ITG for PC codes: FAQ ver 1.1 (13.9.2006 Xsoft) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ .:In The Groove for PC/Mac unlock codes:. * Unlock Everything Left,Down,Up,Down,Right,Down,Up,Down,Left,Up,Down,Up,Right,Up,Down,Up * Full Edit Menu Up,Left,Down,Right,Up,Right,Down,Left,Up,Start * GoodEnding CodeGoodEnding=Up,Up,Down,Down,Left,Right,Left,Right Enter all on title screen * ITG1 Sounds (at Dance Battle Marathon screen) Disconnected -Hyper- - Left,Right,Up,Down,Left,Left,Right,Right Disconnected -Mobius- - Left,Down,Right,Down,Up,Right,Down,Left Infection - Up,Down,Up,Down,Up,Down,Right,Right,Up Xuxa - Right,Up,Down,Down,Right,Down,Up,Left,Down Tell - Down,Left,Up,Up,Right,Right,Down,Left,Down Bubble Dancer - Right,Left,Left,Right,Up,Down,Down,Left,Left Happiness Comes - Up,Right,Up,Left,Down,Left,Right,Left,Right Anubis - Left,Down,Up,Left,Down,Down,Right,Right,Up DJ Party - Left,Right,Right,Left,Up,Down,Right,Left,Down Pandemonium - Left,Up,Left,Down,Up,Down,Right,Down,Left ------------------------------------------------------------------------ .:In The Groove for PC/Mac FAQ:. >> What's new in ITG PC/Mac compared to ITG PS2? * many new unlockable songs, including PC/Mac exclusive songs * many new step charts exclusive to PC/Mac * a full step editor for creating your own step charts * export and import step charts from a USB drive for use with In The Groove 2 in arcades or for sharing your creations with friends * support for widescreen displays * high resolution graphics * improved frame rates and faster loading (depending on how powerful your computer is) * unedited versions of all music - the same mixes as the arcade >> Will there be a Linux version? No guarantees. We're hoping to release a Linux executable file that can be used with the game data on the PC/Mac disc. The Linux executable would be compatible with many but not all Linux environments. There is no planned release date for this, and there are no guarantees that it will happen. Why does my firewall show a message when I start the game? >> If your drivers are digitally signed by Microsoft, Windows automatically checks to see if the driver's certificate has expired by connecting to This check is usually triggered when you launch In The Groove or other DirectX games. This feature of Windows can be turned off with the following steps: * Start Internet explorer and click "Tools -> Internet Options". * Click the "Advanced" tab, then scroll down to "Security": * Uncheck the boxes that say "Check for publisher's certificate revocation and "Check for servers certificate revocation". >> This will stop Windows from trying the verify if a signed driver's certificate has expired or not. I created some step edits. Where are they stored on my hard drive? In Windows: My Documents/In The Groove Demo/Save/MachineProfile/Edits In Mac OS: ~/Library/Preferences/In The Groove Demo/MachineProfile/Edits The game won't register more than 2 keyboard keys simultaneously >> This is a hardware limitation of many keyboards. Certain combinations of keys cannot be pressed simultaneously. You may be able to work around this problem by remapping your keys to avoid combinations that don't register. * A, W, D, X work simultaneously and independently on many keyboards. * Some models of USB keyboards do not have limitations on which keys can register simultaneously. * One sure workaround is to use a USB gamepad or a PlayStation->USB converter. >> Anti-Vir or another virus scanner detects "TR/Dldr.Zlob" in the the In The Groove installer or uninstaller This is likely a false positive detection. To be sure, scan your computer using a free online virus scanner: * Trend Micro ( * Panda ActiveScan ( >> Some anti-virus programs detect false-positives on installers and uninstallers built with NSIS (our installation system). More information is available here: * * >> The game says that I've unlocked new Expert steps, but I don't see Expert steps in the list of difficulties There are 3 songs that have Expert steps for Double but don't have Expert steps for Single. When you beat any of these song on Hard in Single, you see "Expert steps unlocked" even though there are no Expert steps in Single. You have to change over to Double to see the Expert steps that were just unlocked. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Xsoft //Czech DDR