Dance Dance Revolution Konamix FAQ v1.0 // 2002.04.25 Copyright (C) 2002 Chris Gomez Contact at: This document is licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.1 Please read the terms of this license here: Acceptance of this license is only necessary if you modify this work -------- 0 History -------- 2002.04.24-25 1.0: added everything -------- 1 Description -------- Dance Dance Revolution Konamix is the newest iteration of DDR in the USA. It comes with a Japanese 4th mix style engine, and some songs that haven't been seen before in the US. Several songs are from the DDR 2nd Mix Link Ver with beatmania IIDX substream games. The choice of engine means that not only is familiar Single and Double present, but also there is Battle mode for some songs, and 6-panel (aka solo) for most songs. -------- 2 Game Modes -------- Game Mode: this lets you choose Single, Versus, or Double Double-tapping right will change to "link mode." In Link Mode. Edit data can be loaded. Also, nonstops can be chosen. Solo Mode: This lets you choose either Four-panel, or 6-panel with a pad or with a controller. Again, double tapping right will bring you to link mode. Some songs (the ones from 2nd mix Link Ver. with beatmania IIDX Substream ver. 2) do not have maniac double steps. If maniac double is chosen for these, then the trick double steps will be used instead. Some songs (the same ones without maniac double, and any from 5th mix or newer) do not have 6-panel steps. If 6-panel is chosen for these songs, the standard 4-panel steps will be used instead. Some songs have Battle steps for versus play. The steps for each player are somewhat different. The idea is to give the impression of a battle dance. The same songs which have 6-panel steps also have battle steps. -------- 3 Hidden songs -------- Each song is released after five songs have been played. It doesn't matter which songs were played or even how well you do, as long as you complete the songs. 1. Can't Stop Fallin In Love 2. Orion.78 3. Absolute 4. Super Star 5. Paranoia Rebirth 6. Holic 7. Do It Right 8. Genom Screams 9. Dive 10. La Senorita Virtual 11. Let the Beat Hit 'Em! (Classic R&B Style) 12. Japan 13. Drop Out 14. era (nostalmix) 15. Trip Machine (luv mix) 16. R3 17. Leading Cyber 18. Healing Vision 19. DXY! 20. AM-3P (303 Bass Mix) -------- 4 Genre Listings -------- This is a listing of all the songs in their genres. Collection 1 Just the first half of the songs. From .59 to Healing Vision. Because of this, the listing has been omitted. Classics Older Konami originals. -- .59 After the Game AM-3P (303 Bass Mix) B4U Brilliant 2U Cutie Chaser Dead End Drop Out Drop the Bomb Dynamite Rave End of the Century era (nostalmix) Holic La Senorita Virtual Let Them Move Luv to Me (AMD MIX) Make a Jam! Make it Better (So-Real Mix) PARANOiA PARANOiA Rebirth think ya better D Trip Machine (luv mix) -- Club Style Songs with something of a club feeling to them -- .59 Absolute AM-3P (303 Bass Mix) B4U Brilliant 2U Celebrate Nite Dead End Diving Money Do it Right Don't Stop! Drop the Bomb DXY! Dynamite Rave End of the Century Genom Screams Groove Holic Let the Beat Hit 'Em! Look to the Sky Perfect Free R3 The Earth Light think ya better D Wild Rush -- Beatmania Songs that were originally in beatmania (or have been in beatmania, I guess) -- .59 Absolute B4U Brilliant 2U Burnin' the Floor Can't Stop Fallin' in Love Diving Money Don't Stop! DXY! Dynamite Rave End of the Century era (nostalmix) Genom Screams Higher Holic Hysteria Leading Cyber Let the Beat Hit 'Em! Luv to Me (AMD Mix) Make Your Move PARANOiA patsenner Perfect Free R3 Salamander Beat Crush The Earth Light Trip Machine (luv mix) -- Calorie Burner Faster songs that require more energy -- .59 Absolute Afronova Primeval AM-3P (303 Bass Mix) B4U Burnin' the Floor Can't Stop Fallin'... Dead End Dive Drop Out Drop the Bomb DXY! Dynamite Rave End of the Century era (nostalmix) Healing Vision Holic Hysteria La Senorita Virtual Leading Cyber Matsuri Japan PARANOiA PARANOiA Rebirth R3 Super Star Trip Machine (luv mix) -- Collection 2 The rest of the songs, from Holic to Wild Rush. Because of this, the track listing has been omitted. Downtempo Jamz Slower songs. Also the smallest genre :) -- After the Game Baby Baby Gimme ... Cutie Chaser Do it Right Don't Stop! Groove Higher Hysteria Let the Beat Hit 'Em! Let them Move Look to the Sky Make a Jam! Make it Better Make Your Move On the Jazz Orion.78 (AMeuro mix) patsenner Super Star -- Hidden Collection The 20 hidden songs, in alphabetical order. It only unlocks when you've gotten about 8 or 9 of the hidden songs unlocked. The list of songs in this genre can be found in section 2. Unlocking this genre also unlocks two new characters: Akira for the guys, and Yuni for the girls. -------- 5 Songlist -------- This includes each song in alphabetical order, with difficulties for single, double, and solo, with the appropriate markings (-) if there aren't solo or double maniac steps. Songs starting with a * are initially hidden. .59 / dj taka Single: 4/6/7 Double: 4/6/7 Solo: 4/6/7 * Absolute / dj taka Single: 3/5/8 Double: 3/5/8 Solo: -/-/- Afronova Primeval / 8bit Single: 4/6/9 Double: 4/6/9 Solo: -/-/- After the Game / NPD3 Single: 1/4/5 Double: 2/4/6 Solo: 2/4/6 * AM-3P (303 Bass Mix) / KTz Single: 3/5/7 Double: 4/6/7 Solo: -/-/- B4U / NAOKI Single: 4/5/8 Double: 4/6/7 Solo: 4/5/8 Baby Baby Gimme Your Love / DIVAS Single: 1/3/6 Double: 2/4/6 Solo: 1/3/5 Brilliant 2U / NAOKI Single: 4/5/6 Double: 4/5/7 Solo: 4/5/7 Burnin' the Floor / NAOKI Single: 4/6/7 Double: 4/6/8 Solo: 4/6/8 Can't Stop Fallin in Love / NAOKI Single: 3/5/8 Double: 3/4/8 Solo: 3/4/8 Celebrate Nite / NMR Single: 4/6/7 Double: 4/6/7 Solo: 4/6/8 Cutie Chaser / Club Spice Single: 3/4/7 Double: 3/5/7 Solo: 4/6/8 Dead End / N&S Single: 5/7/9 Double: 6/7/8 Solo: 5/7/9 * Dive / BeForU Single: 4/5/8 Double: 4/6/7 Solo: -/-/- Diving Money / Quadra Single: 4/5/7 Double: 5/8/- Solo: -/-/- * Do It Right / SOTA feat. Ebony Fay Single: 4/5/7 Double: 4/5/8 Solo: -/-/- Don't Stop (AMD 2nd Mix) / dr. VIBE with JP Miles Single: 3/5/7 Double: 4/5/7 Solo: 3/5/6 * Drop Out / NW260 Single: 5/7/9 Double: 5/7/9 Solo: 6/7/8 Drop the Bomb / Scotty D. Single: 4/5/6 Double: 4/5/6 Solo: 4/5/7 * DXY! / TaQ Single: 4/6/8 Double: 4/6/8 Solo: -/-/- Dynamite Rave / NAOKI Single: 5/7/9 Double: 5/6/8 Solo: 4/7/9 End of the Century / NO.9 Single: 4/7/8 Double: 5/6/9 Solo: 4/6/8 * era (nostalmix) / TaQ Single: 3/6/8 Double: 4/6/8 Solo: 3/6/8 * Genom Screams / L.E.D. Light Single: 5/6/8 Double: 6/8/- Solo: -/-/- groove / Sho-T feat Brenda Single: 4/6/8 Double: 3/6/8 Solo: 3/6/8 * Healing Vision / DE-SIRE Single: 3/6/8 Double: 3/6/9 Solo: -/-/- Higher / NM feat Sunny Single: 3/5/6 Double: 3/6/7 Solo: 3/5/7 * Holic / TaQ Single: 4/6/8 Double: 4/6/8 Solo: 4/6/8 Hysteria / NAOKI 190 Single: 4/6/8 Double: 3/5/7 Solo: 5/6/8 * La Senorita Virtual / 2MB Single: 7/8/8 Double: 6/7/8 Solo: 5/6/9 * Leading Cyber / dj Taka Single: 5/7/9 Double: 4/7/9 Solo: 5/7/8 * Let the Beat Hit 'Em (Classic R&B Style) / Stone Bros. Single: 3/5/6 Double: 3/5/6 Solo: 3/5/6 Let Them Move / NMR Single: 3/6/7 Double: 3/6/7 Solo: 3/6/7 Look to the Sky / System SF feat. ANNA Single: 3/4/6 Double: 2/5/7 Solo: -/-/- Luv to Me (AMD Mix) / DJ Kazu feat Tiger Yamoto Single: 4/7/8 Double: 5/6/8 Solo: 4/6/8 Make a Jam! / U1 Single: 3/5/7 Double: 4/5/8 Solo: 3/6/7 Make it Better (So-Real Mix) / mitsu-O! Summer Single: 5/6/8 Double: 5/7/8 Solo: 5/6/8 Make Your Move / Good Cool feat JP Miles Single: 3/5/7 Double: 4/5/7 Solo: 3/5/6 * Matsuri Japan / RE-VENGE Single: 4/5/9 Double: 4/6/8 Solo: -/-/- On the Jazz / Johnny Dynamite Single: 2/4/7 Double: 3/5/7 Solo: -/-/- * Orion.78 (AMeuro-Mix) / RE-VENGE Single: 3/5/9 Double: 3/5/7 Solo: 3/5/8 PARANOiA / 180 Single: 6/7/8 Double: 7/8/9 Solo: 6/7/8 * PARANOiA Rebirth / 190' Single: 6/7/9 Double: 6/8/9 Solo: 6/7/9 Patsenner / dj naguero Single: 4/5/6 Double: 5/7/- Solo: -/-/- Perfect Free / nite system Single: 5/6/7 Double: 6/7/- Solo: -/-/- * R3 / Tiger Yamoto Single: 5/6/7 Double: 6/8/- Solo: -/-/- Salamander Beat Crush Mix / nite system Single: 4/5/7 Double: 4/6/- Solo: -/-/- * Super Star / DJ Rich feat Tail Bros. Single: 5/6/8 Double: 4/6/8 Solo: 6/7/8 The Earth Light / L.E.D. Light Single: 5/6/8 Double: 6/8/- Solo: -/-/- think ya better D / sAmi Single: 3/4/5 Double: 3/4/7 Solo: 3/4/6 * Trip Machine (luv mix) / 2MB Single: 6/7/8 Double: 7/8/9 Solo: 6/7/8 Wild Rush / FACTOR-X Single: 4/5/6 Double: 4/6/8 Solo: 4/5/7 -------- 6 Nonstop Orders -------- This is the order of the 6 built-in nonstop selections. Initially hidden songs that can be played through a nonstop are marked with a *. Official 1: Brilliant 2U (basic) Perfect Free (basic) Slamander Beat Crush Mix (basic) End of the Century (basic) B4U (basic) Official 2: Baby Baby Gimme Your Love (basic) Groove (basic) Make Your Move (trick) * Do It Right (trick) * Let the Beat Hit 'Em (classic R&B style) (maniac) Official 3: Wild Rush (trick) * Drop Out (trick) * R3 (maniac) * Holic (maniac) * DXY! (maniac) Official 4: .59 (maniac) Afronova Primeval (trick) Look to the Sky (trick) * La Senorita Virtual (maniac) * Genom Screams (trick) Official 5: * Healing Vision (maniac) Dead End (trick) diving money (maniac) Paranoia 180 (maniac) * era (nostalmix) (maniac) Official 6: Make it Better (so real mix) (basic) Don't Stop (basic) Drop the Bomb (basic) think ya better D (basic) Hysteria (basic)