maniac -From VC007 Tubthumping [2] -Double Maniac Typical Tropical [EM] -3Panels Vol.4 [3] -Double Maniac (New) -Single Maniac (New) Wild Rush [EM] -3Panels Xanadu [4] -Double Maniac -Single Maniac ************************************************ Final Words ************************************************ I'd like to thank the following: -CJayC: Hosting the best website for game information and for hosting all of my FAQs. -Konami: Creating the best game series ever. -Myself: Typing up this list while not dancing my life away.