Dance Dance Revolution Disney's Rave / Disney Mix FAQ v.2.0 by Sailor Bacon 25 September 2001 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warning: Please do not post this FAQ without my permission. Please do not email me asking me to send you updates because I've got better things to do with my life. Do NOT use this FAQ for any profit making use at all, this is MY work, not yours. If you post this FAQ it cannot be altered in any way and cannot be displayed alongside any types of advertisements. Dance Dance Revolution Disney's Rave is copyright Konami. This FAQ is copyright Allen "Sailor Bacon" Tyner. The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at: ************************************************ Revision History ************************************************ v.2.0 Completely covers the US release of the game. v.1.0 Um... everything. ************************************************ Table of Contents ************************************************ -How to Play DDR -Differences between versions -Main Menu -Dance Magic -Lesson -Song List -Final Words ************************************************ How to Play DDR ************************************************ There's an in-game tutorial and a billion DDR FAQs. You do the math... This FAQ is only to cover what is different between this DDR and the others. ************************************************ How to Play DDR ************************************************ DDR: Disney's Rave - This is the original Japanese release of the game. The songs were a good mix between older popular American songs and of course classic Disney tunes. Dancing Stage feat. Mickey - This is the European release of the game. A lot of the classic American songs were cut and a few Disney ones as well. DDR: Disney Mix - This is the American relesae of the game. Again, a lot of the classic American songs were cut but they were replaced by some of the songs on other versions of DDR that haven't been released here, mostly 4th Mix. Also, Maniac versions of the songs were added for this version. To get these, just beat all the songs on Trick difficulty. ************************************************ Main Menu ************************************************ -Main Game: The crux of the game. Play through (default) three stages of your choosing in either normal mode or in Doubles mode. -Free Selection: Play as many stages as you like with either one or two players -DJ Selection: 1 or 2 players. Select a DJ and play through a series of their songs. -Dance Magic: Versus mode for 1 player vs the CPU or 2 players. You can attack the opponent and more! More details later. -Training: Practice on any of the songs to figure out the hard parts. -Lesson: Learn to play from the start. More details later. -Records: See how well you've played all the songs and other stats. -Options: -Game Options -Game Level: 1-8 (default 4) -Max Stage: 1-5 (default 3) -Time Limit: Off/On (default Off) -Music Sort: Off/Difficulty/Favorite/Random (default Off) -Music Cursor: Default/Same/Random (default Default [heehee!]) -Exit -Configuration -Sound: Stereo/Monaural (default Stereo) -BG Effects: Off/On (default On) -BG Brightness: 25%/50%/75%/100% (default 75%) -Double Play Setting -Dance Play Setting (Be sure to turn controller off if you use a dancepad!) -Vibration Setting -Exit -Diet Options -Diet Type: Sports/Food (default Sports) -Sports Type: Random/Jogging/Swimming/Rope Skipping/Abdominal Muscle/ Climbing Stairs (default Random) -Weight Type: Kilograms/Pounds (default Kilograms) -1P Weight -2P Weight -Exit -Memory Card -Show Instruction: Off/On (default On) -Default Setting -Exit ************************************************ Dance Magic ************************************************ This is the mode that makes Disney's Rave stand out from the rest of the DDR pack. In this mode, players share a single lifebar. As one player does better than the other, he/she slowly gains more and more of the lifebar. The winner of the round is the person with the most of the bar at the end of the song. In order to make things harder on your opponent, you can use Dance Magic. Each player has a gauge in the center of the screen. The bar fills as you keep a combo going. Once you fill it up, you'll do an attack randomly on your opponent, known as Dance Magic. These attacks can do anything from add more arrows to their screen, speed the arrows up, or make them all but vanish, to name a few. The gauge has three levels, with the level growing if you're doing well. Usually the best attacks for your character are on level 3. A list of all the different types of Dance Magic follows: Hidden: Arrows disappear about halfway up the screen. Insert Type A: Inserts step randomly between two steps. Insert Type B: Inserts steps next to each step to make you step with both feet. Insert Type C: Inserts steps so eighth steps appear consecutively. Insert Type D: Inserts two eighth steps between normal steps. Insert Type E: Inserts another of the same step right after each step. Insert Type F: Inserts steps similar to type C. Left Flip: Arrows flip left 90 degrees where they'd normally be. Mirror: Arrows opposite of what they'd normally be. Right Flip: Arrows flip right 90 degrees where they'd normally be. Speed x 0.5: Arrows go half their normal speed. Speed x 1.5: Arrows go 1.5 times their normal speed. Speed x 2: Arrows go double their normal speed. Sudden: Arrows appear about halfway up the screen. Super Hidden: Arrows disappear about 1/4 up the screen. Super Sudden: Arrows appear about 3/4 up the screen. Each character has a card to represent them, and each card has a listing of nine Dance Magics on it, 3 for each level. When the gauge fills, you'll do one of the three attacks for that level. Here's a listing of each set of DJs and their cards: DJ Mickey Mouse: Lv1: Speed x 1.5 Insert Type A Mirror Lv2: Speed x 0.5 Insert Type E Insert Type D Lv3: Speed x 2 Insert Type D Insert Type C DJ Donald Duck: Lv1: Mirror Insert Type B Sudden Lv2: Speed x 0.5 Insert Type B Hidden Lv3: Speed x 0.5 Insert Type B Super Hidden DJ Goofy: Lv1: Speed x 1.5 Left Turn Right Turn Lv2: Speed x 2 Insert Type E Mirror Lv3: Speed x 2 Insert Type E Insert Type C DJ Brothers Chip 'N' Dale: Lv1: Insert Type A Left Turn Right Turn Lv2: Insert Type B Insert Type E Mirror Lv3: Insert Type C Insert Type D Insert Type F DJ Kids Huey, Dewey, Louie: Lv1: Mirror Left Turn Right Turn Lv2: Speed x 1.5 Mirror Sudden Lv3: Speed x 2.0 Super Hidden Super Sudden DJ Pluto: Lv1: Insert A Insert Type E Mirror Lv2: Speed x 1.5 Insert Type F Sudden Lv3: Speed x 1.5 Insert Type D Super Sudden After selecting your DJ, you can set a handicap then select a song and go to town. ************************************************ Lesson ************************************************ Just for kicks, here's a list of what each lesson teaches you. Descriptions are from the european version and Section 8 is always just a review: -Lesson 1: For those who've never played before, let's start with this lesson. (song: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah) -Section 1: Begin here! -Section 2: Now practice steps. -Section 3: Use one foot after the other! -Section 4: Step on the Up and Down arrows. -Section 5: Step on the Up and Down arrows with both feet. -Section 6: If you change where you're facing, stepping on the Up and Down arrows will become easier. -Section 7: Step on the arrows of the 3 directions consecutively! -Section 8 -Lesson 2: Use both feet and practice stepping on the arrows at the right timing. (song: Chim Chim Cheree) -Section 1: Step on the Left and Right arrows consecutively! -Section 2: This is an arrangement of section 1! -Section 3: Practice the basic steps. -Section 4: Try stepping with both steps at once!! -Section 5: Jump to the rhythm. -Section 6: Try to figure out the best way to do steps with your feet. Try many steps! -Section 7: Move sideways and step. -Section 8 -Lesson 3: You can handle the game once you complete this lesson. (song: Mickey Mouse March) -Section 1: Try the 1/8 beat arrows. -Section 2: Do the basic steps. -Section 3: Dance cool along to the rhythm! -Section 4: Move your center of mass and dance! -Section 5: This is an arrangement of the 1/8 beat step. -Section 6: This is a bit tough. But the basics are the same. Take it easy and dance. -Section 7: Turn around and do your steps. -Section 8 ************************************************ Song List ************************************************ (Song descriptions from the European/US version of the game except for SB ones) [Country legend: J = Japanese version, U = US version, E = European version] {Only the US version has Maniac difficulty versions} -Mickey Mouse March (Eurobeat Version) [JUE] DJ Mickey Mouse A Eurobeat version of Mickey Mouse's theme. The DJ is Mickey, of course! Basic: 1 / Trick: 3 / Maniac: 8 -It's a Small World [JUE] DJ Brothers Chip 'n' Dale A Eurobeat mix of the tune. Beginners, select this! Basic: 1 / Trick: 4 / Maniac: 6 -Macho Duck [JUE] DJ Donald Duck A funky dance track using Donald Duck as its motif! Basic: 1 / Trick: 5 / Maniac: 8 -Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah [JUE] DJ Pluto A tune all Disney fans must have heard. Pay attention to Pluto's dancing, too! Basic: 2 / Trick: 4 / Maniac: 8 -Mickey Mouse March (Summertime Extended Version) [JUE] DJ Mickey Mouse A dance version of Mickey Mouse March! For dance beginners. Basic: 2 / Trick: 4 / Maniac: 9 -Chim Chim Cher-ee [JUE] DJ Kids Huey, Dewey, Louie The 3-beat songs has been turned into a cool dance track! Basic: 2 / Trick: 6 / Maniac: 9 -D.D.D! ~Happy 65th Anniversary for Donald Duck~ [JUE] DJ Donald Duck A dance track for Donald Duck. Sing along! Basic: 3 / Trick: 6 / Maniac: 9 -Electrical Parade (Retro Future MIX) [J] DJ Goofy SB: A groovy little techno diddy. Basic: 4 / Trick: 7 -It's A Small World (Ducking Hardcore MIX) [JUE] DJ Donald Duck A very different "It's a Small World"! Try it if you're a great dancer! Basic: 5 / Trick: 8 / Maniac: 10 -Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [JUE] DJ Brothers Chip 'n' Dale A tongue twister tune introduced by Chip 'n Dale. The tempo changes too! Basic: 5 / Trick: 8 / Maniac: 10 -Mr. Bassman [JUE] DJ Donald Duck You'll be hooked on the cool scat! Beware of the superfast arrows! Basic: 5 / Trick: 7 / Maniac: 9 -Surfin' U.S.A. [J] DJ Mickey Mouse SB: Hell yeah, baby! Beach Boys |20><0|25!!1!!1!11! Basic: 4 / Trick: 6 -Johnny B. Goode [J] DJ Brothers Chip 'n' Dale SB: Old skool classic. Basic: 4 / Trick: 5 -(Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop [JUE] DJ Goofy A standard disco track. Basic: 4 / Trick: 5 / Maniac: 6 -Disco Inferno [J] DJ Kids Huey, Dewey, Louie SB: Yes, disco lives forever! Basic: 4 / Trick: 5 -Night of Fire [JUE] DJ Kids Huey, Dewey, Louie A popular dance track in Japan. Watch the cool DJ play of Huey, Dewey, and Louie! Basic: 3 / Trick: 5 / Maniac: 9 -Twilight Zone [J] DJ Goofy SB: Classic 2Unlimited song. Basic: 3 / Trick: 5 -Fire [JUE] DJ Kids Huey, Dewey, Louie Go "Hey!! Hey!! Hey!!" along to the kicking guitar sound! Basic: 3 / Trick: 5 / Maniac: 7 -Let's Twist Again [JE] DJ Goofy The very well known twist tune. Twist it hard with Goofy! Basic: 3 / Trick: 5 / Maniac: 7 -Superstition [J] DJ Donald Duck SB: Blah, I don't like this song... Basic: 3 / Trick: 4 -Vacation [J] DJ Pluto SB: V-A-C-A-T-ION! In the summer sun! Basic: 2 / Trick: 4 -Let's Groove [J] DJ Mickey Mouse SB: Old 70's classic song. Basic: 2 / Trick: 3 -The Bump [J] DJ Goofy SB: Do the bump, baby! Basic: 2 / Trick: 3 -Macarena [J] DJ Brothers Chip 'n' Dale SB: I'm sure you're familiar with this... Basic: 2 / Trick: 3 -I Want You Back [J] DJ Pluto SB: Huge props to the Jackson 5! Another great classic. Basic: 1 / Trick: 3 -B4U [U] DJ Mickey Mouse Experience high-energy dance that will keep you coming back for more. Basic: 4 / Trick: 5 / Maniac: 8 -Higher [U] DJ Pluto Let the up-tempo grooves move you to a higher level Basic: 3 / Trick: 5 / Maniac: 6 -Let the Beat Hit 'Em [U] DJ Goofy A wild dance jam filled with R&B and hip-hop flavor Basic: 3 / Trick: 6 / Maniac: 7 -Midnite Blaze [U] DJ Mickey Mouse Jump into the spotlight and shine with the blazing speed of Midnite Blaze Basic: 4 / Trick: 5 / Maniac: 7 -My Summer Love [U] DJ Pluto Cool off from the summer heat with a stylish mix of Reggae and UK Pop Basic: 3 / Trick: 6 / Maniac: 9 -Share My Love [U] DJ Brothers Chip 'n' Dale A romantic dance song packed with house rhythms and tropical beats Basic: 2 / Trick: 3 / Maniac: 5 ************************************************ Final Words ************************************************ I'd like to thank the following: -CJayC: Hosting the best website for game information and for hosting all of my FAQs and walkthoughs. -Konami: Creating the best game series ever. -Mike Corbitt: My good friend who kicks ass with me in DDR on occasion and gave me all the info for the US version of the game. -Myself: Typing up this FAQ while wishing I was as cool as Donald Duck..