Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix FAQ v.1.0 by Sailor Bacon 28 September 2001 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warning: Please do not post this FAQ without my permission. Please do not email me asking me to send you updates because I've got better things to do with my life. Do NOT use this FAQ for any profit making use at all, this is MY work, not yours. If you post this FAQ it cannot be altered in any way and cannot be displayed alongside any types of advertisements. Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix is copyright Konami. This FAQ is copyright Allen "Sailor Bacon" Tyner. The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at: ************************************************ Revision History ************************************************ v.1.0 Um... everything. ************************************************ Table of Contents ************************************************ -How to Play DDR -5th Mix -Main Menu -Song List -Unlocking Secrets -Data Bank -Final Words ************************************************ How to Play DDR ************************************************ There's an in-game tutorial and a billion DDR FAQs. You do the math... This FAQ is only to cover what is different between this DDR and the others. ************************************************ 5th Mix ************************************************ A few notable difference that make 5th Mix stand out. -New characters, including some musicians from the game's soundtrack. -Different songs, of course. -Runs in 60 fps, resulting in a much smoother game. -Reworked graphics, with smoother, nicer looking dancing in the background. -A Data Bank full of close to 4000 different edit steps for various DDR games. ************************************************ Main Menu ************************************************ -Game Mode: The crux of the game. Play through (default) three stages of your choosing in either normal mode or in Doubles or Versus mode. A few things to note on the song select screen: -Pressing Start cycles through different displays of the songs: -Difficulty/Secret (default) -Alphabetical -BPM -Player's Best -Pressing Select allows you to change certain aspects of the steps: -Little/Flat/Off -Left/Mirror/Right/Shuffle/Off -Hidden/Sudden/Stealth/Off -Diet Mode: A mode that keeps track of many much weight you're burning while you play. -Lesson Mode: Learn to play from the start. -Training: Practice on any of the songs to figure out the hard parts. -Edit: Create your own steps to play with the songs in the game. -Data Bank: 3771[!] different steps you can load up to play on various DDR games. -Arcade Link: Used with an arcade machine to send data back and forth. -Records: See how well you've played all the songs and other stats. -Options: -Sound Option -Sound: *Stereo/Mono -Voice: *All/Off/No Booing -Timing: Fast...Slow -Exit -Control Setting -Vibration: *No Use/Button/Miss -Double Play: *Off/On -Double Mode Setting -Dance Play Setting -Controller 1: *On/Off (Make sure you turn this off if using a dance pad) -Controller 2: *On/Off (Ditto) -Exit -Memory Card -Save -Load -Auto Save: *Off/On -Edit Use: *No Use/Use -Support(4th Mix) -Support(Extra Mix) -Exit -Game Option -Game Level: 1...*4...8 -Max Stage: *3...5 -Time Limit: *Off/On -Game Over: *Arcade/End of Music -Event Mode: *Off/On -Exit -Graphic Option -BG Effect: *On/Off -BG Bright: 25%...*80%...100% -Danger Display: *Blink/Off/Still -Step Mark Color: *Arcade/Note -Character Display: *On/Off -Exit -Diet Option -Measurement: *Free/Regulation -Calorie Display: *On/Off -Consecutive Play: *Off/On -Exit -Exit -Gallery Mode: 228 pretty pictures to unlock! If you highlight an unlocked picture and press Select, you can set it to be a background within the actual game. If you select multiple ones, they will be chosen at random. -Information: Tells you what you have unlocked. You'll also get kudos here when you first get a AAA and also when you get all A or higher on every song on any difficulty level. ************************************************ Song List ************************************************ Key: -Song Title / Artist [BPM] Basic/Trick/Maniac Doubles.Basic/D.Trick/D.Maniac -The Centre Of The Heart (STONEBRIDGE CLUBMIX) / Roxette [128] 2/1/1 2/1/1 -ON THE JAZZ / Jonny Dynamite! [130] 2/4/7 3/5/7 -NORI NORI NORI / JUDY CRYSTAL [160] 3/2/2 3/2/2 -Look To The Sky / System S.F. feat. ANNA [140] 3/4/6 2/5/7 -DIVE ~more deep&deeper style~ / Be For U [155] 3/5/7 2/5/6 -Do It Right / SOTA feat. Ebony Fay [135] 4/5/7 4/5/8 -Healing Vision -Angelic mix- / 2MB [46...196] 5/7/9 5/7/9 -Abyss / dj TAKA [142] 2/5/7 3/5/7 -SanaˇMoretteˇNeˇEnte / Togo Project feat. Sana [90] 2/5/8 2/5/8 -Mr.T. (take me higher) / Risky Men feat. Askua M [128] 3/5/7 3/5/7 -I Was The One / good-cool [125] 3/5/7 3/5/6 -ABSOLUTE / dj TAKA [144] 3/5/8 3/5/8 -THE CUBE / DJ SUWAMI [178] 4/6/7 4/6/7 -DXY! / TaQ [148] 4/6/8 4/6/8 -Radical Faith / TaQ [114] 4/6/8 3/6/8 -Electro Tuned (the SubS mix) / TaQ [125] 5/6/9 4/6/8 -Remember You / NM feat. Julie [105] 1/3/5 1/3/5 -Odoru Ponpokorin (Dancing Pompokolin) / CAPTAIN JACK [142] 1/4/7 1/4/7 -17-sai (Seventeen) / BAMBEE [142] 2/5/6 2/4/6 -DANCING ALL ALONE / [140] 2/5/7 2/5/7 -SWING IT / BUS STOP [178] 3/4/6 3/4/6 -TEST MY BEST / E-ROTIC [147] 3/4/7 3/5/7 -RIGHT NOW / ATOMIC KITTEN [130] 3/5/6 4/5/7 -THE TWIST (Double Pump MIX) / LIBERTY ALL STAZ [159] 3/5/7 2/5/7 -BE TOGETHER / Ni-Ni [142] 3/5/7 3/5/7 -AGAINST ALL ODDS (Definitive MIX) / DEJAVU featuring TASMIN [139] 3/5/7 3/5/7 -MOVIN ON (Extended Moon Mix) / ELLEN GEE [142] 3/5/8 3/5/7 -Romansu no Kamisama (God of Romance) / JUDY CRYSTAL [157] 3/5/9 3/6/8 -NEVER ENDING STORY / DJ-AC-DC [140] 3/6/7 3/6/7 -Healing Vision / DE-SIRE [49...196] 3/6/8 3/6/9 -MY GENERATION (Fat Beat Mix) / CAPTAIN JACK [140] 4/5/6 3/5/6 -MOONLIGHT SHADOW (New Vocal Version) / MISSING HEART [140] 4/5/6 4/5/7 -DIVE / Be For U [155] 4/5/8 4/6/7 -BROKEN MY HEART / NAOKI feat. PAULA TERRY [160] 4/5/9 4/6/9 -Matsuri JAPAN / RE-VENGE [180] 4/5/9 4/6/8 -STILL IN MY HEART / NAOKI [150] 4/6/7 4/5/7 -ECSTASY / d-complex [145] 4/6/7 4/6/7 -TRIBAL DANCE (Almighty Mix) / 2 UNLIMITED [136] 4/6/8 4/5/7 -NO LIMIT (RM Remix) / 2 UNLIMITED [141] 4/6/9 4/6/8 -AFRONOVA PRIMEVAL / 8 bit [200] 4/6/9 4/6/9 -INSERTiON / NAOKI underground [140...220] 4/6/9 4/6/8 -CAN'T STOP FALLIN' IN LOVE (SPEED MIX) / NAOKI [170] 4/6/9 4/6/9 -PARANOiA ETERNAL / STM 200 [200] 5/6/9 5/6/9 ************************************************ Unlocking Secrets ************************************************ To unlock secrets in the game, you have to play through X amount of stages. Here are all the things you can unlock and how many songs it takes to do so. 5 - Nori Nori Nori / Judy Crystal 10 - The Centre of the Heart (Stonebridge Clubmix) / Roxette 15 - Abyss / dj TAKA 20 - Sana Molette Na Ente / Togo Project feat. Sana 25 - Mr.T.(take me higher) / Risky Men feat. Asuka M 30 - On the Jazz / Jonny Dynamite! 35 - I Was The One / good-cool 40 - Absolute / dj TAKA 45 - The Cube / DJ SUWAMI 50 - Look To The Sky / System S.F. feat. ANNA 55 - DXY! / TaQ 60 - Radical Faith / TaQ 65 - Electro Tuned (the SubS Mix) / TaQ 70 - Dancers Naoki and NMR 75 - Do It Right / SOTA feat. Ebony Fay 80 - Dive ~more deep & deeper style~ / Be For U 90 - Healing Vision (Angelic Mix) / 100 - Dancers U1 and 2MB As for unlocking gallery pictures, I'm not really sure how to do that yet... it seems to be random. ************************************************ Data Bank ************************************************ Here's a list of all the songs that have info in the Data Bank. Note that in the actual screen these are broken up into 9 different blocks. Blocks 1-8 are the various blocks to choose from and the last block (ichion!!) is the best stuff from the blocks, as chosen by someone who is probably important. Anything in the ichion!! block is in one of the other 8 blocks somewhere with flashing text to signify its importance. .59 [4th] 1,2,3,4,007 [4th] 20.November (another) [C2] 20.November (DDR) [2nd, 3rd] 22 DUNK [C1] 22 DUNK (another) [C2] 5.1.1 [C1] AFRONOVA [3rd] AFRONOVA PRIMEVAL [5th, EM] AFTER THE GAME OF LOVE [3rd, BH] AM-3P [2nd, 3rd] B4U [4th] BABY BABY GIMME YOUR LOVE [4th] BAD GIRLS [2nd] Be in my paradise [C1] been so long [C2] BEGINNING-OF-LIFE [C1] BOOM BOOM DOLLAR [2nd, BH] BOOM BOOM DOLLAR (K.O.G G3) [3rd] BOYS [1st, 2nd] BOYS (EURO MIX) [4th] BRILLIANT 2U [2nd, 3rd, BH] BRILLIANT 2U (club) [C2] BRILLIANT 2U (Orch.) [2nd, 3rd] BROKEN MY HEART [5th, EM] BUMBLE BEE [3rd, 4th] BURNIN' THE FLOOR [4th] butterfly [1st, BH] butterfly (UPSWING) [3rd] CAFE [EM] CAN'T STOP FALLIN' IN LOVE [EM] CAPTAIN JACK (GRANDALE) [3rd, BH] CAT'S EYE (Ventura) [EM] celebrate [C1] CELEBRATE NITE [EM] CLUB TROPICANA [EM] CONGA FEELING [EM] CUTIE CHASER [3rd] DAM DARIRAM [3rd, BH] DAM DARIRAM (KCP) [4th] DANCING ALL ALONE [4th, 5th] DEAD END [3rd] Deep clear eyes [C1] DEEP IN YOU [C2] DIVE [5th, EM] DIVE (more deep) [5th] diving money [C1] DO IT ALL NIGHT [3rd] DO ME [EM] Do you love me? [C1] DON'T CLOCK ME [EM] Don't Stop!(AMD 2nd) [4th] Dr.LOVE [C1] DREAM A DREAM [4th] DREAM A DREAM (MIAMI BOOTY) [EM] DRILL INSTRUCTOR [EM] DROP OUT [EM] DROP THE BOMB [3rd, BH] DUB-I-DUB [2nd, BH] DYNAMITE RAVE [3rd, BH] e-motion [C1] EAT YOU UP [4th] EL RITMO TROPICAL [2nd] END OF THE CENTURY [3rd, BH] era(nostalmix) [4th] FLASHDANCE [3rd] FOLLOW THE SUN [4th] FREAKY [EM] FURUHATA'S THEME [4th] GENOM SCREAMS [C2] gentle stress [C2] gentle stress (AMD) [3rd] Get me in your sight (AMD) [4th] GET OFF [EM] GET UP AND DANCE [3rd] GET UP'N MOVE [2nd, BH] GET UP'N MOVE (in extra) [EM] GET UP [3rd] GIMME GIMME GIMME [3rd, 4th] GOTCHA [4th] GRADIUSIC CYBER [C1] GRADIUSIC CYBER (AMD) [3rd] GRADIUSIC CYBER (another) [C2] Groove [4th] Groove 2001 [EM] HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN MELLOW [1st, BH] HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN MELLOW (remix) [4th] HERO [2nd] HERO (HAPPY GRANDALE) [4th] HERO (KCP) [4th] HIGH ENERGY HIGHER [4th] Holic [4th] Holiday [3rd] Hyponotic Crisis [4th] HYSTERIA [EM] I believe in miracles [1st, 2nd, BH] I DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING [EM] I'M ALIVE (CUT'N'MOVE) [EM] I'M ALIVE (UNCLE 36 SEC) [EM] IF YOU CAN SAY GOODBYE [3rd] IF YOU WERE HERE [2nd, BH] IF YOU WERE HERE (B4 Za Beat) [4th] IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT [4th] IN THE NAVY '99 [2nd, 3rd] into the world [C2] IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE (Extended) [4th] Jam Jam Reggae (AMD) [3rd] KEEP ON MOVIN' [2nd, 3rd] KICK THE CAN [4th] KISS ME (KCP) [EM] KUNG FU FIGHTING [1st, BH] La Senorita [3rd, BH] La Senorita Virtual [3rd] Leading Cyber [4th] Let the beat hit em! [EM] Let the beat hit em! (BM) [EM] Let the beat hit em! (Classic) [EM] LET THEM MOVE [2nd, 3rd] LET'S GET DOWN [1st, BH] Let's talk it over [4th] LITTLE BITCH [1st, BH] LOVE [2nd] LOVE AGAIN TONIGHT [4th] LOVE MACHINE [EM] LOVE SO GROOVY (another) [C2] LOVE THIS FEELIN' [2nd] Lupin the 3rd '78 [EM] LUV TO ME [C1] LUV TO ME (AMD) [3rd] Macho Gang [C2] MAKE A JAM! [1st, 2nd, 3rd] MAKE IT BETTER [1st, 2nd, 3rd, BH] MAKE IT BETTER (SO-REAL) [2nd, 3rd] Make Your Move [4th] Midnite Blaze [4th] MR.WONDERFUL [3rd] MUSIC [4th] MY BABY MAMA [EM] MY FIRE (UKS Remix) [1st, BH] MY SUMMER LOVE [4th] NA-NA [EM] NEVER GONNA MAKE [4th] never let you down [4th] NIGHT IN MOTION [4th] OH NICK PLEASE NOT SO QUICK [3rd] ONE TWO [4th] ONLY YOU [4th] OPERATOR (Two Gees) [3rd] ORION.78 (AMeuro-mix) [4th] ORION.78 (civilization) [4th] PARANOiA [1st, 2nd, 3rd, BH] PARANOiA KCET (clean) [1st, 2nd, 3rd] PARANOiA MAX CLUB ANOTHER [C2] PARANOiA MAX (DIRTY) [1st, 2nd, 3rd, BH] PARANOiA Rebirth [3rd] patsenner [C2] PERFECT FREE [C1] PINK DINOSAUR [4th] Prince on a star [C1] PUT YOUR FAITH IN ME [2nd, 3rd, BH] PUT YOUR FAITH IN ME (Jazz) [2nd, 3rd] Queen's Jamaica [C2] R3 [C1] R3 (another) [C2] Remember You [5th, EM] RHYTHM AND POLICE (K.O.G. G3) [EM] ROCK BEAT [3rd] RUGGED ASH [C2] SAINT GOES MARCHING [4th] SEXY PLANET [EM] SHAKE YOUR BOOTY [4th] Share My Love [4th] SHOOTING STAR [4th] Silent Hill [3rd, BH] ska a go go [C1] SKY HIGH (DJ MIKO) [EM] SKY HIGH (LUCYFER) [EM] SMOKE [2nd] SO MANY MEN [3rd] SP-TRIP MACHINE (JUNGLE) [2nd, 3rd, BH] special energy [C1] stomp to my beat [2nd, BH] STRICTLY BUSINESS [1st] STRUT YOUR FUNKY STUFF [EM] SUPER STAR [EM] SYNCHRONIZED LOVE [4th, EM] Temple of Love [EM] THAT'S THE WAY (I LIKE IT) [1st, BH] THE 7 JUMP [4th] THE EARTH LIGHT [C2] THE RACE [2nd, 3rd] The rhyme brokers [C2] THEME FROM ENTER THE DRAGON [EM] The Theme from Flo-jack [C1] think ya better D [2nd] TOGETHER & FOREVER (CAPTAIN JACK) [EM] TOGETHER & FOREVER (NINEBALL) [EM] TRIP MACHINE [1st, 2nd, 3rd] TRIP MACHINE CLIMAX [4th] TRIP MACHINE (luv mix) [2nd] TUBTHUMPING [2nd] TURN ME ON (HEAVENLY) [3rd] Typical Tropical [EM] UPSIDE DOWN [3rd] VOL.4 [3rd] WALKIE TALKIE [4th] WILD RUSH [EM] WONDA [EM] WONDERLAND (UKS) [3rd] XANADU [4th] Young Forever [4th] ************************************************ Final Words ************************************************ I'd like to thank the following: -CJayC: Hosting the best website for game information and for hosting all of my FAQs and walkthoughs. -Konami: Creating the best game series ever. -Myself: Typing up this FAQ while wishing I was as cool as Donald Duck..