In The Groove for PS2 (mirror from Unlock Everything At the title menu, press: Cheat Effect Up,Right,Up,Right,Left,Down,Left,Down,Up,Right,Down,Left,Up,Left,Down,Right Unlock all 76 songs. Force "Good" Game Developer Ending Inputting this code at the main selection screen (Dance Mode, Battle Mode, Marathon Mode, etc.) will allow you to view the developer ending after playing a round of play, without getting at least an S+ average on your songs or marathon course. A few sparkles on screen will confirm correct code entry. Cheat Effect View Developer Ending After Playing Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right In the Groove Unlockables You can unlock songs, courses, and modifiers by playing songs in the game, in any mode. Every 10 songs you play, you will unlock something. Unlockable How to Unlock Xuxa Play 190 songs Wake Up (from ITG2) Play 200 songs Incognito (from ITG2) Play 180 songs Pandemonium Play 170 songs The Legend [Marathon Course] Play 160 songs Infection Play 150 songs DJ Party Play 130 songs Tribal Style (from ITG2) Play 140 songs Funk Factory (from ITG2) Play 120 songs Don't Promise Me ~Happiness Comes Mix~ Play 110 songs Disconnected -Mobius Mix- Play 90 songs Liquid Moon (from ITG & ITG2) Play 100 songs Beat [Modifier] Play 80 songs Bubble Dancer Play 70 songs Anubis Play 50 songs Outer World [Marathon Course] Play 60 songs Bumpy [Modifier] Play 40 songs Tell Play 30 songs Bounce [Marathon Course] Play 20 songs Disconnected -Hyper Mix- Play 10 songs In the Groove Glitches Avoid being locked into a song by Chance Normally, when you pick Chance, you are locked into the song it chooses. However, if you select the song and enter the settings menu, then back out with Triangle, you are returned to the song wheel and are no longer locked into the song chosen by Chance.