In The Groove 2 Arcade Code Entry Official In The Groove 2 codes are entered on the Mode Select screen at the beginning of a game. (DANCE, BATTLE, MARATHON, SURVIVAL) Codes are used to unlock secret features that are not normally available. When a code is entered successfully, a little snippet of the song will play as confirmation. Codes Code 1 Hardcore Symphony (song) Amore (expert steps) Temple of Boom (expert steps) Down Up Up Left Down Right Down Right Right Down Up Code 2 Know Your Enemy (song) ! (expert steps) Why Me (expert steps) Right Left Down Down Down Up Left Down Left Left Code 3 Disconnected Disco (song) Up Down Down Up Left Left Down Right Down Up Right Code 4 VerTex^2 (song) Monolith (expert steps) Cryosleep (expert steps) Left Down Right Right Right Down Left Up Up Down Right Code 5 Wanna Do (song) Robotix (expert steps) Right Right Up Up Up Right Left Left Up Up Up Xsoft