DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION, DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION USA, DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION 4TH MIX, DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION 4TH MIX PLUS, AND DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION 5TH MIX FOR ARCADES FAQ v3.3 This FAQ is copyright by me, Tracy Smith 2000-2004. Feel free to copy this document and read it on your own time. Do not copy this document and claim it as your own. Do not copy this document and sell it. This document was NOT meant to be seen in any sort of paper media! If you really, really want this on your site, e-mail me ( and ask nicely (and please specify that you want to use my DDR FAQ, because I've written more than one). Oh, and leave this copyright in if this FAQ appears on your site. Song titles copyright by their artists. Dance Dance Revolution, its sequels, Beatmania IIDX and ITS sequels, and Hip Hop Mania (2) copyright Konami. That is all. E-mail: Look at the copyright information. If that is too much for you, go to the bottom of this FAQ. But don't just scroll down. Read the FAQ, please! If you see this FAQ on a site not listed below, please notify me! Chances are, they've probably asked. But if they didn't, laugh, because they ripped an FAQ from someone that nearly flunked English! You can find this FAQ at: (the most up-to-date version is here) (my homepage, which is actually a mini FF3/6 shrine) ***Are you in a hurry? If you're looking for information regarding a specific mix, use the mix numbers (up to 5th) to find what you are looking for (with the exception of the original mix, which has no mix number. . .use uzi as your search string, capitalize the first letter, and do Match Case). I refer to 8th Mix as EXTREME, 7th Mix as either 7th Mix or MAX2 or DDRMAX2 (the MAX2 search string should do it), and 6th Mix as either 6th Mix or DDRMAX. If you want a specific section, use the roman numerals next to the section to find it. If you want a specific song/artist, do a search by song title/artist name. If you can't find it, e-mail me about it.*** Contents: I. Really, really basic introduction II. Version info...I think III. I'm supposed to play this game with my WHAT? IV. The FAQ's FAQ V. Music terms and other terms VI. I wanna dance NOW! (or The Commandments, for short) VII. The songs VIII. SOME secrets IX. Are you having a bad day? X. Credits ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I. Really, really basic introduction Left, right, left, right, hit both pads at once. Welcome to the world of Dance Dance Revolution. For the duration of the game, you are a dancer. You will be performing for a live audience within the game, and some spectators waiting for their turn to show off their moves. There will also be a very annoying MC who will make some extremely dimwitted comments. Now, onto the basics... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ II. Version info...I think 1.0-While this FAQ has been around much longer than the date of this version (started 1/26/00), I needed to make some MAJOR changes to certain vital parts of this FAQ (like the songs section). Finally got around to releasing it. (3/15/00) 1.1-Oops, forgot my e-mail address ( Updated songs section and streak. Ah, well. (3/16/00) 1.2-Someone brought a Playstation, a Dance Pad, and a copy of Dance Dance Revolution-2nd Mix to a nice little party. I will include strategies to what songs I remember seeing. Uptated song and streak section. . .again. (3/19/00) 1.3-After reviewing the previous version, I found a HUGE error. I forgot to fill in my thought for the Playstation cheat! Note to self: Don't use Save As command unless absolutely necessary. Did a bit of tweaking (Commandments, songs, streak), and added the quotes in the beginning. (3/20/00) 1.35-Not a real update (well, at least not the one I was planning for). Put in a note about injuries. After all, it's hard to dance when. . .read for yourself. I stuck it in the Commandments section (geez, the number of commandments just keeps rising). (3/28/00) 1.4-Sheesh. . .trying to copy text off an e-mail is a major pain in the rear. Fortunately, Nickel's e-mail ( wasn't ridiculously long. He gave me advice on just about everything. Someone was nice enough to sell me a CD containing the songs from Dance Dance Revolution: 3rd Mix Nonstop Megamix, so I've just included the few titles I could decipher from that. Feel free to add or correct me if I'm wrong. Updated the Commandments section. . .again. (3/29/00) 1.41-The only reason why I'm commenting on such a minor update is because I got a 44 streak for Trip Machine Trick Mode. You'll see why this is important in the streak section. This not an April Fool's joke! (4/1/00) 1.47-Added a new section. I hope you like it! Also added another commandment. Did some Nonstop nonsense. About the e-mails: I may not be able to get back to you for a few days, especially if you mail me on a Friday. Sorry! (4/6/00) 1.5-One of my friends happens to have the legal copy of Dance Dance Revolution: 3rd Mix Nonstop Megamix, so I bummed off some song titles and groups from him. Since he also has a copy of the lyrics, I'll be using what I remember to screen the songs (geez. . .a group called E-rotic. . .wonder what kind of music they play). In the credits section, I credit two people because someone borrowed the CD from someone, and I don't know who did what. Added some tempos. I'm adding the tempos to give you, the reader, an idea on just how much difference there is between songs like My Fire and Butterfly. This is for those who want to try a more difficult song with a similar tempo. It's easier to make the transition from Boom Boom Dollar to Brilliant 2 U than from Make It Better to Paranoia. Are your eyes tired yet? (4/9/00) 1.6-Oops, forgot to change the version number! Since that nice friend of mine was nice enough to let me see the song titles, groups, and lyrics, I was able to update a good portion of the 3rd Mix section. Sorry, but I haven't danced since the last update :(. (4/10/00) 1.7-Hi, good to see you all back again. My life, being dormant for a while, woke up all of a sudden. Now that I have a bit more time, I can fix a really major error. Skywalker (one of my friends) told me that the Nonstop Megamix is a combination of two different mixes, and that IT'S FOR LISTENING PLEASURE ONLY!!! Therefore, I will take the ratings off some of the songs in that section. Meanwhile, gave me a few ULTIMATE streaks (some which I never would have gotten on my own). Updated the strategy, Commandments, both streak sections, and the credits. (5/4/00) 1.8-I wish I could access the Internet on my personal computer. Since I can't, I haven't been able to update for a LONG time (there is a use for school). Now I'm dancing in Maniac Mode. I've updated the songs section (that section that I have been neglecting). Added a few more general rules, a.k.a. commandment, and updated my personal streak section (laugh away, experts). (7/26/00) 1.81-Deathlok the Demolisher was, ahem, nice enough to point out some lyrical errors. Props to him!! (9/2000) 1.9-Dance Dance Revolution USA has hit our shores!!! I'll try my best to put everything I know about this song into this FAQ!!! This means an update in the song list section and songs strategy sections (and maybe, just maybe, something more in the introduction!!!) BTW, I never got around to releasing this version. (11/12/00) 2.0-Added a lot of tidbits to just about every song. Check it out! Still writing strategy (this may take a long time. . .) WARNING: THIS VERSION WILL LOOK VERY STRANGE. OH, WELL!! (11/19/00) 2.1-More DDR USA stuff-including Flat Mode, a few more strategies, and various streaks (and one mynah bird in one papaya tree!). (12/8/00) 2.11-I want my brain back NOW!! Forgot to change version number. . .added a bit more info (guess where). (12/13/00) 2.2-Mele Kalikimaka!! Did some corrections (what was a Marvelous song doing in the Superior section?). Again added info in the usual areas, and put in an IMPORTANT note about cheats. More scenery added, too. (12/22/00) 2.3-After all sorts of nasty things from school have been somewhat resolved, I have time to update (sort of). Added quite a bit of stuff (next section, commandments, song info, streaks, and cheats, of all places). (1/12/01) 2.4-Another update. . .almost. This time, double ratings (only ratings) were added. Ugh. Driver's ed is doing bad things to me schedules! For the very first time. . .I shall be participating in a tournament. Check out the credits section for more info. (3/5/01) 2.41-Highly minor, but still warrants another update. While surfing the web, I found something very interesting. It's in the credits section. Oh, yes, and this FAQ can now be viewed at Excuse me while I recover from my second cold in as many months. (3/10/01) 2.5-Man, that tournament gave me a lot of info! My results are in the credits section. . .look if you dare (but I didn't win first. . .sorry!). So many AAA grades! Most were on Beginner mode. Anyway, song section, and various streaks updated!! (4/8/01) 2.6-Back from Narshe. . .anyway, to honor the fact that DDR 4th Mix is out in arcades (well, at least in my area), I shall enter in the 4th Mix info for Playstation (and we can all thank Growlie for that). Unfortunately, I was sick, so I got to see 4th Mix for arcades for about two weeks. So a few reviews are stuck in. Missing a couple songs for 4th Mix arcade. . .but otherwise done with that song list (compile type: One Day Tourney Jam!). Added a section on stuff NOT to do. Oh, yes, and I finally passed all the Catastrophic songs in DDR USA. On to End of the Century! And Alex was nice enough to explain the 3rd Mix and 4th Mix system to me (it made perfect sense). Also redid the top part and the copyright (um, please read). P.S. Happy Belated Birthday Growlie!! (6/27/01) 2.7-Mucho stuff added, in terms of 4th and 5th Mix songs. What? 5th Mix? Yep, I got to play it. Song list and strategy will now reflect it. So will a couple of my streaks. Not released. 2.8-Just when I thought everything was okay. . .DDR 4th Mix Plus comes to my arcade. I'm gonna be busy. . .lots of stuff added, so check it out!! Slight format changes as well. One "minor" thing changed. . .it's in the glossary (those at the board. . .you win). (3/8/02) 2.9-AACK!! My arcade received 6th Mix and replaced it with 7th Mix two months later!! I'm up to my ears in updates!! This is really, really incomplete, but I'm gonna have to update NOW. Follow-up coming very, very soon! Happy belated birthday to me!! (8/13/02) 3.0-I can't get the info for EXTREME for a LONG time (say, three months). Until then, I'll be updating the individual song strategies (this is going to take the better part of a year). I'll also be noting which songs go on which course (within the individual song strategies). Half of MAX is done, and some of MAX2 is also done (but I'm far from finished). Fixed some errors. Wiped out three sections. . .not that they'll be missed. . . (3/20/03) 3.05-Well, I was bored. I played eight rounds of DDR yesterday, and I had a lot to talk about. Finished the MAX song list. Still working on individual song strategies (ever snow fans, your wish has come true). Added search strings as well (for those who are in a hurry). (3/23/03) 3.1-Since I'm the writer, I think it's only fair that you know just how *ahem* good I am. Therefore, I've added another section-the author's FAQ. I'm still working on those song strategies. . .(not released) 3.2-Well, added a bunch of song strategies (including stuff from Extreme), as well as the changes from DDRMAX2 to DDR EXTREME. I'm missing a good chunk of songs, but I've been working on this thingamabob for the past two and then some hours, so give me a break. I'm updating this because I have finally achieved one of my DDR goals - that AAA on something. Want to know what? Keep reading! (6/10/04) 3.3-Finished off ALL songs on DDRMAX (though many still need more detail). Almost finished with DDRMAX2. Still have a long way to go on EXTREME. One of my DDRMAX descriptions is as detailed as I want to get on any song; read further to find out which song I pretty much did from memory. (6/11/04) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ III. I'm supposed to play this game with my WHAT? Welcome, O Newbie Dancer. If you know the answer to the question above, skip this section. For those of you who don't know. . .you play this game with your feet. There's no joystick. At the beginning of every song, you will notice four arrows at the top of the screen. Arrows will be rising from the bottom of the screen. As soon as they match up to one of the arrows on the top of the screen (the gray ones), step on the appropriate direction pad. There will be times when two arrows will need to be stepped on. Jump on both correct pads. For the more difficult songs, you will be stepping on the arrows between beats. When you sucessfully step on four or more arrows correctly (get a Perfect!!! or Great!! message), a Combo will start. The more arrows you combo, the more points you'll get, and the higher your overall grade will be. Above the arrows is a gauge. To clear a round, there must be at least one bar left in that gauge. Miss the arrows repeatedly, and your gauge will decrease. A "DANGER" message will flash across the screen. You know you have utterly failed when the background turns orange, and stays that way. Don't be embarassed; try again when you feel rested. Regardless of whether you pass or fail a round, you will be graded. The grade ranges from from SS (meaning that we all bow down to you...for now) to E (meaning that there is room for improvement, because you'll only see this rating when you fail a stage). The messages in Dance Dance Revolution USA (or whatever it's called elsewhere) are almost the same. The "Perfect", "Great", and "Good" messages remain. "Almost" replaces "Boo!", and "Boo" replaces "Miss" (which means "Almost" is in purple and "Boo" is in red). This time around, it's fairly easy to get an A. I've also managed to get an AAA-with nothing by "Perfect" and "Great" messages (and a really long streak). Do mediocre on a song (don't streak too much) and you'll get a B. If you somehow manage to get nothing but "Great" and "Good" (and don't streak that much) messages, you'll probably get a C. Get nothing but "Good" messages (well, a lot) and keep your streak to below 5, and you'll probably end up with a D. Fail a stage completely and you'll receive an E. There is another downside to failing. You stop earning points the instant you fail (junk, isn't it?). If you somehow make it through all three stages, you'll see your score and a nice long string of numbers below it. To brag to the world, follow the on-screen instructions (don't bother with the prize, because the high score at last check was 98 million). The machine will also keep high scores (only the top 5, and it's really hard to get in!!). If you do manage to get in, watch the scrolling letters. Press the left arrow when you want to stop the leftmost letter, the down arrow to stop the middle letter, and the up arrow to stop the right letter. The right arrow is just to slow the scrolling letters down. Press the start button to end it all, or just wait for the timer to stop. Thank Alex154527 for the next two sections of info (it's pretty much him speaking, with a few comments by me). 3rd Mix is harder than 2nd Mix. Consider it the Japanese version of DDR USA. . .except that there is a mode where you can't fail. In the DDR USA version, it IS possible to fail Beginner. Difficulties on 3rd Mix are Soft, Medium, and SSR. In Soft, all songs are 3 feet or less. But there is a Trick Mode within which makes the songs 3 or 4 (?) (maybe 5 max) feet. In Medium, songs are 1 to 5 feet. In the trick mode within that, songs are, I believe, 5 to 7 feet. Then there is the SSR mode, where all songs are 7 to 9 feet. 3rd Mix also is very strict about letting you pass songs. It takes like 3 bars per miss on the last stage! Plus, it is HARD to get an A. One or two mistakes max. B is several mistakes, C is a step below, D is near-fail, E is fail. Plus the announcer is MEAN!!! He says, "You need to push yourself harder" when you get a B! Now compare him to the nice, nice DDR USA announcer. . . Now for my 4th mix info. . . When ya start playing, you choose the mode (single, versus, double), then the set of songs you want to play (they are sorted into groups, and you cannot change the group when you start playing. However, there is an All Music mode on 4th mix PLUS that lets you access every song). Each set has its own characters (for example, the Pops, Side A features Rage and Emi). There is a roulette of them if you choose All Music. Anyway, after that, you choose your song. Your difficulty is chosen after the song, but it lists the number of feet (in yellow, red, and green all seperately) at the top. Of course, this game uses Basic/Trick/Maniac difficulty, according to the color of the feet. There is a DDR USA-style dance meter, and combo numbers that are also like DDR USA. The only things that arent are the stage number and the score counter. Plus, the grading is different. An AA is completely perfect. An A is all perfect/great. B is great, C is decent, and you have to screw up a lot to get a D. An E of course is a fail. Wait. . .me again. . .those that I saw failing got a D! Considering the fact that it's possible to regain meter, I don't think there is an E grade in 4th Mix. A few more interesting things I found out. . .in Versus Mode, it is possible to regain your meter. I do this ALL the time in Ninzaburo. The first stage is the easiest to pass. Some songs are more forgiving than others. Gradiusic Cyber is the ONLY Catastrophic I know of where I can get 21 Boo! judgements and 17 Miss. . . judgements and still pass. Oh, Battle? Arrows start from the center. Each side has a different color (blue for 1P and red for 2P). The arrows migrate over to the appropriate side about two beats before they should be stepped on. Green arrows are arrows that both players must step on. Good luck! Now 5th Mix. . .first, choose whether you want to dance to Single (one credit), Versus or Double (two credits for these modes). Now pick a character. The characters have been reduced to eye candy again. . .anyway, once you choose someone, the song select screen will come up. Select song and difficulty, and dance your heart out! The meter is very different from any other mix; it's a blue bar that will occasionally turn orange. To get the latter color, that meter needs to be full. Note that it's impossible to get the orange meter if you're playing Versus and your partner is failing. If you lose everything in that meter, it's Game Over (on Single or Double). If your meter disappears on Versus, it is again possible to regain meter. If both players fail, the machine will slam you. Bummer. Once again, the grading system has been tweaked. AAA is supposed to appear if a song is passed with ALL Perfect!! judgements. To achieve an AA, full combo the song (nothing but Perfect!! and Great! judgements). To get an A, either get two AA judgements and one B, or get ONE Good judgement. To get a B, do fairly well on a song (get some Good, Boo, and Miss judgements). To get a C, do a bit worse. To get a D, keep yourself in the danger zone for most of the song. To get an E, fail the song. 5th Mix also changed the scoring. . .sort of. Bonus points are given based on the number of Perfects you've managed to get. These will show up after you've passed a song. Sweet!!! There are hidden songs (9, to be exact) that are not time-released. To get them, go to, and read, then urge whoever runs your arcade to do it. You'll also get two hidden characters (ugh. . .). Wait, wait, wait, one more thing. DDR 5th Mix contains two endings. To see the hidden one, get a final grade of A or higher. I've pulled it off. So can you!! Along came 6th Mix. . .like 5th Mix, it's possible to display the list in a variety of ways, the meter looks like a squiggly line, the machine slams all failures, it's possible to regain meter after failing in a versus game, and the letter grade is determined by Perfect percentage. As for the differences. . .first off, the modes have been renamed to Light (yellow), Standard (red), and Heavy (green). The foot rating system is gone. It has been replaced by an awful-looking graph somewhere near the bottom left corner. The graph is supposed to measure the Stream, Chaos, Freeze, Air, and Voltage of a song. Think of Stream as the amount of arrows on the screen at any given time. Chaos is Konami's way of saying rhythm. The higher the Freeze part, the more freeze arrows there are in the song. The Air part of the graph shows how many double steps a song has (side note: the kanji below the word Air translates to jump something. See, I was right!). Voltage is how tired the player should feel after the song is over. The graph overall is more or less accurate on everything except for Voltage (as this one is determined by personal taste). Oh, the freeze arrow. I knew I should have mentioned this earlier. These little green arrows require the unlucky person who gets them to step on the arrow and KEEP THEIR WEIGHT ON THE PAD. Depending on the machine, this can be anywhere from a piece of cake to a nightmare. I'll go more into detail about freeze arrows in the next two sections. After a song is cleared, the usual numbers and grades will appear. . .along with a bar graph. This shows the player how he/she measured up to the graph in the lower left corner (that silly-looking star thingy on the Song Select screen). I have no clue as to how the machine measures Voltage. It seems the letter grades were changed (or I am very, very confused. . .probably both). AAA constitute nothing but Perfect!! judgements. AA requires 93% Perfect!! judgements, and not necessarily a full combo. If someone pulls of the AA on a Heavy song on their final stage, something happens. . .be prepared. A requires something like 80% Perfect!! judgements (not sure 'bout the exact percentages). The other letter grades (B, C, and D) have varying Perfect!! percentages. E indicates a failure, no matter the Perfect!! percentage. The characters are more or less gone in 6th Mix. . .drat. They do appear in some of the songs (and the CG videos are neat!). Most of the exclusive songs on the home versions of 4th Mix and 5th Mix are on this mix. Then came 7th Mix. The interface is the same (including the AA-on-Heavy-on-final-stage deal), but Konami brought back the foot rating system. Unfortunately, most of the 6th/7th songs are severely underrated (Waka Laka is NOT an Exorbitant song!). Some of the older songs got a rating change as well (Burnin' the Floor Heavy is a 9?! I don't think so!). The machine comes with a point system and 30 empty spots. Each of the points represents one passed song. Whenever a song is passed on Single, one point is subtracted. Whenever a song is passed on Versus or Double, two points are subtracted. Getting a grade of AAA multiplies however many points should be knocked off the machine (because the song was passed) by 10. . .with the exception of Versus mode. If one player manages a AAA and the other player gets any passing grade, the machine subtracts 11 points. If they both pull it off, it's 20 points. A grade of D or E means no points (er, unlock points) for that song. . .unless we're talkin' Versus, again. If one player gets one of the aforementionted grades on the song, that person gets no points, and the other player gets however many points they're entitled to. Whenever the points hit 0, a spot is revealed. Odd spots hold songs. Even spots hold Oni courses. Oh, the Oni courses. When asked to choose a difficulty, go beyond the Heavy setting. There will be a very, ah, nice picture of Devil-Zukin, and the announcer will say, "This mode is challenging!" Those poor souls that pick this mode are in for the ultimate combo attack. First off, choose a course. Some of the ratings will be in blue. Those are the Oni edits, and most of them aren't combo-friendly! The select music is awful, so select your mode of death, I mean, your course in the shortest amount of time possible. The squiggly meter will be replaced by a battery with three segments. Break a combo or miss a freeze, and one of the segments goes bye-bye. The fourth such blunder and the course is over. It's possible to regain that battery, though. MOST Standard songs and Paranoia on Kidou yield one bar when passed, Heavy/Oni songs yield two, and certain songs on certain courses (like D2R on Kidou) yield three. Why? Probably because the next song will kill you. If you get no bars back. . .pray. A lot. The final installment of DDR (for now) is EXTREME. The print on the judgements is slightly different, and Beginner mode (which makes most songs a 1) is now available for your AAA pleasure. The announcer says more stupid things, and the songs have variable Perfect windows (from the ultra-strict Mikeneko Rock to Mahou no Tobira, and just about everything in between). Several of the songs have. . .strange timing windows (Stay (Organic House Mix) and Healing Vision come to mind). The mode select, as well as most of the gameplay is the same. . .except Nonstop mode has been revived! Yahoo!!!! Nonstop Mode features several sets of songs, usually on Standard (but a few are on Light). Press the down arrow twice, and it changes to Heavy (with a few on Standard). There's also quite a selection of Random courses, as well as Random Caprice (four random songs which you can see. . .and cry, because one is probably going to be an old Extra stage, and the other three will be totally awesome). The other Random courses feature question marks, and those question marks in purple are Oni mixes. Keep in mind that the machine can spit out anything from Be In My Paradise to MaxX Unlimited (and The Legend of Max, if it's unlocked), so playing Nonstop is a calculated risk. The Oni courses are harder, and there's an Oni glitch, which deals with the song difficulty selection, which I will not cover. On both Nonstop and Oni, there's a new judgement called Marvelous! that shows up white. This is simply a narrower version of the Perfect!! window, so don't worry overly much about it on Nonstop. On Oni, those white judgements are worth three points, Perfects are worth two, Greats are worth one, O.K.s are worth three (I think), and anything else is worth one of your battery bars. This time, there will be a score kept for Oni (and the point breakdown was just outlined). Other than that. . .have fun. One more song select mode has been added-Random. Random on a non-Nonstop course (heh, that sounded neat) will choose a song stored within the machine's memory. If you'd like a preview of this song, hold down the Start button (provided it's not Extra stage). The Random song select will occasionally choose the same song twice. Oh, speaking of Extra stage. . .you are now free to choose your Extra stage. . .but only a AA on The Legend of Max will get you One More Extra Stage (and this time, it's rough). Although it's a bit early, I recommend dancing to something like Boom Boom Dollar with a friend (Dance Dance Revolution people) or Silent Hill on Beginner (everyone else). Not all Beginner songs are equal. I DO NOT recommend dancing to Afronova on Beginner. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IV. The FAQ's (and author's) FAQ Before you read any further, I think it's fair that I say something about myself. I'll post bits about myself (and this FAQ) in question and answer form. Q: Is Tracy Smith your real name? A: No! Q: So what is your REAL name? A: I'm not answering that until I meet you in person. Q: How long have you been playing DDR? A: If memory serves me right. . .four and a half years and going strong! Q: How good are you? A: I've placed in both freestyle and tech tourneys. . .which isn't saying much. I'd like to think I'm better than average. And I refuse to touch the backbar (unless I am in grave danger of falling on my rear). Q: Can you pass (insert any song 300 BPM or over)? A: Max 300 once. Have yet to fail Sakura and Across The Nightmare (extra stage doesn't count). I'm eight seconds shy of passing MaxX Unlimited, and won't pass The Legend of Max anytime soon. Q: You can't pass all the songs? You suck! A: Then write your own FAQ. Q: What is this FAQ about? A: DDR, silly. I've included as much song info as my limited memory allows me to. Q: Can you give me some freestyle tips? A: E-mail me, and we'll talk. Q: Do you know where to get freestyle vids? A: I have ONE site on my homepage. . .it was a local tournament. I don't know about any others. Q: What about that Hawaii one on G4. Were you in that tournament? A: Sadly, yes. Q: Do you have DDR at home? A: No, and unless someone gives me a working PS2 with all pertinent DDR, a metal pad, a IIDX controller, and every single version of Beatmania IIDX that has come out for the PS2, I never will. Q: How many songs have you gotten a AA on? A: Basic and Standard - I have no idea. Heavy - 59 or so. Q: How many songs have you gotten a AAA on? A: Just one - 5.1.1. Light. *cries* It took me a LONG time to get that, too. Q: Can I play your Extra stage? A: Not unless I get something like Max 300 on the Random song select. Want your question here? E-mail me at If your question is valid AND in good taste, I'll post it (along with your name). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ V. Music terms and other terms Since this game deals with music, I will be spewing out quite a bit of musical terms, as well as a few of my own made-up ones (for the arrows). To help sort out the confusion, this section will deal primarily with various words and phrases that will appear in Section VI. For this, I am assuming that you know NOTHING about music. If you already know some of these terms, don't feel insulted. DOWN BEAT/UP BEAT-To figure out what this means, tap your foot in time to AM-3P or Butterfly. You'll notice that you foot hits the ground with the beat. There will also be times when your foot is in the air. The time when your foot hits the ground is called the down beat. When your foot is in the air, it's called the up beat (I may refer to an up beat as an eighth note). MEASURE-In just about all of the songs, one measure contains four beats. Unless Konami brings Rislim to DDR, it will stay that way. Certain songs will go into cut time (two beats per measure. . .think Era). SIXTEENTH NOTE-I know you're trying to dance, but I can't think of any other way to express this. Divide every beat into four parts (yes, this will be fast). Each part is a sixteenth note. TRIPLET-For every beat, cram in three even notes. The basis for Burning Heat! QUARTER NOTE TRIPLET-For every two beats, step three times evenly. I'll mention the songs that have this weird rhythm. HALF NOTE TRIPLET-For every four beats, sluggishly stomp three times evenly. If you can do this, congratulations. You'll notice that the stomps will have an interval longer than one beat. Appears in quite a few songs (though most of them are short, thank goodness). PAD-Now, now, let's all be mature. This refers to the pink/blue arrow you step on whenever an arrow scrolls up on the screen. DOUBLE STEP-Press up on the joystick twice. Only kidding. Jump on two pads at once. VERSE/CHORUS-The easiest way to illustrate these terms is to use Boom Boom Dollar. In this case, the verse starts after the music starts. The chours starts when the artist starts singing the title of the selection. This may not be true for all songs. FOOT ROLL-Imagine, for a moment, five arrows. They can be in any two directions (I'll use up and down for this example). Now arrange it so that the first arrow is in Direction 1 (in my case, up), the second arrow is one-fourth of a beat after arrow 1 and is in Direction 2. Put the third arrow one-fourth of a beat after arrow 2 in Direction 1. Put the fourth arrow one-foruth of a beat after arrow 3 in Direction 2. Put the fifth arrow one-fourth of a beat after arrow 4 in Direction 1. So you'll end up with a count of 1 ^ * ^ 2 (numbers being the beats, * being the up-beat, and ^ being somewhere in-between) with arrows alternating directions. Foot rolls don't necessarily have to be five arrows long; they can be anywhere from three arrows to four measure's worth (but are usually between five and seven arrows long). FREEZE ARROW (6th and up)-It's silly. It's annoying. It takes off a huge chunk of meter if it's not hit correctly. It's. . .the freeze arrow. These horrid green arrows look like some kid got a green marker and smeared it all over the arrow. Step on the arrow as if it were a normal arrow. Keep stepping on the arrow. Ignore those twitching calf muscles and keep on stepping! The arrow will either resolve with a nice O.K., or it will go dark somewhere in the middle, scroll on, and an ugly N.G. will grace the screen. The O.K. judgements help both score and meter. The N.G. judgements are notorious for making people fail songs (especially that stupid freeze arrow in the middle of Max 300). If you're attempting to get the Extra stage, do NOT miss any of these (the only thing worse than not holding out a freeze arrow is missing an arrow). For more on the freeze arrow, refer to the next section. SLIDE-Hit two arrows (eighth note or faster) with the same foot. This technique is useful for certain arrow patterns. Overuse of this technique is darned tiring. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ VI. I wanna dance NOW!!! (or The Commandments, for short) So you don't have the patience to read through the whole FAQ? Well, hothead, here are a few general tips before you make a complete idiot of yourself (or you can call this the Twenty Eight and two Halves Commandments of Dancing). 0.5. Make sure that the shoes you're wearing have treads on them and are comfortable. I've already slipped twice because I wore non-tread shoes. Also, you're not supposed to have blisters by the time you're done dancing. Nickel also sent this note in about socks: "Make sure you wear socks that aren't wearing thin on the bottoms or sides, as they may give you blister problems." Girls, if you really want to be good at this game, wear regular running shoes with treads on them. Platform sneakers don't count, as it takes more effort to lift than a regular sneaker (and yes, I wear running shoes when I dance). But if it comes down to a choice between slippers/high heels/slippery shoes/sandals or bare feet, use your bare feet (it's better to bruise your foot than to slip). At least bruised feet aren't an automatic failure. 1. Watch what others do. It's a great way to learn how to feel the beat. I could ramble on and on about why it's important to watch others. But for your sake, I won't. 2. If there is any room BEHIND you, dance along to the songs while someone else is playing. People may give you funny looks, but don't worry. Life's too short to worry about such things. 3. Drag a friend along. Couple (two player) mode is easier than one player mode. Or, if your friend happens to be good, Versus mode can give you some valuable practice (because Versus mode has both players dancing to the same set of arrows as the one player game. . .but this doesn't apply to 4th Mix and later. . .read the third section to find out why). Just remember that ONE of you has to have something left in the dance meter. On the same token, if you really want to prove that you're good, dance alone. 4. Start off simple. Trying to show off will only make you look like a fool when you fail the round. 5. Dance to your personal favorite songs. I always do best on the songs I like. Dancing to songs you really dislike is a good way to fail (which is why I'll never pass My Fire). Just don't fall in love with Paranoia right away, okay? 6. Keep your left foot on the left arrow. Use your right foot to step on the other three arrows. Don't forget to shift your weight whenever a left arrow scrolls onscreen. Do this for songs you're not too familiar with. For the songs you're fairly familiar with, use your left foot for whatever arrows show up (but don't lose your balance). Oh, yes, and you can just leave your foot at whatever arrow you last stepped on. It makes life so much easier on Boom Boom Dollar. Keeping your feet in neutral will make dancing to any song higher than two feet downright impossible (someone tried this). Either that, or you'll end up stepping on your own foot. 6a. I dance like a drunken Spinda (and if that makes no sense, do some Pokemon research). Someone else (I'll find your e-mail later, provided that Yahoo! didn't do anything weird with my account AGAIN) suggested to try alternating feet (hit the left arrow with the left foot, the next arrow that isn't a left arrow with the right foot, etc.) This will work so long as the machine doesn't spit out a left-down-right-up combo (or some rotation thereof). If you think your balance is better than mine (and it probably is), try it, once you can hit the up and down arrows without falling over. 7. Step to the beat. Very simple concept, yet very hard to do. If you know how to march, you have an advantage. If you're in a marching band, you have a bigger advantage, because you'll also know the fundamentals of music (which is extremely important in harder songs). 8. Always look at your final grade, along with the graph at the top. You'll either feel extremely depressed or surprised. And if you're angry, no kicking the machine! 9. Remember that NOT ALL SONGS ARE EQUAL. If you can dance to a song with a Superior rating, you may not be able to dance to ALL songs with a Superior rating. Some songs really should have gotten half-ratings (like three and a half feet). 10. If thou art tired, thou shalt take a long rest, because thou may end up collapsing (been there, done that, quite humiliating). This means that if you've just played Maniac Mode 5 times in a row, take a nice long break. The machine isn't going anywhere (at least I don't think it's going anywhere). As an add-on, if you suffer from any health problems that are triggered by exertion (like asthma), make sure you're rested before you dance. Remember, THIS IS ONLY A GAME!!!!! If you start to feel strange (I got a stomach cramp after dancing to Paranoia Rebirth), rest, drink lots of fluids (water or some sports drink is best), eat something small (like a char siu bao, manapua, or meat bun, whatever you call it, 'cause it all describes the same thing), and, if possible, get some sleep. And whatever you do, DON'T EVER, EVER DANCE WHEN YOU'VE SKIPPED A MEAL OR MORE!!! I got VERY sick when I did this (I nearly ended up with a bad case of dry heaves). 11. I sincerely hope this commandment doesn't apply to you. If you're recovering from some type of leg injury (sprained ankle, newly-healed broken leg, etc.), don't dance for long periods of time. You may end up injuring yourself again. For that matter, if you have back problems (slipped disc, etc.), don't dance for too long. DDR requires some odd back movements (especially the harder songs), and such twisting/jarring is not good for a bad back (trust me). 12. Unless you are in grave danger of falling down, don't lean on the back bar as you dance. First, it messes up your balance (it does nasty things to my balance). Second, someone else may be leaning on it. Third, you may slip and fall down. Fourth, it looks more impressive when you do Paranoia without gripping the back bar. Lastly, the bar may be missing its black covering, and if you happen to grab the gray stuffing, you may slip anyway. Oh, yes, and if you're, um, heavy, and you're dancing with another heavy friend (no insult intended), and both of you lean on the back bar while you jump, the stage might move (always bad). Did I mention all the sweat that has no doubt dripped down off of all the other people who use the backbar? I didn't? My bad. 13. Sheesh, I thought I wouldn't need to include this, but here it is. WAIT YOUR TURN! In one day alone, five different people cut in front of me (and I can't stay at the arcades for very long). Ask before you challenge. If you are better than the person who challenged you (this shouldn't happen too often), don't be a show off. In short, be courteous to others. 14. Dancing style: Whatever feels comfortable to you. Some people play like they're sleepwalking, others stomp on the arrows and occasionally jump (me), some spin around (experts and related show-offs only), some lurch around trying to get to the next arrow (me again), some actually have a shuffle-step they've perfected (another expert trick, one which I usually use to make my shoes look scruffier), and a few will be constantly jumping. Do the last one only if you think you can handle the strain. 15. If someone else is dancing, don't step on their arrows to mess them up. You may hurt that other person, and just maybe yourself. If someone does this to you (and you lose because of this), my opinion is that you have the right to ask the offending person to pay you a dollar (or however much a game of DDR costs). 16. Girls, don't be afraid to improve. Who cares if a guy can dance really well on Maniac/Expert/Heavy Mode? With practice, you should be able to challenge any guy! I don't want to be the only girl who can dance ALONE in any mode other than normal (and as I found out, I wasn't. Keep it up!). 17. If there's a DDR USA in your favorite arcade, and you don't think you're all that good, play Beginner (the one with the blue feet). You'll have to miss a LOT of arrows to fail (but please, don't start off with a Paranoia mix). 18. Don't be afraid to show off a little (but make sure you know the song well. I accidentally did this while dancing to Brilliant 2 U (Orchestral Groov)). Just a little. Too much and you'll start missing arrows/getting dizzy/falling down, etc. Yes, I know it sounds a bit contradictory, but if you actually show off, make sure you know where the fine line is between showing off and being silly. 19. Watch out for walking dance stages. Nearly got a foot squashed because the stage MOVES! It's worse if the stage is on a waxed floor!! Please refer to #12 for a specific situation. 20. Stuck with asthma? Don't exert yourself too much. Lying on the ground and gasping for air is not good. Especially in a smoky arcade. And while dancing, remember to BREATHE (this applies to everyone). 21. If you fall off, jump back on. Standing there and giggling like you're on laughing gas is a sure way to fail. Yes, I fell off the machine more than once, and getting back on is essential to passing. Difficulty does not matter. I once slipped off in the middle of Afronova (the Catastrophic one). Somehow, I passed. Most recent fall-off-the-machine-incident: Candy Heavy. My left hand was the only thing left on the platform. . .and it was on the 2P right arrow. I still passed. 22. Show-offs only. If you use your knees/elbows/hands/butt/face to hit arrows, wait until they heal before re-attempting that stunt. Rebruising yourself is painful, and it ain't all that pretty, either. 23. How to alternate feet: First, remember that the left foot will ALWAYS hit a left arrow, and the right foot will ALWAYS hit the right arrow. The up/down arrows can be hit by either foot. So if you've got a left-down-up-right string, use the left foot for the left arrow, the right foot for the down arrow, the left foot for the up arrow, and the right foot for the right arrow. That is one example. There are many more; find them! Of course, exceptions abound. Two prominent ones also happen to be Catastrophic songs; I'll point them out. If there are any interesting exceptions, I'll also point them out. If two songs have similar techniques (example: Holic and Dead End, both on Maniac), I'll point that out, too. 24. Don't stop in the middle of the song, unless you've got a foot cramp or problems breathing. Just looking at the arrows and saying, "I suck" is always a great way to make a fool of yourself. Try, try, try! 25. Freeze arrows. . .what a pain. There's two ways of attacking this problem. One is to bounce up and down on the given arrow (not recommended unless you're really, really light, and/or you like calf cramps). The other way is to step on the center of the pad and pray. The heavier you are, the easier it is to get those silly freezes. If you can time the arrows correctly, it's possible to jump off the arrows a fraction of a second before they're over, and still get the O.K. judgement. I'm 117 pounds (about 51 kg), and I can get most of the freeze arrows (including those stupid left-right arrows in Max 300 AND Maxx Unlimited). 26. Freeze arrows, part 2. Some people simply refuse to bounce, even if they're really light (like me and my crazy 90 lb. friend). When the freeze arrow comes up, put about 70% of your weight on your toes, and make sure that your toes are on the center of the pad. Bend your knees slightly. Pray. If you've got a freeze arrow in one direction, and there's no other arrow in sight, see if you can balance on one foot. If you're stuck with those icky double-step arrows, watch them carefully. More often than not, you'll favor one foot, and the resulting weight difference will mess up the whole freeze. Pay attention to which foot you favor and adjust accordingly. If you've got a freeze arrow in one direction and a bunch of other arrows you have to hit during the freeze, learn to "toe the pad", or hit the pad with the toe of your other foot *just* hard enough for it to register. Sometimes, Konami will do something like a long up arrow freeze with a regular left arrow a beat later and a regular right arrow a beat after that. This requires a LOT of practice. Good luck! 27. This also should have been said earlier, but. . .DO NOT WALK ON THE SCREEN!! How would you like it if someone walked on your face? Matrix walking, as its known, will damage the inner workings of DDR, which may cause the machine to be out of order for several weeks. The worst case scenario is the glass on the screen shattering. DDR machines are not cheap, so DON'T DO IT. 28. Last of all, HAVE FUN! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ VI. The songs This is a listing of all the songs you will find in the arcades (I live somewhere in that country called America). . .with the exception of 4th Mix. These ratings are for normal mode only. A not-so-quick note about the ratings: The songs listed here are in order of difficulty, from simplest (one foot) to hardest (in this case, six feet). The ratings can go as high as eight feet (Exorbitant). To find the Trick Mode ratings, add one to the number of feet shown here (unless I make some other note in the strategy section). For Maniac Mode ratings, add two feet (again, I may make some comment about the rating in the strategy section). Konami made names for their ratings. Here they are. . . 1 foot=SIMPLE 2 feet=MODERATE 3 feet=ORDINARY 4 feet=SUPERIOR 5 feet=MARVELOUS 6 feet=GENUINE 7 feet=PARAMOUNT 8 feet=EXORBITANT 9 feet=CATASTROPHIC 10 feet=????? Title-Artist; Basic; Trick; Nut. . .er, Maniac Have You Never Been Mellow-The Olivia Project; 1; 2; 4 Boom Boom Dollar-King Kong and D Jungle Girls; 2; 5; 6 Butterfly-Smile-dk; 3; 4; 5 Put Your Faith In Me-Uzi-Lay; 3; 4; 6 (first stage only) Put Your Faith In Me (Jazz Groov)-Uzi-Lay; 4; 5; 6 Brilliant 2 U-Naoki; 4; 5; 6 Make It Better-Mitsu-o; 4; 5; 7 My Fire-X-treme; 4; 5; 6 AM-3P-kTz; 5; 6; 8 Brilliant 2 U (Orchestral Groov)-Naoki; 5; 6; 7 (last stage only) Make It Better (So Real Mix)-Mitsu-o Summer; 5; 6; 8 (last stage only) Trip Machine-De-Sire; 6; 7; 8 Paranoia-180; 6; 7; 8 (last stage only) 2nd Mix songs (those that I remember) (I don't think this was released in America): Bad Girls-Julia Roberts; 2; 5; 6 Boom Boom Dollar-King Kong and D Jungle Girls; 2; 5; 6 20, November-N.M.R.; 3; 5; 7 Boys-Smile-dk; 3; 4; 6 El Ritmo Tropical-Dixie's Gang; 3; 5; 7 Tubthumpin'-Chumbawumba; 4; 5; 6 Hero-Papaya; 4; 5; 6 Dub I Dub-Me & My; 4; 6; 8 Stomp to my Beat-JS16; 5; 6; 7 If You Were Here-Jennifer; 5; 6; 7 Love This Feeling-Chang Ma; 5; 7; 8 Paranoia (Dirty Mix)-190; 6; 7; 8 Paranoia MAX (Dirty Mix)-KCET; 7; 8; 8 Paranoia (Clean Mix)-2MB; 6; 7; 8 SP Trip Machine (Jungle Mix)-De-Sire; 6; 7; 8 Trip Machine (Luv Mix)-2MB; 6; 7; 8(secret song!) Get Up And Move-S & K; (?); (?); 8 think ya better D-sAmi (?) (someone has a shift key problem) In The Navy-Captain Jack PRACTICE MODE ONLY (appears in 3rd Mix as a playable song) The Race-Captain Jack PRACTICE MODE ONLY (appears in 3rd Mix as a playable song) Those arcade songs that weren't replaced are in this mix, too. A little bit on replacements: I used this term because those songs that "replaced" an arcade song have similar step patterns or (in the case of Boys), were done by the same artist. If there is a question mark next to anything, that means I'm relying on what I remember, and I may be wrong. THESE SONGS APPEAR IN DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION: 3RD MIX (NONSTOP) ONLY: To heck with the ratings. . .they all appear in 4th Mix, anyway. . .except for So Many Men, which appears in DDR USA. Afronova: Re-Venge (I could get to like these guys) MARVELOUS The Race (Formula One Mix): Captain Jack ORDINARY (?) Dam Dariram: Joga SUPERIOR (?) Mr. Wonderful: Smile-dk (them again) SUPERIOR (?) Operator: Papaya ORDINARY (?) (good for annoying people) El Ritmo Tropical (El Bimbo) (!): Dixie's Gang ORDINARY (Oh dear. . .) In The Navy '99 (XXL Disaster Remix): Captain Jack ORDINARY (?) Do it all Night: E-rotic (um. . .no) MODERATE (?) Dynamite Rave: Naoki (whoopie!) MARVELOUS Rock Beat: Loud Force MARVELOUS (?) Gradiusic Cyber (AMD G5 Mix): Big-O featuring DJ Taka (here we go with the DJ thing) GENUINE (?) Captain Jack (Grandale Mix): Captain Jack MARVELOUS (?) Boom Boom Dollar (K.O.G. G3 Mix): King Kong and D Jungle Girls SUPERIOR (?) End of the Century: No. 9 SUPERIOR (Beethoven's 9th, techno style) Gentle Stress (AMD Sexual Mix): Mr. Dog featuring DJ Swan GENUINE (?) (before I get tons of hate mail, THIS IS AN INSTRUMENTAL!) Jam Jam Reggae (AMD Swing Mix): Rice C. featuring jam master '73 MODERATE Tubthumpin': Chumbawumba SUPERIOR (?) (*burp*) Get Up And Dance: Freedom SIMPLE (?) So Many Men: Me & My MODERATE (?) (someone is in desperate need of a life) Make A Jam!: U1 (not U2) It Only Takes A Minute (Extended Remix): Tavares MODERATE (?) (so why is the time listed as 2:19?) Get Up (Before The Night Is Over): Technotronic featuring Ya Kid K SUPERIOR (?) Upside Down: Coo Coo MODERATE (?) Silent Hill: Thomas Howard MODERATE (I call it the Christmas song. WTH?) Xanadu: The Olivia Project SIMPLE (?) (Another Olivia Newtown-John song. Are these guys bent on remaking every single one of her songs? I hope they didn't remake that song called Physical!) Love: Sonic Dream Holiday: Who's That Girl! (why me, of course) ORDINARY (?) Wonderland (UKS Mix): X-treme (not them again!) SUPERIOR (?) Oh Nick Please Not So Quick: E-rotic (There goes my lunch) ORDINARY (?) If You Can Say Goodbye: Kate Project (huh?) ORDNIARY (?) Luv To Me (AMD Mix): DJ Kazu featuring tiger Yamato SUPERIOR Flashdance (What a Feeling): M.A.G.I.K.A featuring Stixman MARVELOUS (?) Volume 4: Raver's Choice MARVELOUS (?) Follow the Sun (90 Degrees in the Shade Remix): Triple J SUPERIOR Turn Me On (Heavenly Mix): E-rotic (what do I look like, a light switch?) MARVELOUS (?) Butterfly (Upswing remix): Smile-dk SUPERIOR (?) (about time!) Paranoia Rebirth: 190' (hmm. . .does this remind you of any SNK characters you happen to know of?) GENUINE Paranoia KCET-Clean Mix-2MB GENUINE La Senorita: Captain.T SUPERIOR (really bad Ricky Martin wannabe. Or is it the other way around?) Dead End: N & S MARVELOUS Oh, yes, and pointed out that most of these songs are from 3rd Mix, but some are from 2nd Mix (like Tubthimpin'). I'm missing a lot of information, in the form of ratings. HELP! As for the song censor, you figure it out (really big hint: look at my comments about the songs and/or the name of the group that performed the song. If I make sarcastic/otherwise stupid comments, that song isn't meant for the younger generation (the really, really, younger generation), with the exception of the Paranoia remix). THESE ARE THE SONGS FOR DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION USA: El Ritmo Tropical (El Bimbo) (!): Dixie's Gang MODERATE (Oh dear. . .) Jam Jam Reggae (AMD Swing Mix): Rice C. featuring jam master '73 MODERATE Silent Hill: Thomas Howard MODERATE (I call it the Christmas song. WTH?) 20, November (DDR version): N.M.R. featuring DJ nagureo ORDINARY Boys: Smile-dk ORDINARY Let Them Move: N.M.R. ORDINARY Make A Jam!: U1 (not U2) ORDINARY Put Your Faith in Me: Uzi-Lay ORDINARY So Many Men: Me & My ORDINARY (someone is in desperate need of a life) Brilliant 2 U: Naoki SUPERIOR (all right!) Dub I Dub: Me & My SUPERIOR End of the Century: No. 9 SUPERIOR (Beethoven's 9th, techno style) Keep On Movin': N.M.R. SUPERIOR (HHM 2 song!!) La Senorita: Captain.T SUPERIOR Luv To Me (AMD Mix): DJ Kazu featuring tiger Yamato SUPERIOR Make It Better: Mitsu-o SUPERIOR Afronova: Re-Venge (I could get to like these guys) MARVELOUS Dead End: N & S MARVELOUS Dynamite Rave: Naoki (whoopie!) MARVELOUS I Believe in Miracles: Hi-Rise MARVELOUS Love This Feeling: Chang Ma MAREVELOUS Stomp to my Beat: JS16 MARVELOUS Paranoia (KCET Clean Mix): 2MB GENUINE (enough with the Paranoia mixes!) Paranoia Rebirth: 190' GENUINE Trip Machine: De-sire GENUINE Trip Machine (Luv Mix): 2MB GENUINE These are only the ratings for the songs on Double Mode. Convince me, and I might just start playing Double. Song title: Standard; Difficult; Expert El Ritmo Tropical: 4; (?); (?) Jam Jam Reggae: 3; 5; 8 Boys: 4; 6; 7 Brilliant 2 U: 5; 6; 7 Dub I Dub: 4; 6; 7 (yes, this is correct) End of the Century: 5 (?); 7 (?); 9 La Senorita: 6(?); (?); 9 Luv To Me: 5; 6; (?) Afronova: 6; (?); 9 Dynamite Rave: 5 (?); 7 (?); 8 Love This Feelin': (?); (?); 8 (?) Stomp to my Beat: 5; 6; 7 (?) Paranoia (KCET Clean Mix): 6; 7; 9 Paranoia Rebirth: 6; 8 ; 9 Trip Machine: 7; 8; (?) Trip Machine (Luv Mix): 7; 8; 9 I know this list is incomplete. More if I ever learn of it. And one more thing. . . THIS IS THE SONG LIST AND RATING LIST FOR DDR 4TH MIX FOR PLAYSTATION. WHY DOES MY STYLE KEEP CHANGING? 'CAUSE I KEEP CHANGING!! Song title (stupid comment)-Artist (artist comment); Standard; Trick; Maniac .59-dj Taka; 4; 6; 7; 1; 3; 6 B4U-Naoki; 4; 5; 8 Baby Baby Gimmie Your Love-Divas; 1; 3; 6 Boys (Euro Mix); 4; 6; 8 Bumble Bee-bambee; 3; 5; 7 Burnin' the Floor-Naoki; 4; 6; 7 Dam Dariram (KCP Mix)-Joga; 4; 6; 7 Dancing All; 2; 1; 1 (this is correct. I promise) Don't Stop (AMD 2nd Mix)-Dr. Vibe feat. JP miles; 3; 5; 7 Dream a Dream-Captain Jack; 4; 6; 7 Eat You Up (no you won't)-Angie Gold; 2; 5; 6 Era (Nostal Mix)-TaQ (bow down to the mighty TaQ); 3; 6; 8 Follow the Sun-Triple J; 4; 6; 8 Furuhata's Theme (a.k.a. Ninzaburo)-CJ crew feat. Sedge; 4; 7; 9 Get Me In Your Sight (AMD Cancun Mix)-Symphonic Defoggers with 1479; 6; 8; 9 Gimmie-Gimmie-Gimmie (some duct tape)-E-rotic; 2; 4; 6 Gotcha (Theme from Starsky and Hutch)-Andy G's Magic Disco Machine; 2; 5; 7 Groove-Sho-T feat. Blearda Have You Never Been Mellow (MM Groovin Mix)-The Olivia Project; 3; 5; 7 Hero (Happy Grandale Mix) (the fast one)-Papaya; 4; 6; 7 Hero (HCP Discotique Mix) (the slow one)-Papaya; 3; 4; 6 Higher-NM feat. Sunny; 3; 5; 6 Holic-TaQ; 4; 6; 8 Hypnotic Crisis (zzzzz)-Blue Destroyers; 5; 6; 9 If You Were Here With Me (B4 ZA Mix)-Jennifer; 4; 6; 8 In The Heat Of The Night (I sweat)-E-rotic; 3; 5; 7 It Only Takes A Minute (Extended Remix) (3rd Mix!)-Tavares; 3; 5; 6 Kick The Can (all right!!)-Bus Stop; 3; 6; 7 Leading Cyber (WHAT? No Logical Dash?)-dj Taka; 5; 7; 9 Let's Talk It Over-SHIN Murayama feat. Argie Phine; 2; 5; 6 Love Again Tonight (For Melissa Mix)-Naoki feat. Paula Terry; 4; 6; 7 Make Your Move-Good Cool feat. JP miles; 3; 5; 7 Midnight Blaze-U1 Jewel style; 4; 5; 7 Music-Habe Gale; 4; 6; 7 My Summer Love-Mitsu-o! with Geila; 3; 6; 9 Never Gonna Make (Factory Dance Team Mix)-Morgana (I think); 3; 4; 7 Never Let You Down-(stupid me forgot the artist); 3; 5; 7 Night In Motion-Cubic 22; 3; 6; 7 One Two (Little Bitch) (*thwock*)-Bus Stop (bad Bus Stop); 4; 6; 7 Only You (get your earplugs ready)-Captain Jack; 2; 4; 7 Orion.78 (AMeuro-Mix)-Re-venge; 3; 5; 9 Orion.78 (Civilization Mix) (hai! yai!)-2MB; 6; 8; 9 Pink Dinosaur-Papaya; 4; 5; 7 Saints Go Marching (Remix)-The Saint; 3; 5; 9 Shake Your Booty-KC and the Sunshine Band (sunshine. . .indeed); 3; 4; 7 Share My Love-Julie Frost; 3; 4; 5 Shooting Star (compare with a pop song and. . .)-BANG; 4; 5; 7 Synchornized Love (Red Monster Mix) (this can get bad)-Joe Rinoie; 4; 5; 8 The 7 Jump-Ken D; 2; 4; 6 Trip Machine Climax-De-Sire; 5; 7; 9 Walkie Talkie-King Kong and D Jungle Girls; 3; 5; 7 Xanadu-The Olivia Project; 1; 4; 8 Young Forever-Rebecca; 3; 4; 7 Now excuse me while I collapse. Want the 4th Mix Arcade list? Here's most of it. I'm missing a few songs in just about everything except for Pops Side B and Covers & Classics. As for ratings. . .if the song is listed in another mix, I will not bother with a rating (use the Find feature for Internet Explorer. I think Netscape has something similar. For that matter, most browsers have it). If this is the FIRST time I list the song (for example, Drop Out), I shall put a rating down. Konami Originals, Side A. . .Songs missing: 1 or 2 Afronova-Re-Venge After The Game Of Love-(?) Baby Baby Gimmie Your Love-Divas Burnin' The Floor-Naoki Can't Stop Falling In Love-Naoki; 3; 5; 8 Don't Stop (AMD 2nd Mix)-Dr. Vibe feat. JP miles Drop The Bomb-(um. . .) Scotty D; 3, 5, 6 Dynamite Rave-Naoki Higher-NM feat. Sunny Hysteria-Naoki 190; 4; 6; 8 Jam Jam Reggae (AMD Swing Mix)-Rice C. featuring jam master '73 Keep On Movin'-N.M.R. La Senorita-Captain.T La Senorita Virtual-2MB; 7; 8; 8 Let the Beat Hit 'Em-Stone Bros.; (?); (?); (?) Let Them Move-N.M.R. (I think. . .) Let's Talk It Over-SHIN Maruyama feat. Argie Phine Love Again Tonight (For Melissa Mix)-Naoki feat. Paula Terry Luv To Me (AMD Mix)-DJ Kazu feat. tiger Yamato Make A Jam!-U1 Make It Better-Mitsu-O! Make It Better (So Real Mix)-Mitsu-O! Summer Make Your Move-Good Cool feat. JP miles My Summer Love-Mitsu-O! with Geila Never Let You Down-(?) Orion.78 (AMeuro Mix)-Re-Venge Put Your Faith In Me-Uzi-Lay Put Your Faith In Me (Jazz Groov)-Uzi-Lay Silent Hill-Thomas Howard think ya better D-sAmi Konami Originals, Side B. . .Songs missing: 0 .59-dj Taka 20, November (DDR version)-N.M.R. AM-3P-kTz Brilliant 2 U-Naoki Brilliant 2 U (Orchestral Groov)-Naoki B4U-(it's Brilliant 4 U, in case you're wondering) Naoki Cutie Chaser-Club Spice; 3; 5; 7 Dead End-N & S Drop Out-NW 260; 5; 7; 8 End of the Century-No. 9 Era (Nostal Mix)-TaQ Get Me In Your Sight (AMD Cancun Mix)-Symphonic Defoggers with 1479 Gentle Stress (AMD Sexual Mix): Mr. Dog featuring DJ Swan; 5; 6 (?); 8 Gradiusic Cyber-dj Taka Holic-TaQ Hypnotic Crisis-Blue Destroyers Leading Cyber-dj Taka Love This Feeling-Chang Ma (I can't believe I forgot THIS song) Paranoia-180 Paranoia (Clean Mix)-2MB Paranoia Evolution-200; 6; 7; 8 Paranoia MAX (Dirty Mix)-190 Paranoia Rebirth-190' SP Trip Machine (Jungle Mix)-De-Sire Super Star-DJ Rich feat. Tails Bros.; 5; 6; 8 Trip Machine-De-Sire Trip Machine (Luv Mix)-2MB Trip Machine Climax-De-Sire Wild Rush-Factor-X; 4; 5; 6 Euro & Rave & Speed. . .Songs missing: 1 Boom Boom Dollar (K.O.G. G3 Mix)-King Kong and D Jungle Girls; 5; 7; 8 Boys (Euro Mix) Burnin' The Floor-Naoki Butterfly (Upswing Mix); 5; 6; 8 Can't Stop Falling In Love-Naoki Captain Jack (Grandale Mix)-Captain Jack; 5; 7; 9 Dam Dariram (KCP Mix)-Joga Do it all Night-E-rotic Dynamite Rave-Naoki Follow the Sun (90 Degrees in the Shade Remix)-Triple J Have You Never Been Mellow (MM Groovin Mix)-The Olivia Project Hero (Happy Grandale Mix) (the fast one)-Papaya If You Were Here With Me (B4 ZA Beat Mix)-Jennifer In The Navy '99 (XXL Disaster Remix)-Captain Jack; 4; 5; 8 Music-Habe Gale Night In Motion-Cubic 22 Ninzaburo-CJ Crew feat. Sedge (this is the same as Furuhata's Theme) Oh Nick Please Not So Quick-E-rotic Saints Go Marching (Remix)-The Saint Shooting Star-BANG The Race (Formula One Mix)-Captain Jack; 3; (?); 7 Turn Me On (Heavenly Mix)-E-rotic Wonderland (UKS Mix)-X-treme Pops, Side A. . .Songs missing: possibly 2 Bu Dam-Lee Jung Hyun; 3; 4; 7 Bumble Bee-Bambee Dub-I-Dub-Me & My Gimmie-Gimmie-Gimmie-E-rotic Have You Never Been Mellow-The Olivia Project Hero-Papaya Higher-NM feat. Sunny In The Heat Of The Night-E-rotic Love-Sonic Dream; 3; 5; 6 Luv To Me (AMD Mix)-DJ Kazu feat. tiger Yamato Mr.; 4; 6; 7 My Summer Love-Mitsu-O! with Geila Never Gonna Make (Factory Dance Team Mix)-Morgana Operator-Papaya; 3; 5; 7 Pink Dinosaur-Papaya Sung Suk-Space A; 3; 5; 7 Tell Me-S#arp; 3; (?); 8 Xanadu-The Olivia Project Young Forever-Rebecca Pops, Side B. . .Songs missing: As far as I can tell, none Ba Kkwo-Lee Jung Hyun; 3; 5; 7 Baby Baby Gimmie Your Love-Divas Burnin' The Floor-Naoki Byul-Team; 1; 3; 6 Can't Stop Falling In Love-Naoki Dam Dariram-Joga; 4; 6; 8 Don't Stop (AMD 2nd Mix)-Dr. Vibe feat. JP miles Dream a Dream-Captain Jack Face-N.R.G.; 4; 6; 8 Get Me In Your Sight (AMD Cancun Mix)-Symphonic Defoggers with 1479 Get Up And Move-S & K; 5; 7; 8 Hypnotic Crisis-Blue Destroyers If You Were Here With Me-Jennifer; 5; 6; 7 Keep On Movin'-N.M.R. La Senorita Virtual-2MB Love Again Tonight (For Melissa Mix)-Naoki feat. Paula Terry Rock Beat-Loud Force Silent Hill-Thomas Howard Stomp To My Beat-JS16 Tubthumpin'-Chumbawumba Vol. 4-Raver's Choice (is this in the right place?) Wa-Lee Jung Hyun; 3; 5; 6 Covers & Classics. . .Songs missing: If I did this right, none Bad Girls-Julia Robert Boom Boom Dollar-King Kong and D Jungle Girls Eat You Up-Angie Gold El Ritmo Tropical (El Bimbo)-Dixie's Gang Flashdance (What a Feeling): M.A.G.I.K.A featuring Stixman Get Up (Before The Night Is Over): Technotronic featuring Ya Kid K; (?) Get Up And Dance-Freedom; (?); (?); (?) Gotcha (Theme from Starsky and Hutch)-Andy G's Magic Disco Machine Hero (HCP Discotique Mix) (the slow one)-Papaya Holiday-Who's That Girl! I Believe in Miracles-Hi-Rise It Only Takes A Minute (Extended Remix)-Tavares; 3; 5; 7 Kick The Can-Bus Stop Kung Fu Fighting-Bus Stop; 1; 2; 4 Let's Get Down-JT Playaz; (?); (?); (?) Little Bitch-The Specials; 4; 5; 6 My Fire-X-Treme Ninzaburo-CJ Crew feat. Sedge One Two (Little Bitch) (*thwock*)-Bus Stop Only You-Captain Jack Saints Go Marching (Remix)-The Saint Shake Your Booty-KC and the Sunshine Band Smoke-Mr. Ed Jumps The Gun; 4; 5; 6 That's The Way-KC and the Sunshine Band; 1; 3; 4 The 7 Jump-Ken D Upside Down-Coo Coo; 1; 3; 4 Vol. 4-Raver's Choice; 5; 6; 8 Walkie Talkie-King Kong and D Jungle Girls Special Selection. . .Songs missing: 3 AM-3P-kTz Boom Boom Dollar-King Kong and D Jungle Girls Boys (Euro Mix) Brilliant 2 U (Orchestral Groov)-Naoki Dream a Dream-Captain Jack El Ritmo Tropical (El Bimbo)-Dixie's Gang Gentle Stress (AMD Sexual Mix): Mr. Dog featuring DJ Swan Get Up (Before The Night Is Over): Technotronic featuring Ya Kid K (I think) Gotcha (Theme from Starsky and Hutch)-Andy G's Magic Disco Machine Higher-NM feat. Sunny Holiday-Who's That Girl! I Believe in Miracles-Hi-Rise In The Heat Of The Night-E-rotic Kick The Can-Bus Stop Let's Get Down-JT Playaz Love Again Tonight (For Melissa Mix)-Naoki feat. Paula Terry Make A Jam!-U1 Music-Habe Gale My Summer Love-Mitsu-O! with Geila One Two (Little Bitch)-Bus Stop Only You-Captain Jack Operator-Papaya Stomp To My Beat-JS16 The 7 Jump-Ken D Tubthumpin'-Chumbawumba Walkie Talkie-King Kong and D Jungle Girls Young Forever-Rebecca Player's Best Whatever's popular. . .due to the fact that some of the settings were messed with, the Player's Best list is not a reflection of the overplayed songs in the arcade I frequent. Just when I thought it was all over. . .DDR 4th Mix Plus comes into town. The various categories have been shuffled, switched, and otherwise messed with. Some songs have changed difficulties; if I relist a rating, that means that the song has new Maniac steps. To get the old ones back, play the Maniac-S edit. If there is no Maniac-S edit, then the song is from DDR Extra Mix. Konami Originals, Side A. . .Songs missing: Two too many Afronova-Re-Venge After The Game Of Love-(?) Baby Baby Gimmie Your Love-Divas Burnin' The Floor-Naoki Can't Stop Falling In Love-Naoki Celebrate Nite-N.M.R.; 4; 6; 7 Don't Stop (AMD 2nd Mix)-Dr. Vibe feat. JP miles Drop The Bomb-(um. . .) Scotty D Dynamite Rave-Naoki Higher-NM feat. Sunny Hysteria-Naoki 190 Jam Jam Reggae (AMD Swing Mix)-Rice C. featuring jam master '73 Keep On Movin'-N.M.R. La Senorita-Captain.T La Senorita Virtual-2MB Let the Beat Hit 'Em-Stone Bros. Let Them Move-N.M.R. (I think. . .) Let's Talk It Over-SHIN Maruyama feat. Argie Phine Love Again Tonight (For Melissa Mix)-Naoki feat. Paula Terry Luv To Me (AMD Mix)-DJ Kazu feat. tiger Yamato Make It Better-Mitsu-O! Make It Better (So Real Mix)-Mitsu-O! Summer Make Your Move-Good Cool feat. JP miles My Summer Love-Mitsu-O! with Geila Never Let You Down-(?) Orion.78 (AMeuro Mix)-Re-Venge Put Your Faith In Me-Uzi-Lay Put Your Faith In Me (Jazz Groov)-Uzi-Lay Silent Hill-Thomas Howard think ya better D-sAmi Konami Originals, Side B. . .Songs missing: One too many .59-dj Taka AM-3P-kTz Brilliant 2 U-Naoki; 4; 5; 7 Brilliant 2 U (Orchestral Groov)-Naoki B4U-(it's Brilliant 4 U, in case you're wondering) Naoki Dead End-N & S Do Me (h.i.g.e.o. mix)-mustache men; 3; 6; 9 Drop Out-NW 260 End of the Century-No. 9 Era (Nostal Mix)-TaQ Get Me In Your Sight (AMD Cancun Mix)-Symphonic Defoggers with 1479 Gentle Stress (AMD Sexual Mix): Mr. Dog featuring DJ Swan Gradiusic Cyber-dj Taka Holic-TaQ Hypnotic Crisis-Blue Destroyers Leading Cyber-dj Taka Love This Feeling-Chang Ma Paranoia-180 Paranoia (Clean Mix)-2MB Paranoia Evolution-200 Paranoia MAX (Dirty Mix)-190 Paranoia Rebirth-190' Sexy Planet-Crystal Aliens; 5; 6; 7 SP Trip Machine (Jungle Mix)-De-Sire Super Star-DJ Rich feat. Tails Bros. Theme From Enter The Dragon (Revival 2000 Mix)-(?); 4; 6; 8 Trip Machine-De-Sire Trip Machine (Luv Mix)-2MB Trip Machine Climax-De-Sire Wild Rush-Factor-X Euro & Rave & Speed. . .Songs missing: 1 Boom Boom Dollar (K.O.G. G3 Mix)-King Kong and D Jungle Girls Boys (Euro Mix) Burnin' The Floor-Naoki Butterfly (Upswing Mix); 5; 6; 9 Can't Stop Falling In Love-Naoki Captain Jack (Grandale Mix)-Captain Jack Cat's Eye-E-rotic; 3; 5; 8 Dam Dariram (KCP Mix)-Joga Do it all Night-E-rotic Dynamite Rave-Naoki Follow the Sun (90 Degrees in the Shade Remix)-Triple J; 4; 6; 8 Have You Never Been Mellow (MM Groovin Mix)-The Olivia Project Hero (Happy Grandale Mix) (the fast one)-Papaya If You Were Here With Me (B4 ZA Beat Mix)-Jennifer In The Navy '99 (XXL Disaster Remix)-Captain Jack Lupin the 3rd '78-Ventura; 3; 6; 9 Music-Habe Gale Night In Motion-Cubic 22 Ninzaburo-CJ Crew feat. Sedge (this is the same as Furuhata's Theme) Oh Nick Please Not So Quick-E-rotic Saints Go Marching (Remix)-The Saint Shooting Star-BANG Sky High-Lucyfer; 4; 6; 8 Synchronized Love (Red Monster Mix)-Joe Rinoie; 4; 5; 8 The Race (Formula One Mix)-Captain Jack Turn Me On (Heavenly Mix)-E-rotic Wonda (Speed K Mix)-MM; 4; 7; 9 Wonderland (UKS Mix)-X-treme Pops, Side A. . .Songs missing: 1 20, November (DDR Version)-N.M.R.; 3; 4; 9 Bu Dam-Lee Jung Hyun Bumble Bee-Bambee Cutie Chaser-Club Spice Dub-I-Dub-Me & My; 4; 6; 8 Gimmie-Gimmie-Gimmie-E-rotic Have You Never Been Mellow-The Olivia Project Hero-Papaya Higher-NM feat. Sunny In The Heat Of The Night-E-rotic Love-Sonic Dream; 3; 5; 9 Luv To Me (AMD Mix)-DJ Kazu feat. tiger Yamato Make a Jam!-U1 Mr. My Summer Love-Mitsu-O! with Geila Never Gonna Make (Factory Dance Team Mix)-Morgana Operator-Papaya; 3; 5; 8 Petit; 3; 6; 7 Pink Dinosaur-Papaya Sung Suk-Space A Tell Me-S#arp Xanadu-The Olivia Project; 1; 3; 8 Young Forever-Rebecca Pops, Side B. . .Songs missing: As far as I can tell, none Ba Kkwo-Lee Jung Hyun Baby Baby Gimmie Your Love-Divas Burnin' The Floor-Naoki Byul-Team Can't Stop Falling In Love-Naoki Dam Dariram-Joga Don't Stop (AMD 2nd Mix)-Dr. Vibe feat. JP miles Dream a Dream-Captain Jack Face-N.R.G. Get Me In Your Sight (AMD Cancun Mix)-Symphonic Defoggers with 1479 Get Up And Move-S & K Hypnotic Crisis-Blue Destroyers If You Were Here With Me-Jennifer Keep On Movin'-N.M.R. La Senorita-Captain T. La Senorita Virtual-2MB Love Again Tonight (For Melissa Mix)-Naoki feat. Paula Terry Na-Na-Bus Stop; 3; 5; 8 Oh Nick Please Not So Quick-E-Rotic Rock Beat-Loud Force Silent Hill-Thomas Howard Stomp To My Beat-JS16 Tubthumpin'-Chumbawumba Vol. 4-Raver's Choice; 5; 6; 8 Wa-(?) Wonderland (UKS Mix)-X-Treme Covers & Classics. . .Songs missing: If I did this right, none Bad Girls-Julia Robert Boom Boom Dollar-King Kong and D Jungle Girls Cafe-D.D. Sound; 3; 5; 7 Eat You Up-Angie Gold El Ritmo Tropical (El Bimbo)-Dixie's Gang Flashdance (What a Feeling): M.A.G.I.K.A featuring Stixman Get Up (Before The Night Is Over): Technotronic featuring Ya Kid K; (?) Get Up And Dance-Freedom Gotcha (Theme from Starsky and Hutch)-Andy G's Magic Disco Machine Hero (HCP Discotique Mix) (the slow one)-Papaya Holiday-Who's That Girl! I Believe in Miracles-Hi-Rise It Only Takes A Minute (Extended Remix)-Tavares Kick The Can-Bus Stop Kung Fu Fighting-Bus Stop Let's Get Down-JT Playaz; 3; 4; 8 Little Bitch-The Specials My Fire-X-Treme; 4; 5; 9 Ninzaburo-CJ Crew feat. Sedge One Two (Little Bitch) (*thwock*)-Bus Stop Only You-Captain Jack Saints Go Marching (Remix)-The Saint Shake Your Booty-KC and the Sunshine Band Smoke-Mr. Ed Jumps the Gun That's The Way-KC and the Sunshine Band Upside Down-Coo Coo Vol. 4-Raver's Choice; 5; 6; 8 Walkie Talkie-King Kong and D Jungle Girls Special Selection. . .Songs missing: 2 AM-3P-kTz Boom Boom Dollar-King Kong and D Jungle Girls Boys (Euro Mix) Brilliant 2 U (Orchestral Groov)-Naoki Dream a Dream-Captain Jack El Ritmo Tropical (El Bimbo)-Dixie's Gang Gentle Stress (AMD Sexual Mix): Mr. Dog featuring DJ Swan Get Up (Before The Night Is Over): Technotronic featuring Ya Kid K (I think) Gotcha (Theme from Starsky and Hutch)-Andy G's Magic Disco Machine Higher-NM feat. Sunny Holiday-Who's That Girl! I Believe in Miracles-Hi-Rise In The Heat Of The Night-E-rotic Kick The Can-Bus Stop Let's Get Down-JT Playaz Love Again Tonight (For Melissa Mix)-Naoki feat. Paula Terry Make A Jam!-U1 Music-Habe Gale My Summer Love-Mitsu-O! with Geila One Two (Little Bitch)-Bus Stop Only You-Captain Jack Operator-Papaya Stomp To My Beat-JS16 The 7 Jump-Ken D Tubthumpin'-Chumbawumba Walkie Talkie-King Kong and D Jungle Girls Young Forever-Rebecca Player's Best Whatever's popular. . . DDR 5th Mix Song List. . .it's gonna be a bit difficult to record these songs, due to the fact that some of the song titles contain Japanese. I'll mark these with an asterisk. If you really wanna know which song is which, check out the Name That Tune section. Oh, and if I relist the ratings to a song in a previous mix (Dub-I-Dub), that means the steps have changed. .59-dj Taka 17Sai-Bambee; 2; (?); 7 * Absolute-dj Taka; 3; 5; 8 Abyss-dj Taka; 2; 5; 7 Afronova Primeval-8-bit; 4; 6; 9 Against All Odds-Deja Vu feat. Tasmin; 3; 5; 8 B4U-Naoki B4U Glorious Style-Naoki; 4; 7; 9 (LONG version of B4U) Be Together-Ni-Ni; 3; 5; 7 Brilliant 2 U-Naoki; 4; 5; 6 Broken My Heart-Naoki; 4; 5; 9 Bumble Bee-Bambee Cafe-D.D. Sound; 3; 5; 7 Can't Stop Falling In Love-Naoki Can't Stop Falling In Love (Speed Mix)-Naoki; 4; 6; 9 Captain Jack (Grandale Mix)-Captain Jack Cat's Eye (Ventura Mix)-E-rotic (it's an E-rotic song I like!!!); 3; 5; 8 Celebrate Nite-N.M.R.; 4; 6; 7 Conga Feeling-Vivian; 3; 5; 8 Dam Dariram-Joga Dancing All; 2; 5; 7 (the ratings changed) Dead End-N&S Dive-Be For You; 4; 6; 8 Do Me (h.i.g.e.o. mix)-mustache men; 3; 6; 9 Don't Stop (AMD 2nd Mix)-Dr. Vibe feat. JP miles Dub-I-Dub-Me & My; 4; 6; 8 DXY!-TaQ; 4; 6; 8 Dynamite Rave-Naoki Dynamite Rave (Long Version)-Naoki; 6; 7; 8 Ecstasy-d-complex; 4; 5; 7 Electro Tuned (The SubS Mix)-TaQ; 5; 6; 9 Era (Nostal Mix)-TaQ Furuhata's Theme-CJ Crew feat. Sedge (think Ninzaburo) Gotcha (Theme from Starsky and Hutch)-Andy G's Magic Disco Machine Healing Vision-De-Sire; 3; 6; 8 Hero (Happy Grandale Mix)-Papaya Hero (HCP Discotique Mix)-Papaya Holic-TaQ Hot Limit-John Desire; 3; 6; 8 (LONG version) I Was The One-good-cool; 3; 5; 7 In The Heat Of The Night-E-rotic Insertion-Naoki Underground (!); 4; 6; 9 Kick the Can-Bus Stop La Senorita-Captain T Leading Cyber-dj Taka Lupin the 3rd '78-Ventura; 3; 6; 9 Matsuri Japan-Re-Venge; 5; 6; 9 * Moonlight Shadow (New Vocal Version)-Missing Heart (?); 4; 5; 6 Movin On (Extended Moon Mix)-Ellen Gee; 3 (?); 5 (?); 7 (?) Mr. T (Take Me Higher)-Risky Men feat. Asuka M.; 3; 5; 7 My Generation-Captain Jack; 4; (?); 7 Na-Na-Bus Stop; 3; 5; 8 Never-Ending Story-DJ AC DC; 3; 6; 7 No Limit (AM Mix)-RM Unlimited; 4; 6; 9 Odoru Ponpokorin-Captain Jack; 1; 4; 7 * Only You-Captain Jack Orion.78 (AMeuro Mix)-Re-Venge Oops I Did It Again (Fired-up Mix)-Rochelle; 2; (?); 7 (long, torture version) Paranoia Eternal-STM 200; 6; 7; 9 Paranoia Evolution-200 Petit; 4; 6; 7 Pink Dinosaur-Papaya Radical Faith-TaQ; 4; 6; 8 Remember You-NM feat. Julie; 1; 3; 5 Rhythm and Police (K.O.G. G3 Mix)-CJ Crew feat. Christian D; 4; 7; 9 Right Now-Atomic Kitten; 3; 5; 6 Romansu no Kamisama (God of Romance)-Judy Crystal; 3; 6; 9 * Sana Molette Ne Ente-Togo Project feat. Sana; 2; 5; 8 * Sexy Planet-Crystal Aliens (nani?); 5; 6; 7 Shake Your Booty-KC and the Sunshine Band Shooting Star-BANG Sky High-Lucyfer; 4; 6; 8 Still In My Heart-Naoki; 4; 6; 7 Stomp To My Beat-JS16; 5; 6; 8 Super Star-DJ Rich feat. Tails Bros. Swing It-Bus Stop; 3; 5; 7 (tequila!!!) Synchornized Love (Red Monster Mix)-Joe Rinoie Test My Best-E-rotic; 3; (?); 7 (well. . .) The Cube-DJ Suwami; 3; (?); 7 The Twist (Double Pump Version)-Liberty All Starz; 3; 5; 7 Theme From Enter The Dragon (Revival 2001 Mix)-(?); 4; 6; 8 Walkie Talkie-King Kong and D Jungle Girls Wild Rush-Factor X Wonda (Speed K Mix)-MM; 4; 7; 9 Xanadu-The Olivia Project; 1; 3; 8 Young Forever-Rebecca I remembered everything (I think)! And now, with no furhter ado, 6th Mix!! Bye Bye Baby Balloon-Joga Candyś-Luv Unlimited (note: if this does not display correctly, blame Konami) Cowgirl-Bambee Dive (more deeper and deeper mix)-BeForU Do it Right-SOTA feat. Ebony Do You Remember Me-Jenny Exotic Ethnic-RevenG Fantasy-Melissa Firefly-BeForU Flash in the Night-Flashman Follow Me-Lady Baby Ghosts (Vincent de Moor Mix)-Tenth Planet Groove-Sho-T feat. Blerda Groove 2001-Sho-T feat. Blerda Healing Vision (Angelic Mix)-2MB Highs Off U (Scorroco Mix)-4 REEEL (that is NOT a typo) I'm In The Mood For Dancing-Sharon Justify My Love-Tess Let the Beat Hit 'Em (Classic R&B Style)-Stonebridge Bros. Let's Groove-Wisdom vs. Tips & Tricks Look To The Sky-System SF feat. Anna Lovin' You (Rob Searle Club Mix)-Vinyl Baby Max 300-W (note: if this does not display correctly, don't stress) Midnight Blaze-U1 Jewel Style Miracle-St. Jannero My Sweet Darlin'-Wildside Nori Nori Nori-Judy Crystal On The Jazz-Johnny Dynamite! Ordinary World-Aurora Orion.78 (Civilization Mix)-2MB Share My Love-Julie Frost Sobakasu (Freckles) (KCP Re-edit)-Tiggy (I can't STAND this song) * So Deep (Perfect Sphere Remix)-Silvertear Somewhere Over The Rainbow-Cosmic Gate Telephone Operator (Club Mix)-Shelley Peters The Center Of The Heart (something mix)-Rochelle true. . .(radio edit)-Riyu Kosaka (her name is in Japanese) true. . .(trance sunrise mix)-Riyu Kosaka (her name is in Japanese) Twilight Zone (RC Extended Mix)-2 Unlimited Witch Doctor (Giant Toons Mix)-Cartoons (Momo Mix) (close enough)-Jenny ROM Yozora no Muko-Eurobeat Lovers * And now I mutilate. . .7th Mix. For the most part, I do NOT pay attention to the ratings (as they are a mess), so I won't mention them at all. So what to do if you've just started? If possible, find a 4th+ machine. If not, stick with the older songs (the ones in yellow, and most of the ones in purple). I will list the new songs (no ratings) and the old songs (along with their new Heavy rating). A Minute (Extended Mix)-X-Treme Baby Baby Love Me-Judy Crystal BreAk Down!-BeForU Burnin' the Floor-Naoki; 9 (whatever, Konami) Burning Heat! (3 option mix)-Mr. T w/Motoaki F. Candy (I'm not gonna bother with the heart)-Riyu Kosaka D2R-Naoki Destiny-Naoki feat. Paula Terry Dive Into the Night-Riyu Kosaka Drifting Away-Lange feat. Skye Drop Out-NW260; 9 End of the Century-NO. 9; 9 (IT'S ABOUT TIME) ever snow-Yoma Komatsu Fantasy-Lockout (very different from the other Fantasy) i feel. . .-Akira Yamaoka (WHY couldn't they have ported 250BPM?) It's Raining Men (Almighty Mix)-Geri Hallewell Kakumei-dj taka with Naoki * Little Boy (Boy on Boy Mix)-Captain Jack Living in America-Johnny Desire Long Train Runnin'-Bus Stop Look At Us (DJ Daddy Remix)-Sarina Paris Maximum Overdrive-2 Unlimited Maxx Unlimited-Z More Than I Needed To Know-Scooth Paranoia (Clean Mix)-190; 9 rain of sorrow-NM feat. Ebony Secret Rendevous-Divas So Fabulous, So Fierce-Thunderpass feat. Jocelyn Enriquez Spin the Disc-good-cool Stay-Tess Sweet Sweet Love Magic-jun The Reflex-Duran Duran The Whistle Song (Konami messed this part up)-DJ Alligator There You'll Be-DJ Speedo feat. Angela Tsugaru-RevenG vs. De-Sire Trance de Janeiro (long mix name which no one really cares about)-Bellini Waka Laka-Jenny ROM vs. Zippers EXTREME song list. . .er. . .is on Konami's website. If it displays on my cruddy version of IE 4.0, it will display on just about anything. Go to, click on Bemani (look for it), and search away. Certain songs must be unlocked (everything from Twin Bee ~Generation X~ to Paranoia Survivor Max), as well as many Oni courses and several Nonstop courses. I won't provide the lists for the Oni courses, because I don't play Oni. The Nonstop courses are a lot easier to look at, and there's always the Random selections to spice things up. STRATEGY, SORT OF Where to find stuff. . .I have my opinions stuck in wherever the song is listed in the song listing section (except for DDR 3rd Nonstop Mix). So if you wanted to find. . .oh, La Senorita, check out the USA section (since Nonstop is non-playable). If you can't find the song in either the original (short) OR USA (seems to be 3rd Mix in Japan) section, chances are it's in the 4th or 5th Mix section. Still can't find it? I probably didn't write anything for it. (Before you decide that I'm a control freak, I'm putting in my comments about the lyrics as a service to those who have younger siblings to watch. Some parents may not appreciate their children being exposed to some of the subject matter that is sung about) Here are the songs-with my opinions: Have You Never Been Mellow-Originaly by Olivia Newton-John. This song is only for those who can't take the speed of Boom Boom Dollar. The biggest problem in the song is the speed-up in the chorus. The steps go from one step per measure to two steps per measure to one step per beat. There will be a long break right before the chorus kicks in. During the chorus, one section will go left/right/up/down. Remember that there is no break between the first two arrows. Watch your balance. Tempo: too slow (112) TRICK MODE-Still easy. However, the arrows now come once every two beats in the verse, and will come once every beat sooner than you'd like to think. MANIAC MODE-The only time I saw someone dance to this was when his "friend" accidentally hit the song select buttons, thus selecting Have You Never Been Mellow. If you can dance to AM-3P in single player mode and clear that stage easily, passing this song should be fairly easy. Yes, there are eighth notes thrown in (a whole string of 'em, in fact). The rating goes up to Superior for some odd reason. . .oh yeah, this is Maniac Mode. Boom Boom Dollar-Some people might object to the lyrics. IMHO, this should have been the beginning song. The step rate is pretty constant. The chorus stepping is also fairly easy to figure out. When dancing to this song, do not put your feet back at neutral. Tempo: 124 TRICK MODE-The rating goes up to Marvelous. It's not as bad as it looks. Just keep a clear head (and remember that most of those bunched-up arrows are UP BEATS). Somewhere in the verse, a string of eighth notes (seven of them, according to Nickel) will appear. Memorize this string, as it will be repeated in Maniac Mode. MANIAC MODE-What did they do to this song? The Genuine rating should be taken very seriously, especially when the singer starts to hold out his words. Sixteen arrows will race up to the top of the screen (did you memorize the string of arrows in Trick Mode? The sequence is the same, but the timing is not). If you can pull this stunt off while the aforementioned arrow string is going, it's impressive (from Nickel). Practice this slowly, because there is a very good possibility that you'll trip. Use your right foot for the up and down arrows. Use your left foot for the left and right arrows. The sequence goes up/left/down/right/down/left, and will repeat itself until sixteen arrows are stepped on. The chorus is also a pain in the rear, but the last time the chorus is sung is really nasty. If you don't believe me, try it yourself. Butterfly-Many people like this song. Again, the beat is fairly constant, but the concept of double steping is what messes people up. In the one player game, the two pads will always be left and right. In the Couple game (normal), the double step on the up and down pads will show up. Moral of the story: try this song out in one player mode or Versus mode first. Tempo: 127. TRICK MODE-Easier than the original, the only real change is the up-down double step before the left-right double step, and a surprise in the chorus. Sort of reminds me of hopscotch. MANIAC MODE-Although it's supposed to be easier than Boom Boom Dollar on Maniac Mode, I find it harder. The up beat steps are very hard to predict. The beginning is, well, shifted (try this to find out what I mean). The ending is the same, though. Put Your Faith In Me-The trick to this song is timing. Since this is one of the slower songs, make sure that you step exactly on the beat. There will be times where the arrows come on the up beat, but they are rare. Not too many people dance to this song on normal mode. Tempo: 121 (?) (my metronome is doing some odd things. . .) TRICK MODE-If you can pass the normal mode without difficulty, then you should be able to pass this mode (with a little bit of difficulty). When the verse is being sung, the extra arrows show up. MANIAC MODE-About a third of the arrows in this song are stepped on the up beat. There's a pattern to the verse of the song (with the exception of the seven-arrow string that shows up here and there). Have fun with the chorus! This is a typical, slow Genuine piece. Put Your Faith In Me (Jazz Groov)-DON'T DO THIS SONG ON THE LAST STAGE, UNLESS YOU HAVE LOTS OF ENDURANCE! This time, the up beats aren't in nice sets of three. One in particular comes in a set of two. If you're not dead on your feet when doing this song, you have a chance of passing. Tempo: forget it (jazz and my metronome don't like each other). TRICK MODE-The beginning is confusing. If the verse is no problem for you, then the rest of this song should be a breeze. Please note that you'll be dancing to a few too many up-beats. MANIAC MODE-There's a reason why this is the Jazz Mix. The rhythm may feel weird, but that's the essence of jazz (up beats). Hence, some of those weird strings start on the up beat. Brilliant 2 U-My personal favorite song. This song will only show up in the first two stages. The beat is fast if you're new to this song. If you find Butterfly too slow, try this song. The double step pattern is again used, but this time, the arrows are up and down (along with the left and right arrows). The ending requires some very fast stepping. Some eighth notes will pop up in the beginning. Learn to recognize them, as songs with the Superior rating and higher will incorporate them (in some cases, way too often). Are you up to it? TRICK MODE-Prepare for a lot of steping. Much more double steping than in the original. During the middle double-steps, there is a pattern to the steps. The first two have the left arrow in common. The second group has the up arrow. The third is the right arrow, and the last two have the down arrow. The ending is jazzed up a little (but the rhythm is the same). This is the first song on the Naoki Standard Course. MANIAC MODE-The thing that makes this song a pain on Maniac mode is the fast stepping during the synthesizer melody (because you are literally stepping to the melody). Just note that some patterns are used more than once (okay, okay, it's two patterns used seven times). For these patterns, don't be afraid to shift your feet around (start off the first string with your right foot on the up arrow, and your left foot on the down arrow. Once you step on the up arrow, step on the up arrow with your rightt foot again. After stepping on the up arrow, quickly stomp on the left arrow with your left foot. Immediately after the previous step, step on the right arrow with your right foot, and the down arrow with your left foot. Figure out the rest on your own). You may find just a trace of the Normal Mode steps. . . ONI MODE-This song is the first song on Naoki Platinum. . .which no one plays. Make It Better-The programmers put in every double step pattern in this song. After the annoying double step section, the song will go into various eighth note patterns of monumental annoyance. The half note triplet is introduced, and it is SLOW (you know, those steps that just don't feel right? Those are the half note triplets)! Do this song as a bridge between the Superior and Marvelous ratings (only because AM-3P is slightly faster than this). Don't be heartbroken if you can't pass this song on your first try. Tempo: 117, or a little slower than two beats per second. TRICK MODE-There was only one really hard spot, and that was at the end. Besides the obligatory extra steps, the timing has been changed ever so slightly. You'll know what I mean when you play this. Some slightly sleep-deprived programmer put a certain something in the beginning, and if you find THAT hard, you'll find the rest of the song extremely difficult. If you find that you can't dance to this, don't even consider Maniac Mode. MANIAC MODE-Before you play this, make sure you are familiar with Trick Mode. Life will be much easier if you are. If you aren't, you're in for a nightmare (unless your reactions are FAST). Most of those eighth note strings end in a double step. One string of six arrows is in a pattern of one, two, one, two (the numbers represent how many arrows you have to step on at once). IMHO, there is WAY too much up-beat stepping. Before you try the remixed version, try this first. If you can clear the ending to this song without scrambling, you have a chance of doing the So Real Mix. The ending requires either careful dissection or three feet. This song wasn't rated Paramount for nothing. It is possible!! My Fire-No offense to all of you who like this song, but I find it to be a Put Your Faith in Me wannabe with Butterfly dance steps and more questionable lyrics (you can prove me wrong by e-mailing me the lyrics to this song). Not too many people dance to this song. The beginning is easy enough. Use the relatively simplistic down arrows to build a streak. The bunched-up arrows call for three very fast steps on the same arrow. You will know the song has ended by the last two down arrows, very close together. Pace yourself. This song really feels like a hop-scotch game. TRICK MODE-More arrows. That is all I remember. MANIAC MODE-It's not the up-beats that make this song hard. It's where the up-beats are placed. Hmm. . .maybe Konami should have retitled this My Fire (Trip Machine Mix) :P.. AM-3P-I have no idea what the title is supposed to mean. I do know that this song is much harder than it seems. The beginning has a nice hopscotch pattern. When you hear the "melody" to this song, get ready for a musician's nightmare. I call it a musician's nightmare because it's very hard to play a quarter note triplet correctly (especially at the speed of this song). Step carefully, and don't fall over. Tempo: 130. TRICK MODE-This is what AM-3P will be like in Maniac Mode-sort of. The hardest part is trying to figure out the rhythm. If you don't flunk out on the beginning, you may make it through the whole song. Oh, yes, and a note about the beginning. The programmers put some strange things in the beginning of this song (like a bunch of eighth notes where they don't belong). . . MANIAC MODE-This is the second-most popular song on Maniac Mode (next to Trip Machine). In the beginning, there will be a constant stream of down arrows, with arrows in other directions on the up beat (although many people, like me, leave one foot on the down arrow, I've seen someone do it with one foot on the left arrow. I'm not quite sure how, but he passed with an S rating). Next will be a string of right arrows, with more annoying arrows on the up beat. After that, you'll have to deal with a string of left arrows. Streak here if possible. When the "melody" plays for a second time, there will be two notes that look very close together. Welcome to the sixteenth note. For more info on how to deal with these things, please refer to the Brilliant 2 U (Orchestral Groov) Maniac Mode section. After the second long eighth note string (the one where it's easy to get a 16 combo), there will be a very confusing mass of eighth notes (show-off alert, show-off alert!). If you really want to dance to this song, do so before you use the bathroom.:) For a real challenge, do this song on either Hidden or Shuffle mode. ONI MODE-This remix sounds SO cool! It's slow, and the rhythm is rather awkward. Appears on the Midnight Blue course. Also appears on Trick (Extreme) as the song with the Bouncy Arrows. The arrows will come up a short ways, go back down, come up, go back down, etc. Your job is to hit the arrows when you're supposed to. Brilliant 2 U (Orchestral Groov)-There's no melody in this mix.:( There are more eighth notes thrown in (with one eighth note in a really weird spot), along with a frustrating number of double step patterns. Some demented programmer put a surprise in the beginning. Do not try Trip Machine before this song. TRICK MODE-Want to know the meaning of syncopation? Play this song. It ain't easy, though. You'll know when the syncopation hits (the part where you're lurching, trying your best not to fall over). At one point, the arrows will look a bit weird. When this happens, stomp to the beat of the music (literally). This is passable (and if you think this one is hard. . .) MANIAC MODE-Don't take this rating lightly. There are sixteenth notes galore in this song. If the arrows look close together (and are in the middle of a "melody"), those arrows are probably sixteenth notes. Don't even attempt to step on the sixteenth notes with the same foot. You'll NEVER make it in time (or you may, but you'll have a nasty leg cramp). Something that Nickel suggested (and I am guilty of it too) is to step in the air and land in such a way that you land on the first arrow with one foot, and your other foot lands on the second arrow as fast as you can (but not at the same time). However, this rule doens't always apply. Make It Better (So Real Mix)-Not very popular. More annoying than the original. Still the double step patterns like crazy. Go figure. This wouldn't be a Make it Better song without it. Tempo: too slow! TRICK MODE-Don't EVER dance this song right after playing something like Trip Machine or Brilliant 2 U. This song goes very slowly, and the timing is something else. If you don't believe me, try it for yourself. MANIAC MODE-This is the hardest song to do on Maniac Mode, hands down (the Exorbitant rating should tell you something). If you see a nice, on-the-beat step, your eyes are deceiving you. Those steps are probably half note triplets! All the double step patterns are there, but they are dispersed through the song. Some parts are going to feel strange, because you won't be stepping in time to anything (the background music or the singer). The ending requires careful dissection or three feet (for best results, leave left foot on left arrow, and use right foot to stomp on other arrows, until the last two or three beats, when you're on your own). If you're confident you can pass it, this is a great finisher. Trip Machine-Take the title of this song literally. Make sure that your shoe laces are tied tight, unless you really like tripping in front of many people (especially after the "singer" says something about "returning to the show"). The rhythm is synchopated (you'll know what I mean after you try to dance to some of the oddly-placed eighth notes). This song is very popular in Maniac Mode. I'm not sure why. Tempo: 160! TRICK MODE-The middle is so very different from Maniac Mode. The ending is also a bit different. . .thank goodness the beginning is fairly easy. Otherwise, I'd never have lasted through this song! MANIAC MODE-VERY tiring (yes, I've tried it). A note about the beginning-you can position yourself so that one foot is on the down arrow. It makes the beginning easier. . .until a left-up-right pattern shows up. After that pattern shows up, go back to your regular position. Don't ask me how to do the nine-arrows-in-four-and-a-half-beats section, because I ususally miss a few arrows in that section. There is a three-beat break in the middle of the song. After the three-beat break, things start getting very weird (like eighth notes where they don't belong). For all of you who like to show off, try to turn around in the middle of the song (the easiest part of this song besides the beginning). One word best describes the middle and end of this song: cycle (this will make sense to those who have seen/danced to this song often). If you thought normal mode was hard. . . Paranoia-Finally, the grand daddy of all songs (in speed, not necessarily timing). Missed steps will result in having plenty of your dance meter taken away. The song will slow down in the middle (for the whole of three measures). After that, there will be plenty of arrows for you to step on. If you're going for score, get the streak in the beginning. Tempo: 180, or three beats per second!! TRICK MODE-Not as bad as certain other songs that are played in Trick Mode (like AM-3P). Remember to keep stomping on the bunched-up arrows until all arrows are gone. If you really want to know the secret of passing this finale song, your reactions must be up to par. . . MANIAC MODE-The nightmare never ends. There are an alarming amount of people who dance to this song in Maniac Mode. Trust me, this song goes twice as fast on Maniac Mode (especially the beginning). The timing is also strange (if each down beat had a number, and each up beat is represented by *, then the beginning would look like: one, two, three, *, four, five, six, *, seven, *, eight, etc.). This pattern will repeat in the middle (sort of). This song appears on the Paraonia Brothers course (as the "oldest" brother) and Kidou (with an increase of only one battery bar). NOTE: THE SONGS LISTED BELOW ARE FOUND ONLY ON DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION: 2ND MIX. Boys-Much like Butterfly. If there's been any changes, I haven't noticed (except the lyrics change, which now makes this song sound something like a bad cross between Butterfly and Boom Boom Dollar). BEST FOR: Read the DDR USA section. HARDEST PART: Read the DDR USA section. El Ritmo Tropical-Lousy rhyming, tricky timing (this is why I'm writing an FAQ and not a song). This is what triplets are all about. They're bound to feel weird, but it's correct. Just be glad that there are no old English marches included in these games (as everyone who tried to dance to them would DIE!). BEST FOR: Read the DDR USA section. HARDEST PART: Read the DDR USA section. Tubthumpin'-The only thing I remember is that this song is SLOW! (This song is about drinking. And drinking. And drinking. Some people may not like this subject). BEST FOR: Make it Better fans. HARDEST PART: Not turning this song into a drinking game. Hero-Much like My Fire. Unfortunately, I don't remember anything significant about this song (other than the ugly green background, and a few eighth notes). BEST FOR: My Fire fans. HARDEST PART: Said eighth notes. Stomp to my Beat-Take the song title literally. That is, stomp to the artist's beat. Here's a Deathlok-corrects-Tracy-on-lyrics song. BEST FOR: Read the DDR USA section. HARDEST PART: Read the DDR USA section. MANIAC MODE-Instead of stomping only to the artist's beat, stomp to the drummer's beat, too. Don't slip on the extremely fast section in the middle. Love This Feeling-This is the only song with a tempo change. It starts out very, very, very slow. To give you an idea how slow it goes, look at a watch with a second hand. For every two seconds that go by, evenly tap three times. Go slightly faster (and I do mean slightly) and you have the tempo for the beginning (which, for all of you who know how to read a metronome, is 95). Somewhere in the middle, this song will speed up past Paranoia speed (to 190, while Paranoia speed is 180. To give you an idea on how fast the latter is, evenly tap three times in one second). The step pattern, however, is the same (which isn't saying much). BEST FOR: Read the DDR USA section. HARDEST PART: Read the DDR USA section. MANIAC MODE-Well, all I can say is have fun on the fast section! Paranoia (Dirty Mix)-Consider it a faster version of Paranoia (and if the group name has anything to do with tempo, then the tempo is probably 190). BEST FOR: Show-offs who miss the original Paranoia. HARDEST PART: Not slipping on the dance mat. MANIAC MODE-Same steps as original Paranoia. Paranoia MAX (Dirty Mix)-Not too sure about this song, since my slightly insane friends played it on Maniac Mode. MANIAC MODE-Gulp. Too many arrows. I have yet to see anyone go more than halfway through this song. To give you an idea of the arrow format, combine the significant feature of Make It Better with the beginning of Maniac Mode Paranoia, and set it to this song's speed (which is about as fast as you'll fail this song on the first try. I'm not insulting you. I'm being a realist. Think you can pass it on the first try?). This song is the second oldest Paranoia Brother. Paranoia (Clean Mix)-My friends played this song on Maniac Mode. Crazy, huh? BEST FOR: Read the DDR USA section. HARDEST PART: Read the DDR USA section. MANIAC MODE-Just like the previous song. Count yourself a champion if you can pass this song without panting. This song is a cata on MAX 2, and is the third oldest Paranoia Brother. SP Trip Machine (Jungle Mix)-The faster version of Trip Machine. That's all I remember. Trip Machine (Luv Mix)-Imagine someone playing Trip Machine backwards. Now imagine the timing is trickier. Welcome to the remix. BEST FOR: Read the DDR USA section. HARDEST PART: Read the DDR USA section. MANIAC MODE-How many superlatives can I cram into this FAQ? Another pain to dance to (literally). This time, there's more rest (and some nasty little things between rests). Dub I Dub-I only played this song in Maniac Mode. *Tracy sticks her tongue out at Leviathan, who just HAD to try this song on Maniac Mode* MANIAC MODE-Hey, who put the dance steps to Trip Machine and Butterfly in here? Like Trip Machine, the beginning is easy (for a Maniac Mode song). The chorus is another matter entirely. BEST FOR: Read the DDR USA section. HARDEST PART: Read the DDR USA section. I am not going to bother with Bad Girls and 20, November. I seem to have a case of amnesia concerning those two songs. In The Navy-This is a practice mode song. Find out yourself. Just remember that when the Village People sang this song, some people were offended (it had to do with the Navy and a sensitive issue that is usually associated with another branch of the military. If you can't figure out what this is supposed to mean, fine by me. Don't e-mail me about this). The Race-Okay, Deathlok, here's a tribute to you. The lyrics aren't TOO bad (but I still think they're junk). Find out yourself, as this is a practice mode song. THESE ARE THE DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION USA STRATEGIES For Brilliant 2 U, Make It Better, Put Your Faith in Me, and Trip Machine, just look at the original Dance Dance Revolution synopsis ('cause I'm lazy). It's the same. For other mixes, I'll elaborate a bit more. A note about difficulty ratings: See the next section for details. El Ritmo Tropical-Why is this song in this game? Not too bad for a Moderate song. The notes in the beginning come once every two beats. Then it speeds up to one note per beat. There are double steps, so be prepared. Not the easiest song (IMHO, it's Silent Hill). It's party time on the ship whose name I will not mention, because it's not right!! DIFFICULT MODE-Follow the singer. Or, figure out the rhythm on your own (it's strange) and dance along. Survive that and you should get past everything else. A Genuine pain. EXPERT MODE-Paramount, and that rhythm thing is now a nightmare. The small section in Difficult Mode now makes up the whole song. The beginning is eighth notes. Left-right double steps thrown in all over the place. The rest. . .good luck! Jam Jam Reggae-Slow, slow, slow!! So slow that someone decided to put in a few eighth notes to throw off the unwary beginner. The best way to view these notes is to listen to something like Put Your Faith In Me or Make It Better (I think Silent Hill works). Note how fast each quarter note in above songs take. Now imagine the scary eighth notes as those quarter notes. See, that wasn't so bad. Other than that, count to yourself, because the slow speed will throw you. DIFFICULT MODE-Genuine. Imagine Expert Mode with half of the eighth note-double step strings and no sixteenth notes. Welcome to this mode. Try getting the remaining strings down. The only truly confusing part is the eighth note string which consists of left-up and left-down double steps. It repeats itself, but this time, the string is right-up and right-down double steps. It's great preparation for this song on Expert Mode. The rest is either eighth notes or overly slow quarter notes. EXPERT MODE-It's just safer to step on two pads for the beginning. There will be a part right after the beginning where you'll need to step on alternating arrows (the up/down arrows, to be exact). The really, really bunched up arrows are to be stepped on twice as fast as you've been stomping up until now (they're sixteenth notes). From then on, good luck!! This song is divided into two parts: the eighth-note double steps, and the footrolls. Step to whatever the singer sings in the end, and you should pass (if you're still alive, that is). I can pass this (on Versus Mode). Exorbitant, indeed! Silent Hill-My friends think it's sappy. I think it's sweet. Regardless of anyone's opinion of this song, it's slow (everyone can agree on this one). The notes start out as being one note every four beats (slow enough for ya?). Unfortunately, said notes come on the fourth beat of every measure (which is sure to throw a few). Then the notes come once every two beats. One section (I think it's the chours) features notes once a beat (with a couple of other short exceptions). DIFFICULT MODE-Marvelous, just marvelous. This song looks deceptively easy in the beginning. However, things start getting ugly when a picture of a jewelry box appears. It looks like a left-up-right-up-left-down-right-down-left. . .pattern. Your best bet would be to alternate feet (use left foot for left arrow, right foot for up arrow, left foot for right arrow (your back will be to the screen, but dont' freak out), right foot for up arrow, left foot for left arrow, etc.). Some of the eighth note groups will lead into a double step. There are at least two parts that have an up-down double step expressed as eighth notes. Don't fall. EXPERT MODE-Watch first. Memorize the arrows in the beginning. From there, let your reflexes take over. Chances are, you'll pass (yes, there is a part where there is a string of three notes that end with a double step. Your eyes work just fine!). Don't lose it on the long string of eighth notes that you'll have to step on with the same foot! Paramount!! ONI MODE-Now it's a hold song. The first part is NOTHING but holds (including a spin hold). Unfortunately, that's as far as I got. Appears on Pop 8 (second song). 20, November-Eighth note alert! Now that I've got your attention, this song goes fairly slow (except for said eighth notes). Don't get mixed up on the three measures (yes-three measures, or twelve counts) of up arrows. Other than the eighth notes and the occasional double step (exactly one left-right double step at the end), shouldn't be too hard. Steps should come once a beat (or something close to it). DIFFICULT MODE-Mostly on-the-beat stepping-except for one part, where it's follow the melody (almost). Don't be scared by the eighth notes in the end. It's possible to alternate feet (left foot on left arrow, right foot on down arrow, left foot on up arrow, right foot on right arrow, etc.). Other than that and a bunch of double-steps, fairly easy. Marvelous. EXPERT MODE-First, go to your favorite Hip Hop Mania 2 machine and play this song on Hard Mode. Now go and play this song on Expert Mode. The stepping is just like the buttons!! Paramount, I think. Boys-No, not another Butterfly wannabe! Oh, well. This song feels like Butterfly, and it's a good deal more forgiving than Butterfly. The only problem is that there are more double steps (the left-right one). I suggest you find your own way to have a "little fun". Theirs is, well. . . DIFFICULT MODE-Now comes a slightly tricky timing part. Just follow the singer on those weird-looking arrows. Few more double steps mixed in, some which deviate from the left-right and up-down double steps that normally appear in the song. Steps just about every beat. Still feels like Butterfly (same rating too, superior). EXPERT MODE-It's a double-step into something. General rule of thumb, even with the eighth notes. Don't know why. It's possible. Reminds me of the end of Dub I Dub, Difficult mode. Paramount. Let Them Move-. . .right past this song. DIFFICULT MODE-Marvelous. Regular steps, with some eighth notes. The only section that stuck out in my mind was composed of a group of three eighth notes. One of those groups started off with an up arrow, had another up arrow, and ended with an up-down double step. For those sections, just step on both arrows until all three go away. Other than that, not too bad. EXPERT MODE-Those bells are going to throw you! The ugly bunches of notes that appear (they look like two or three double steps close together) are actually footrolls. Follow the bells. Sometimes, they may come together, in which case, follow the bells. When the lady starts singing, the sequence is left, right, up, down (I think), and is repeated for quite a while. Then the bells interfere. Get past these two problems, and you've got yourself another Paramount song. In short, this is the result of combining Stomp to my Beat, Expert, and Luv To Me, Expert. Make A Jam!-Eighth note alert! There are eighth notes AND double-steps here. Those parts that look like they're double steps are actually an alternating sequence of left and right arrows. Sort of tricky. DIFFICULT MODE-Marvelous. EXPERT MODE-Not as bad as I thought. Bells aside, this song goes at a speed slow enough for me to assimilate, but fast enough for me to keep awake. Alternates between double steps and eighth notes. There's even a tribute to Boom Boom Dollar in the middle (just kidding!!). Some eighth note strings end on a double step. Go figure. Paramount. So Many Men-Double steps and steps every beat. Almost. The only thing that may cause problems is the up-down double step seen a couple of times. Other than that, it shouldn't be too difficult. Please don't do one of the double steps and return your feet to neutral. It does bad things to your meter. DIFFICULT MODE-Marvelous. The chorus is bound to throw some people off (up-down-up-double step). Just keep doing the up-down double step until all the nasty arrows are gone. Then you can resume normal steps. EXPERT MODE-Genuine. Eighth notes not necessarily in groups of three. Same problem as Difficult. More when I learn it! Dub I Dub-A step and a half above Boys. There are a couple of eighth notes (literally). If this song is failed, it's because of all the double umps (which threw my mom for a loop). The combos that seem to appear the most are the left-up and right-down ones (the ones that have a space between them). Memorize them well. The left-down and right-up also appear, but not as much. Other than that, it's just stepping to the surprisingly slow beat. DIFFICULT MODE-A Genuine pain in the rear. Please don't get the eighth notes and the double steps mixed up. That section in the middle is a string of EIGHTH NOTES (so many people mess that part up). If you're really having trouble with the bridge, look for the odd-colored arrow, and let your reflexes take over. While it is possible to spin in that section, I wouldn't recommend it (I got dizzy). EXPERT MODE-Definintely exorbitant. First, note that the nice familiar groups of three may have a double step or three mixed in. This happens quite often in the verse and chorus. Use the arrow colors to help you figure out whether it's a double step or eighth notes (sometimes they're mixed together), especially in the chorus. During the bridge (the "I. . .don't. . .need. . .your. . .love", sung in the background), the notes turn into something other than eighth notes. Watch this to see what I mean. I'll try to figure out the ending (it's weird). . . End of the Century-Okay, so it didn't happen like they said it would. Instead, all they have are an annoying amount of left-right double steps (like towards the end, where you're better off just doing the left-right double step until the arrows aren't left or right). Other than that, it's just good old on-the-beat stepping (I convinced my mother to play this and she passed!!) This song goes pretty fast, so be careful! DIFFICULT MODE-Now the chorus is a double step festival. Eighth notes are added in. Don't get confused on the right-left-right sequence followed immediately by a left-right double step. Most of them are the familiar groups of three (with the first of every group on the very first and third beats of every measure, with a few exceptions), except for a few (which are either a group of two or a group of five). The last six arrows are up-beats (except for the very last one). Quite a few people seem to have trouble with this particular song. Paramount. EXPERT MODE-Someone tried this and couldn't pass. At two points, there were double steps mixed in with the eighth notes (and it was mighty confusing), one halfway through the middle of the first verse and the second halfway through the second verse (it's really sudden). All I remember was that the chorus became next to impossible, and there were a long strings of eighth notes for the verse. Tiring like I couldn't believe! The bridge is also a long string of eighth notes with ONE double-step thrown in there to confuse you (ignore it). Exorbitant, but many think it should have been Catastrophic. This song is now a cata on MAX 2 (about time, Konami!). On EXTREME, this song is on the Classical course (as the first song, no less). Keep on Movin'-On-the-beat steps with some double steps. Not that bad (at least that's what the little voice in my he-, er, my memory is telling me). More when I learn it! DIFFICULT MODE-Marvelously full of double steps (the second-to-the-last time the chorus is repeated). There is a pattern to the eighth notes (a very lame pattern, but a pattern nonetheless). EXPERT MODE-Genuine, and a timing song. Eighth notes may start on the up-beat (which is always fun). Follow the singer in the end. Groups shouldn't be too long (as in, less than 15, I think). Don't be thrown by the string of up arrows that have a few eighth note down arrows mixed in. It follows the music. The speed is extremely slow, and this song isn't quite as easy as it appears (still trying to figure it out). La Senorita-Fast, on-the-beat steps. Sometime before the chorus is sung (first time only), there will be a nice long section where you can get away with doing the left-right double-step until all the left and right arrows are gone. Patterns usually repeat themselves (a set of four notes will scroll, and the exact same four notes will scroll on right after the first set). About the only place that breaks this rule is the second chorus (only a few measures). DIFFICULT MODE-Geniune. Mostly on-the-beat stepping, with two eighth notes that appear in the chorus. The chorus and the second verse follow the bass. The bass rhythm starts on the first beat of every measure, then goes to the up-beat of the second beat, and on to the third beat. Double steps quite rampant. If anything kills you, it will be the speed. EXPERT MODE-Some Konami programmer carelessly put eighth notes all over the song. Eighth notes will come in various groups (from two to eleven, if my memory serves me right). Only one part actually follows the trumpet. If I recollect correctly, the pattern repeats itself. Between the chorus and the second verse, the longest string of eighth notes in this song will appear. Stay sharp! It is stuck in the middle of a flash. No fair! It starts and ends with a left-right double step. It also alternates between the up arrow and the right arrow. Good luck! Luv To Me-Finally, a song which people dance to! This time, the left-right double step is repeated-four times in a row, at one point. All steps are on the beat, you lucky person you! That double step shouldn't be to much of a problem. Personally, I'd just dump that guy and get over it. FYI, this is a song about some girl who's remembering all of the "good times" she had with her boyfriend. Major sappy alert! DIFFICULT MODE-First song I played, first song I passed, first time I felt like actually killing my dancing partner (next time, Skywalker). The rating has been bumped up to Paramount. The beginning is a string of eighth notes that should be slow enough to follow (it's a 7-4-4 pattern). Follow the singer through the chorus. The bridge may be difficult (it switches from duple to triple and back, if you know what I mean), but it's possible. EXPERT MODE-This song goes from a speed song to a timing song. First, some of those arrow strings in the verse start on up-beats (like the up-right string). A good deal of this song isn't straight eighth notes. Those arrows that look like double-steps in the chorus aren't. It's a drumroll done with the feet (alternate your feet, or else. . .). If you've played the Disco Mix on Hip Hop Mania 2, the rolls will feel familiar. The bridge is just there to frustrate you (I'm trying to figure out the timing). The final footroll follows the music. The rest are something else altogether. Right before the chorus is repeated a second time (as in, a measure or so before the chours is repeated), the "footroll" is actually two left-right double steps and a few too many down-right double steps. Only the very last strings are straight eighth notes. Don't ask how, but I can make it through all those dang sixteenth notes and fail HERE, of all places. It's now Exorbitant, whatever it is. Afronova-Don't let that bald man scare you (younger kids may find him scary. I do). Basic on-the-beat steps. The beginning has quite a few double steps. Lots of double steps. Show off during the chorus, if you want. Follow the drum beats in the end, and you'll be just fine. DIFFICULT MODE-Strange paramount song. More double-steps, more fun to show off during the chorus. Eighth notes added during one part. They're kind of fast, so be careful (hint: ALTERNATE FEET!!). If you really want to show off (and have no qualms about a broken ankle), try getting in at least 5 half-turns in the "chorus", a.k.a. seven beats of double-steping). Show offs, there are at least four distinct sections where you can show off, and look good. Find them on your own. I abuse one. Again, follow that drum. EXPERT MODE-Now there's eighth notes all over the place. The very first pattern (after the AM-3P tribute, don't rush) is a combination of the left-up-right eighth note string and the left-down-right string (all stuck together). This little pattern will go on for eight beats. Alternate feet, if you're coordinated enough (hint: Use left foot for left arrow, right foot for down arrow, etc.). If not, look down, and don't forget to look back up in eight beats. After that comes the chorus (if you can't figure that out, just watch). Once the chourus is out of the way (and you have a 28+ streak going), the song will give you two eighth note patterns, then squish them together, and add in an extra note (so it's a 3-3-7 pattern). Meanwhile, you'll have to contend with an up-left-up-down-up-right-up pattern that always sneaks its way into the ruckus (six times). I find it easiest to use my right foot for the up arrows). At one point, the song will shift to an up-left-up, up-right-up pattern (in groups of three). Use that time to switch feet (so the foot pattern would be right-left-right, followed by left-right-left). Really fun to show off, really hard to pass. The ending is the same-it's just all double-steps, that's all (yep, that's all, indeed), starting with an up-down double-step, a left-right double-step, a left-down double-step, and going counterclockwise (that means that the next double-step is going to be a donw-right double-step), and a final left-right double-step (so you can face the audience). This song is extremely tiring-play at your own risk (I got two nasty cramps from this song, AND I had to rest, which is a rarity for me). Catastrophic, and deserving it! ONI MODE-NO ONE I see plays the Love RevenG course. . .sorry. Dead End-Slightly slower than Afronova, but it compensates with timing. The beginning should be self-explanatory. After that, notes should come every beat. The arrows will take a short break (one and a half beats), and two up-beat arrows will show up (so the rhythm is something like 1, * (up-beat of 2), * (up-beat of 3), 4 or 1, depending on where in the song you are). Everything else is either one step per beat, or that strange pattern I mentioned earlier. That is, until the siren goes off (maybe a bit earlier). Don't panic at the group of three eighth notes. They're just like steps on the beat-twice as fast. The ending requires knowledge of double-steps. It is nearly impossible to pass this song if your feet always find their way onto the little silver island in the middle of the arrows after you step on every beat. DIFFICULT MODE-Timing, timing!! The speed won't kill you, but the timing will. Try to ignore the odd things that are happening in the music, 'cause it will throw you off! No!!! Bad upbeats!!! Threw me for a loop!!! After the fairly easy beginning (as in, all those nice easy notes), the song will break into groups of three eighth notes. These follow the music. The occasional group of five may sneak in. After that, a section featuring the left arrow will appear. Follow the music. Then, two on-the-beat steps will come, followed by a group of three eighth notes that will come on the same foot. A "breather" section will come next. The three eighth note groups will restart. When the music starts sounding funky, be prepared for a fairly repetitive group of five eighth notes. Once the siren goes off, the eighth notes will be in groups of two. The ending chords will come in the form of three double steps with strange timing. The same group will repeat itself, and then the song will finish! This song is best played as a last stage, because it is TIRING!! EXPERT MODE-Now there's eighth notes with breaks in strange places. The beginning is once again simple. The next part will look something like Difficult Mode. Somewhere in the middle, the arrows will become groups of 15. Yes, 15. If I were to take each group in eight counts, the rhythm would look something like this: * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 * 7 * 8 * * 2 . . . etc. (where the * are the up-beats). The next section pretty much follows the Difficult Mode format (except the arrows with the strange rhythm are now dispersed throughout the arrows). The next part reverts to the groups of 15 thing. Can't quite remember what happens in the next section, but after that's over, the eighth notes come in groups of 4. The ending is almost the same (with a few notes added in). Miss the breaks mentioned earlier and you may be on your way to failing this song! This seems to be the ultimate timing song (well, maybe one other can beat it). The rhythm gets weird in the double-step section. Wish yourself luck, and you may just pass (I did. Once. I'm still not sure how I walked out of the arcade). Again, catastrophic. Dynamite Rave-Nice on-the-beat stepping with double steps all over the place. I'm beginning to sound very repetitive. Goes kinda slow. Follow the singer again. DIFFICULT MODE: Sort of like Put Your Faith In Me, Expert Mode. The beginning is just there to throw you. The first eight counts of arrows are double steps. What occurs after that is a group of three eighth notes followed by a group of seven (I hope my counting is correct!). From there, it breaks down into the familiar groups of three with strange stuff in the middle. Final group of eighth notes end with a left-right double step. The eighth notes come in groups of three. Follow the singer during the chorus (sound familiar?). Familiarity with double steps extrememly helpful. Paramount. This song is on the Naoki Standard course. EXPERT MODE-Yep, notes that are made to make you think that they are eighth notes and a Catastrophic rating. Said weird notes occur sometime after the third beat of every measure (so the rhythm looks something like 1, *, 2, *, 3, ^, *, 4, *, repeat, with * being up-beats and ^ being the lone sixteenth note, I think). Don't rush it (my biggest problem). That is, after the first little pattern, wait for the first beat of the next measure (if you listen closely enough, you should hear it). The beginning sets the pace for the rest of the song (rhythm-wise). During the verses, there are NO double-steps. If it looks like a double-step, it's a group of sixteenth notes. The double steps occur about two beats into the chorus. The double-steps are also seen throughout the chorus. Good luck on the bridge-didn't quite catch everything there. The ending isn't as hard as it seems. Some think it's the easiest Catastrophic song. I disagree, 'cause it was the last one I passed. ONI MODE-From what I hear, it's one of the easier Oni songs. Appears on the Naoki Platinum course and the Happy Hardcore course (?!). I Believe in Miracles-Mostly stepping to the beat. I say mostly because there is ONE part that requires intelligence to figure out (that trumpet thing. Follow that trumpet). Get past that (which becomes repetitive in the end) and you should be able to get past this song. DIFFICULT MODE-Every four measures, an eighth note pattern will pop up. The ending becomes a double step thing (twelve of 'em, to be exact). Trumpet melody is once again present (and the same, thank whatever). Other than that, notes every beat or so. Genuine. EXPERT MODE-Every four measures, some weird sixteenth note thing will come into play. Other than that and the continuning chorus, it is passable. Exorbitant. Love This Feeling-For details on what happens in the middle, go check out the DDR 2nd Mix stratey on this same song. It's fun. Follow the singer as she sings, "Love this-feeling". DIFFICULT MODE-The slow part, not the fast part, will kill you. The six notes in the slow section that look like three left-right double steps are actually a nice little group of sixteenth notes that started with the right side. I was barely hanging on when the song sped up. Be light on your feet at the end. Them double steps come FAST. Not quite as tiring as Expert Mode. EXPERT MODE-The beginning isn't quite what it seems. Follow the bass guitar to catch my drift. Don't let the bunched-up arrows in the beginning scare you. Find the very first arrow and step from there (for the first group, it should be an up arrow. Use the infamous right foot to step on it). Those arrows are probably sixteenth notes. If you somehow survive all the way to the fast part, you just might make it through the rest of this song. The largest group of eighth notes in this song ends with a left-right double step. You'll know it's the end when you step on arrows that resemble a Stomp to my Beat Expert Mode pattern. Exorbitant. Stomp to my Beat-Great if there are bugs on the dance pads. Nice, tame, on-the-beat stepping that scares the heck out of people. Some eighth notes. Double steps all over the place. Kinda slow. Don't worry. DIFFICULT MODE-Still not that bad for a Genuine piece. More double-steps. Though I have seen this piece countless times, I still can't think up of anything outstanding. Sheesh. EXPERT MODE-YES, I CAN PASS THIS!!!! The drum part may throw you. There are also two eighth-note strings that end in double-steps. Let your feet do the middle, not your mind. I suspect one part in the middle (right before the two eighth notes that need to be stomped on with the same foot) isn't straight eighth notes. Probably some strange variant on the sixteenth note. There are two ridiculously long strings-the first is the easiest to figure out. The second is a left-right-up-down pattern repeated for two measures (four times). In my opinion, the ending is the hardest part (because of all the eighth note strings that end in double steps). Paramount. Paranoia (Clean Mix)-You'll know this song by the fact that it won't feel like it's over (it ends abruptly). This is the song with the eighth notes in the beginning. But I remember this much-those clumps of three in the middle are EIGHTH NOTES. The one-beat rests are bound to throw all but the most skilled of Paranoia addicts. IMHO, harder than the next song. DIFFICULT MODE: Paramount, same eighth note spin-thingy in the middle (it appears in all modes of this song), can't remember anything overly special. EXPERT MODE: ALMOST like the next song (except that it doesn't seem to go quite as fast. Might be an illusion). The very beginning is an up-right-down, up-left-down, up-down-right, right-down-left pattern (the rhythm is 1 * 2, 3 * 4, repeat, with the * standing for up-beats). Sometime after that, an on-the-beat arrow, followed by a group of five eighth notes (now the rhythm looks like 1 2 * 3 * 4) will appear. The rest shouldn't be too difficult (if you're lost, just watch someone else play this). The only difference is timing, and the fact that you don't need to be wheeled off on a stretcher after you're done (most groups are 3-7 eight notes). Exorbitant. As mentioned in the DDR 2nd Mix section. . .ah, I'm too lazy to type it out again. Paranoia Rebirth-Double steps like crazy at the end. Like the original Paranoia, keep stomping on those eighth notes until they all disappear. Not as hard as it seems. DIFFICULT MODE-Combine this song on Standard mode with AM-3P on Maniac Mode, and you have some idea on what this song is like. The string that always gives me trouble is the down-left-down-right-down-left-down-right-. . . Don't trip up on the ending (which is just a mild taste of what Expert Mode is like), and you should be able to pass. Paramount. EXPERT MODE-Tons of eighth notes, and someone passed this with a FULL METER!! If that wasn't enough, there are at least two people I know who can pass this song with AAA!!! Props to you, whoever you are! Tiring as heck (I got tired by just watching them arrows). There are strings of 35 eighth notes (and probably more) punctuated by a few breaks. If you make it past the halfway point (right before the easy part), congratulate yourself. Be wary of up-beats and simple groups of three that will throw you. Get past one more tricky part (requires some torso-twisting) and you should be able to make it through the rest. Catastrophic. The last song on the Paranoia Brothers course. Trip Machine (Luv Mix)-The grand daddy of all timing songs. The rhythm is weird (it doesn't follow anything in particular). Most of those eighth notes consist of only a down beat and an up beat. Can be passed. DIFFICULT MODE-More eighth notes. Trickier timing. Nearly fell down. Don't let the little sixteenth note section throw you. My challenge to all dancers: Play this song on Expert. Now play this. Confusing? Paramount. EXPERT MODE-Exorbitant. The beginning is deceptively easy. As the song goes on, it gets harder. The ending looks like an AM-3P reject. At one point, the arrows will follow the melody. Meanwhile, the eighth note strings will end in a double step (always fun). The eighth notes turn into a constant stream at the end (67 total, I think). I highly recommend that you DO NOT leave the left foot on the left pad and use the right foot to stomp on everything else, because the right leg will get extremely sore (I speak from experience). Instead, use the right foot for the up arrow and the left foot for the left arrow for the first four arrows (up-left-up-left). Then get the left foot to the up arrow in a hurry, because the next string is up-right-up-right. Figure out the rest for yourself. The whole string is one long pattern of notes used twice (or maybe three times). Don't get turned around. Good luck trying to follow the beat!! Do I feel like putting in a bit of 4th Mix strategy? Of course. Just a reminder that a song strategy will appear in the first group I see it in. For example, Gentle Stress (AMD Sexual Mix) is in the Konami Originals Side B amd the Special Selection. Therefore, the strategy for this song shall appear in the Konami Originals Side B section. Konami Originals, Side A Baby Baby Give Me Your Love-Give me some earplugs first. Anyway, this song goes quite slow. Arrows will be spaced fairly far apart. The hardest part is not going deaf from the singer. Burnin' The Floor-This song was better on IIDX. MANIAC MODE-Most of the song is eighth notes. The only exception to this rule comes during the second verse. Then the steps follow the background music (which is louder than the singer). Paramount until MAX2; a cata (?!) on MAX2; Exorbitant on EXTREME (personally, I think this song should be a Paramount song). On Naoki Standard. ONI MODE-What did Naoki DO to this song? On Naoki Platinum. Can't Stop Fallin' In Love-It sounded good. . .for five seconds. TRICK MODE-On Naoki feat. Paula Terry. MANIAC MODE-The first part follows the synthesizer. Then, it's fairly simple eighth note work. Keep the eighth notes constant, and they should pose no problem. Pay attention to the first arrow in every group; a few of those runs start on the up beat. The ending mirrors the beginning. Drop The Bomb-Disco bombing anyone? Regardless, all the notes are on the beat. Some nasty double-steps show up IN THE MIDDLE of the song for no apparant reason. Keep up! TRICK MODE-This time, the programmers threw in some eighth notes in the chorus. The left-down-left chains shouldn't be too bad. When the bass drum becomes the instrument of focus, step to that beat. Resume on the beat steps. Higher-Don't remember anything. ONI MODE-By far the hardest song on Nearly 130 (and the third hardest on Pop 8). The first few steps follow the music. If the steps look particularly messy, then you're looking at double steps that follow the music. Once the singer starts singing seriously ("Girl, give it up. . ." Thanks for the encouragement, Konami), the eighth note run begins. The hardest part here is twisting (which you'll have to do). Do NOT move your torso when you hit the sixth to the last arrow in the run. Why? The next five require you to be facing whatever direction you're facing. Once the run ends, the rhythm goes nuts. When the singer starts on "Do what you want to. . ." section, watch for three sixteenth notes (don't rush them). When the chorus starts, you'll be faced with LONG holds. . .and regular arrows in between. I don't remember what happens during the bridge (because I've hit the bridge twice). When the chorus restarts, time the eighth notes carefully (Konami gave you the hardest eighth note pattern in the game-two eighth notes on the same arrow). Finish up this section, get the last few double steps, and take a breather. On Nearly 130 (where I die. . .a lot) and Pop 8 (which I can't get to, because I have yet to get past Silent Hill). Love Again Tonight-I thought this would be a sweet song. . .not this! MANIAC MODE-Konami's at it again! This time, you'll be forced to dance to this one on Oni Mode. . .on Naoki feat. Paula Terry, to be exact (right before Destiny). My Summer Love-To make up for its lack of speed, Konami put in double steps. Such steps usually have a beat between them (for you to relax). MANIAC MODE-If your meter is dropping dangerously low on the opening eighth notes, you may have serious problems with the rest of the song. The beginning is slow enough to decipher. Streak here. Once the chorus comes on, the sixteenth notes begin. After the chorus, more eighth notes. For that one part right before the footrolls, follow the music. Don't rush the footrolls; that will probably account for many of your misses. It may take practice to read it, but if you can pass Orion.78, this should be easier. Get past the second chorus (similar to the first), and end it on your knees, if you like. ONI MODE-It's SLOW! If Oni Mode were about getting Goods, I'd pass this song in no time. Appears on the Fine Choices course. Orion.78 (AMeuro Mix)-Nice on-the-ridiculously-slow-beat notes. Not to bad. Just don't stomp on the same pad a lot, trying to figure out why you didn't hit THAT note! Count quitely to yourself, and this little problem should go away. Oh, and most steps are single steps. TRICK MODE-It starts off with arrows which can be great training for twisting, provided you actually twist. The up-right-up-left-up combo can be twisted. From there, it's a combination of slow quarter notes and slightly bearable eighth notes. . .but if you survived the beginning, this shouldn't kill you. The final group of eighth notes may, though. Use this group for training on alternating feet. MANIAC MODE-Aargh! The beginning is a sixteenth note mess, and immediately following that are two sets of double steps (as eighth notes). Then it's off to the sixteenth-note-with-one-double-step-hidden-somewhere deal. After that, there are several eighth notes on the left side for your streaking convenience, followed by 16 eighth notes on the down arrow (again, for your streaking convenience). After that. . .I'm not going to think about that. Once the Unthinkable section is over, two foot rolls follow (a la Luv To Me, Expert). It ends with a left-right double step. Catastrophic. Some sadist put this song on the Love RevenG course, and if memory serves me right, on the World Tour course. Go Okinawa!! Konami Originals, Side B .59-No one plays it on Standard. . .that I have seen. TRICK MODE-Groups of five are there just to tick you off. They shouldn't be that hard to hit (since this song goes so slow). Watch out for the slowdown at the very end. EXPERT MODE-Again, not that bad. . .if you don't freak out. The first few notes are timing. When the sixteenth notes are thrown in, don't rush them. The eighth notes afterwards are notorious for breaking streaks; remember to hit both notes in any given direction. Lots of left-down-up-right combinations. . .practice alternating feet (remember that left foot always goes on left arrow and right foot always goes on right arrow if you try this). The two footrolls shouldn't be all that bad. The double-steps. . .spin, anyone? The ending? Don't forget the slowdown, or you'll break a streak. Easier than Hero (Happy Grandale Mix) on Maniac, harder than Dream A Dream. Cutie Chaser-Maniac only. . . MANIAC MODE-Rhythm, rhythm. Double-steps in the beginning are a pain to spot. . .and even harder to do! The rhythm itself sorta follows the music. When the arrows look like they're on the beat. . .think again! The arrows are on the up-beats! The ending is also a double-step festival. Good luck trying to streak; it's hard to maintain a decent streak! Drop Out-This song has THE fastest arrow-scrolling speed I've ever seen. It makes Afronova look like it's on permanent pause. Although most of the notes are a beat or two apart, the fast scrolling speed makes you feel like you're dancing to some nasty Paranoia remix. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS SONG UNLESS YOU ARE FULLY RESTED AND HEALTHY, OR YOU WILL REGRET IT! Marvelous, but I think it should be Paramount. TRICK MODE-The arrows are closer together (1-2 beats apart) with a few more eighth notes stuck in. More tiring. Paramount. MANIAC MODE-Ouch. If the two sections of double steps don't kill you, the eighth notes at the end will. During the second section of aforementioned double steps, keep one foot on the down arrow and use the other foot to hit everything else. Don't get too dizzy. Once the eighth notes start (and more than just a scattered group of five), keep at it, as it is a sign that the song will end shortly. Again, be fully rested, or you will regret it (and I don't want see anyone on the floor with a fit of dry heaves). This song is a MAX 2 cata. This is also the first song on Kidou. ONI MODE-Cut time! This mix goes 130 BPM. What does that mean? The ending is a total mess! Appears on Kidou2. Era (Nostal Mix)-Hard to believe, but this song is actually a timing song. The notes before the first slow part are no less than one beat apart. There are quite a few times where the notes are one and a half beats apart. Some are even two and a half. . .maybe not. Then the arrows slow down a lot. Don't rush this part, and be ready for the arrows to return to their former speed in about eight measures. The second fast section is pretty much like the first. Don't forget the lone left arrow at the end. TRICK MODE: Genuine, and not much to say. MANIAC MODE: The beginning starts off a bit strange (a group of six, if I'm not mistaken). Then, eighth notes will come in groups of three for a bit. A whole lotta arrows, Dead End-style will attempt to mess you up (but it's not as long as Dead End). By the time that section is over, you'll have to deal with the slowdown. Imagine the eighth notes as regular on-the-beat arrows and the sixteenth notes as eighth notes. I'll see if I can get more. Don't be caught by the speed-up. The strings get longer in this section. The fourth time you hit two up arrows, be prepared for the longest string in the song. Once you get past that, do anything you want for that down arrow at the end. Appears on the Tempo Changer course. Also appears on The Road of TaQ on EXTREME. Get Me In Your Sight (AMD Cancun Mix)-As much as I can't stand this song, I'll put something for it. MANIAC MODE-Good luck on those footrolls. . .why they appear so early in the song is a mystery to me. Figure out what the beginning is made of, and the rest of the song should be cake (espcially the "Get me in your sight" part). Gradiusic Cyber-This song is kewl. Marvelous. TRICK MODE-Now Paramount. Still timing. Strange. MANIAC MODE-The first Catastrophic I beat the first time I tried (and I was alone). But it wasn't all that pretty. If anything, this song is a timing song. The notes can be spaced three-quarters of a beat apart (it's really awkward). Eighth notes appear in pairs. There are several spots where you'll have to do footrolls. Such rolls always contain five notes (with the exception of the last three. . .the last one is the hardest to find). That's all I remember, because I was too busy trying to pass! It's also lurking somewhere on an EXTREME course whose name escapes me at the moment. Holic-The beginning looks nice and tame. . .for the first four arrows. Get the beat. Get it fast. After arrow #4, you'll have to step on that left arrow twice as fast as you did for the first four arrows (I think the left arrows are up-beats). After arrow #8, get back to the down beat on the down arrow (so the rhythm for the first 12 arrows is 1, 2, 3, 4, *, *, *, *, 1, 2, 3, 4, with the * representing the up-beats). The right arrows should be on the up-beat. Then it's regular steps. . .with that nasty pattern in the beginning somewhere else. After that, it simmers down into a regular on-the-beat song. The left-right double step will appear close to the end. Be careful. TRICK MODE-I don't remember what the beginning looks like. When the bass drum cuts out, follow the loudest part of the music (hope your ears work). Get a feel for the speed of the eighth notes. . .because they'll pop up all over the song. Don't freak out on the "melody" of this song (yeah, what melody?). The break part requires a bit of intelligence to figure out. Keep this in mind, becaus the same four steps appear in Maniac Mode. Repeat the "melody" section. Follow the loudest part of the music during the ending. MANIAC MODE-Ooh, fun! The rhythm isn't the easiest to figure out in the beginning. The beginning consists of three to five eighth notes that end with a DOUBLE step! At one point, it's one lone note followed by three eighth notes. Then things get stranger. The strings get longer. It will begin to feel like a slow Era (Nostal Mix). Then a few double steps with odd timing will show up (they're about one and a half beats apart). The strings will start again. The ending will feel like Dead End. This song ends abruptly (with a left-down-up-double step ending). This is my favorite song!! This song is on two courses; Cool 7 and From IIDX. Also on The Road of TaQ on EXTREME. Leading Cyber-Thank Growlie for this one. The beginning should be self-explanatory. Take note of the pattern, though. When the two eighth notes come on, don't hit them too slowly. From there, it's Spin City. . .until the ugly string of eighth notes come on. Use your left foot for the left/right arrows, and your right foot for the up/down arrows (does this pattern look familiar?). After that, spin away! MANIAC MODE-The beginning isn't all that bad (except for the sixteenth notes hidden in a place or two). When the notes turn into right, right, right, down, left, streak for all you're worth. After that, it'll slowly turn into a pattern (can't remember it off the top of my head). Then the nightmare will start. . .more info on that later. Super Star-Sheesh, and I'm not too sure about the rating! MANIAC MODE-This song goes fairly slow. To compensate, eighth notes are thrown in all over the place. The beginning isn't all that hard. . .until the eighth note string that starts and ends with a left-right double step is seen. Then things start getting interesting. The LONG section of eighth notes are actually a pattern (two different patterns repeated three times). Sometime after that, a nice long string of sixteenth notes appear. Don't be intimidated; many people choose this time to streak. You'll know when this song ends when a second set of sixteenth notes appear. ONI MODE-This is the first Oni song I passed. The sixteenth notes are the most troublesome. From Solo. Wild Rush-This song speeds up about five times. Good luck! MANIAC MODE-DO NOT rush the beginning. WAIT for the sixteenth notes to get to the arrows. THEN hit them. The arrows that follow the drum are NOT on the beat. Be prepared. The sixteenth notes disappear by the second speed-up. The arrows between speed changes 2 and 3 are all UP BEATS! It's mostly an on-the-beat thing by the time the song hits its highest speed (with the exception of those seven eighth notes). The last two speed changes are the ones that usually break any significant streaks. ONI MODE-No speed change, but I died on this song nonetheless. From Solo. Euro & Rave & Speed Boys (Euro Mix)-Faster. That's all I remember. MANIAC MODE-If passing the original wasn't too bad, this might be a bit difficult (again, due to speed). First, there's a bunch of sixteenth notes that need to be stepped on. Then, a nasty eighth note section will appear. From what I can tell, it's impossible to alternate feet on this one without inadvertently spinning. Miss one note in that eighth note section, and you risk failure (those notes come fast). The rest should be cakewalk. . .except when the above two sections repeat. BEST FOR: AM-3P Maniac graduates. HARDEST PART: That long eighth note section. Dam Dariram (KCP Mix)-All the steps should be on the beat. Goes kind of fast, though. MANIAC MODE-I can't remember how the very beginning goes. Once the lyrics start, one arrow will be used for the down beats (in this case, the left arrow) and the other three arrows will be used for the up beats. Concentrate on hitting the up beats perfectly, and the down beats should take care of themselves. The arrow used for the down beat will change, so be careful. After that arrow change, the string of eighth notes after that should be vaguely remeniscent of Hero (Happy Grandale Mix) Maniac. Unfortunately, I'm getting the section before the chorus mixed up with another song (guess). Once the chorus hits, follow the, "Daririram-dariram-dariram-darirarirariram-darira-raram". After that comes a nasty section of syncopation. This is during the, "Falling in love, falling in love" part before the verse is repeated. Most of those notes are up beats. When the, "I-I-I-I" part comes up, relax. The arrows will pretty much repeat themselves. Repeat what happened earlier. And that should be it. Captain Jack-What is this song. . .oh, well. MANIAC MODE-The beginning follows the loudest part of the music. Once the actual lyrics start, the arrows become eighth notes. Now, if my memory serves me right, some demented programmer put in double steps here. Feels like Ninzaburo to me. It's probably different for you. On the Dance Mania course (EXTREME). Do it All Night-Yuck. The things I have to endure to write this. Anyway, just about all the steps are single and on the beat. I remember seeing some left-right double steps. Wouldn't surprise me if there was an up-down one thrown in somewhere. Follow the singer's voice. TRICK MODE-Groups of three eighth notes with huge gaps between. Gets worse as the song progresses (the arrows in general, not the groups). Hero (Happy Grandale Mix)-This song goes fairly fast. The good news is that a break or two DOES exist. The bad. . .well, it IS fast. . . TRICK MODE-What a royal pain! The introduction isn't too bad. As soon as that synthesizer goes. . .watch out! Start steping! This section reminds me of Orion.78 Maniac. Once the steping's over, the song breaks into eighth notes! Argh!! The eighth notes themselves shouldn't be too hard to read. That is, until the chorus comes. Discerning eighth notes from steps is of the utmost importance. MANIAC MODE-Supposedly very easy to streak. . .yeah, right. Anyway, eighth notes all over the place! The string that starts off with the synthesizer in the beginning is the worst. . .and the longest. . .and the most tiring. Alternating feet isn't as difficult as it seems. Remember to hit both eighth notes going in the same direction. Time the part before the chorus well, because the rhythm starts to get a bit unusual. When the synthesizer comes on. . .do the same thing as before. Then take a breather. . . In the Navy-Oh, the things I have to endure to get a song strategy! MANIAC MODE: Mess up on the beginning quarter notes and you are in major trouble. Don't rush the sixteenth notes. Step in the air and have your feet land in the order of the arrows. Repeat until the eighth note double steps. Don't step too high for these; you just might throw yourself off. The eighth note section after that can be spun. Or just used for streak. The sixteenth note section will reappear, so don't be thrown. Then the song ends. That was Exorbitant? Ninzaburo or Furuhata's Theme-Why two song titles? 'Cause they both describe the same song. This little blurb is just here to clear that up. Oh, song strategy? It goes fast, so if you're not watching (or paying attention), you'll fail. Spin? Maybe. TRICK MODE-The songs starts out with a mulititude of off-color arrows. Listen to the melody for the first set of arrows. Listen to the trumpets for the second rhythm. Repeat. Then listen to the most prominent sound in the song and follow that rhythm. During the parts with words, groups of three eighth notes and five eighth notes will appear. Alternate feet. When the melody repeats, follow the melody and the trumpets again. The final part shouldn't be too much of a hassle to figure out. MANIAC MODE-First, you get lots of hard rhythms (and that's only the beginning). Get past the Saints Go Marching (Remix) part, and you get lots of eighth notes that always make you hit two or three on the same foot (don't ask me for the sequence. . .I'm usually fighting to stay alive). From there. . .it looks sort of like the beginning again! What kind of nightmare is this? It ends with a footroll. Saints Go Marching (Remix)-Umm. . . MANIAC MODE-Argh! If the beginning eighth notes are giving you trouble, I can gurantee that things will only get harder. It is possible to alternate feet throughout the beginning (I do it all the time). For the sixteenth note section. . .thank DarkTemplar for this one. . .use the right foot for all the left and right arrows, and the left foot for all the up and down arrows, until you get to a point where you hit a left-right combination. From there, return to normal double-steping (which will also work, but is not recommended). Is this section still giving you trouble? Practice on Luv To Me or In The Navy (as both contain almost the same rhythm, but not necessarily the same steps). Once the arrows slow down, work on a streak. When a left-down-right combination appears, look sharp. It will repeat itself several times (and a few right-down-left combos are thrown in just to tick you off). Eventually, it will degrade into left-down-right-down-left. . .keep the right foot on the down arrow and use the left foot to hit everything else. Oh, and pay attention only to the left and right arrows (as in, concentrate on hitting those). It helps for me. Once that little section is over, you're on your own. It's not too hard to figure out. On the Classic course (EXTREME) Wonderland (UKS Mix)-Sounds like something I've gotta translate! MANIAC MODE: First, find out which arrow in the ridiculously long eighth note strings is repeated. Then, ignore that arrow. Concentrate instead on the arrows that change. The first string goes something like up, left, up, down, up, right, up, down, up. . .so ignore the up arrow and concentrate on hitting the left arrow, then the down arrow, then the right arrow, etc. Repeat for pretty much the whole song. This song goes slow enough where you should be able to find the repeating/changing arrows without too much difficulty. Oh, yes, and it is possible to pass this song without stepping on two arrows with the same foot. You just have to twist in new and slightly painful ways. For me, about as hard as .59. Pops, Side A notes will have a space of 2-4 beats between them. Only one group of two will be on consecutive beats. Goes fairly slow. Count, dang it! Easier than Have You Never Been Mellow, IMHO. BEST FOR: Those just getting started. HARDEST PART: Keeping track of where you are. Never Gonna Make (Factory Dance Team Mix)-Not a bad song. . . MANIAC MODE-The runs can go away. Everything else. . .well. . . Young Forever-In order to play it, you gotta be able to stand it. Can't pass if you're in a ball on the ground! TRICK MODE-Most eight notes are in groups of three, and most of those are the right-left-right type (read: the second-easiest to read). One section is up-beats. . .don't fail at that point. A few of those eighth notes will be in groups of five. These groups shouldn't be too hard to handle. The worst problem I can forsee is the fact that the arrows are pretty much a constant stream. MANIAC MODE-Now it involves sixteenth notes. Follow the music for that. Don't remember much else. Pops, Side B Ba Kkwo-What the. . .never mind. TRICK MODE-Ugh. . .I don't like those seven left-right arrows!! Jump like you've gotta use the bathroom. MANIAC MODE-This one is a nice up-down workout. That is, there seems to be a lot of up and down arrows. It requires some torso twisting, so be careful. The eighth note groups are long, but managable. . .barely. The off-color arrows follow the music. Tubthumpin'-Whee. . .the room is spinning. . . MANIAC MODE-This is a spin song. Don't get too dizzy. . .made that mistake once. . .never again. Fortunately, this song is riduculously slow, so reading the eighth notes shouldn't be too hard. Stepping to the eighth notes in time. . .that's another story. Vol. 4-My mom calls it the popcorn piece. TRICK MODE-Eighth notes are scattered throughout the song. Watch for them. The very first chain will require sliding or spinning (I recommend the former). So will most of the other chains in the beginning. The final up-down chain at the end shouldn't be too bad after all the eighth notes the stupid song threw at you. Covers & Classics Flashdance-The arrows scroll fast, and there isn't much in terms of break. Oh, and that left-right double step is quite present! MANIAC MODE-This song goes! The worst parts involve eighth notes and double steps (a la Hysteria). Gotcha (Theme from Starsky and Hutch-A nice trumpet piece, for one. The scrolling speed is fairly slow. . .a bit too slow. It's slow enough to mess up those raised on Boom Boom Dollar. Arrows come every other beat. . .or once every three beats. That stupid left-right double step makes an apperance. . .stay sharp. Growlie freestyled to this song, and won second place in the freestyle tourney he was in! One Two (Little Bitch)-Maniac Mode only. . .for obvious reasons. MANIAC MODE-Don't freak out. Follow the first few words, then start double-stepin' like there's no tomorrow. It's possible to freak during the up-down double steps, but it ain't recommended. The eighth note strings can all be hit with alternating feet. DO NOT end this song on your knees ('cause I have a nasty scar on my knee from my attempt). Follow the words. It should work. The beginning double-steps will repeat in the end. Spin, but don't fall off the machine! Shake Your Booty-What the? Well, Trick Mode only. TRICK MODE-It starts off nice and easy. . .almost like a Simple song. Then the "Shake shake shake" part comes, and you hafta remember how to do a left-down double step. . .and a right-up double step. . .fairly slow, but I KNOW someone will mess up that section and consequently fail. Simple, really. Just step up and down on either the left and down arrows, or the right and up arrows during the chorus. Shouldn't be too bad after that. Just remember that this is a fairly slow song, so don't rush. Special Selection This sorta seems like the Konami Player's Best. No new songs here. DDR 5TH MIX STRATEGY This is very, very incomplete. Now I gotta finish up TWO games at the same time! Wish me luck!! Wanna help? E-mail me; HELP!! Abyss-Yeah, and the moron who made it a 2 should be fired. It's a constant stream of arrows on the beat, and that makes for some serious arrow-stomping. This song is easily as hard as a typical 3. TRICK MODE-Don't worry. . .the arrows aren't going overly fast. Eighth note groups do appear, but if my memory serves me correctly, they are not that hard to decipher. Be wary of the nice stop in the middle. MANIAC MODE-This song becomes a royal pain if the music in your arcade is turned way down. Follow the drums in the beginning. The rhythm repeats itself later in the song, so keep sharp. When the piano comes on, start alternating feet on the eighth notes. Don't rush the eighth notes (it's very tempting. . .). The song will stop somewhere in the middle. . .again, keep the eighth notes steady. The tricky rhythm will reappear, followed by another eighth note pattern. . .and a few arrows that are actually on the beat will scroll by. . .and that's the end of the song. From IIDX. . .the second easiest song on that blasted course! Broken My Heart-It's more like Broken My Eardrums. TRICK MODE-I don't know anything about this song. . .probably because I haven't gotten past Still in my Heart (Momo Mix) on Naoki feat. Paula Terry. MANIAC MODE-The beginning is reminiscent of Dynamite Rave. . .on Maniac. After Paula Terry starts off the song (in a hushed voice, thank goodness), the rhythm turns into a predictable variety of eighth notes with a sixteenth note mixed in there for foot cramps (1 * 2 * 3 ^ * 4 *, repeat until your legs fall off). One of these patterns require a slide/spin/lots of preparation. When you can hear Paula's voice again (ow), the song eases into groups of three eighth notes. Double steps (on the beat) will be stuck in there for your cramping pleasure. When you see a string of sixth eighth notes, that means that the next few groups of eighth notes you see will start on the up beat. The chorus isn't too hard. . .until you get to the double step that starts off a group of eighth notes. Be prepared for more double steps starting/ending groups of eighth notes. Once Naoki tells Paula to shut up (in his own way), the arrows will be on the up beat. When the sythesizer starts going off the lam, the eighth notes will resume (no spinning required). This LONG group will end in a double step. The bridge is THE hardest part of this song. The rhythm is syncopated, and double steps are again mixed up in the eighth notes. Jump on the two arrows that make up the double step if you want. The chorus will take its hint from the bridge and mix up double steps with eighth notes. As soon as Paula belts out the chorus' death cry ("I'm telling you. . ."), watch for TWO double steps in that group of eighth notes. Nail the last few eighth note groups (the last three start on the up beat) and breathe. In case you were wondering. . .I like this song. I don't like Paula Terry's voice. Cat's Eye (Ventura Mix)-PIKA! PIKA! PIKACHU!! Well, it's the Pikachu song. Yep, Pokemon made it into DDR (well, sort of. . .)! Regardless, arrows will come on the beat and in fairly long strings. Don't freak out. The double steps aren't that bad. . .a la E-rotic and Basic songs, in general. Now, if only I could show off in it. . . MANIAC MODE-Rhythm, rhythm. I have the dangdest time trying to hold a streak through this song. Can't Stop Fallin' In Love (Speed Mix)-Unfortunately, I can't stop screaming when I hear this song. . .ugh! TRICK MODE-The steps start off on the beat. When the off-beat steps show up, follow the melody of the song. Eighth note groups of three and occasionally five will show up during the part between the introduction and the chorus. Follow the singer's voice through the chorus. Good luck on the up, up, up-down-up, up-down-up, up-down-up portion! Any sort of streak I carry breaks here. Sometime during the repeat of the chorus, a short syncopated section scrolls up. Watch for it. MANIAC MODE-And if you can't nail that first left-right double step, you are in trouble. Regardless of what happens with the first arrow, be prepared to twist. A lot. The first few arrows remind me of AM-3P on Maniac. . .and on a mad sugar rush. Pay attention to the arrows that switch direction, not the down arrow. When the "constant" arrow turns into an up arrow, twist. If this twist feels unusual, remember that it's sorta like a mirror image of the first run. Once that part runs out, alternate feet. The verse sorta felt like a slower version of Dead End. Once the chorus starts, be wary of the sixteenth notes before the left-down double steps. . .and later, the right-down double steps. The jam-on-one-arrow section is a prime spot for calf cramps. Take it easy. When the bridge starts ("Say you love me baby. . ."), follow the singer's voice. . .and make sure she doesn't break anyone's ears. The chorus will repeat. . .same deal, just about. Get past that instrumental run (which I don't remember), and end the song with a left-down step. Then get something to drink and maybe a stretcher. Conga Feeling-Yow! The severe lack of speed shows! TRICK MODE-Just because this song is slow does NOT mean that it has the right to contain rhythm a few cuts lower than Sana Mollete Ne Ente Maniac. MANIAC MODE-What a royal pain to read! Get used to the speed of the first three arrows. . .now quadruple it. . .and that's about how fast the rest of the song will go, from the perspective of the player. Mess up the very beginning and there will be bad things in store! Mess up the eighth notes that come shortly after and watch that squiggly blue line disappear very quickly! One particular string requires either a strange shuffle-step or a spin (your choice). Then the footrolls appear. That is, two eighth notes and a footroll appear. The worst of the rolls starts off with a double-step. Time these rolls well, or that meter is gonna disappear real fast! Then comes the pseudo-skipping part. Why pseudo-skipping? The tempo is too slow to allow skipping. . .but it's the same principle. Rush the skips, and watch the song end early. Get past the skipping. . .and the song is over. Electro Tuned (the SubS Mix)-Whoa. . .don't let the bass kill ya! MANIAC MODE-If a IIDX machine with this song is available, play it there. Listen to the strange rhythms there. On the Road of TaQ. . .curse you, Konami! Healing Vision-The good news is that the arrows are usually a beat or two apart. The bad news is that the song changes speed four times. The really bad news is that this song goes at 196 beats per minute for the most part. Not quite my idea of an Ordinary song. MANIAC MODE-Before attempting the beginning, play Love This Feeling on Maniac. From what I can tell, the rhythm in the beginning is 1 * 2 ^ * 3 * 4 ^ *, etc., with the numbers being the beats, the * being the up beats, and the ^ indicating a sixteenth note. The rhythm might change at one point, but I'm not sure. Watch for the speed to double about 16 beats after the arrows start (another guess). When the arrows start going fast, the rhythm starts going strange. Arrows with a certain rhythm will scroll by. This rhythm will be repeated a few times, and another rhythm will flash by. That rhythm will repeat a few times, and the cycle will repeat itself. When three up arrows with odd colors appear, prepare for the speed to be quartered. Nailing those slow arrows requires patience, the ability to hear the music, and a general idea of when the song will quadruple in speed. This section is shorter than the first section. Again, the same rhythm will be repeated. When the down arrow becomes overused, watch out for the final speed change. Hit the last few arrows, and the song will finish. INSERTiON-Just the song title itself is enough to make me wanna choose another song! TRICK MODE-This song doesn't go all that fast. . .for the most part. The beginning should be fairly easy to read. Count to yourself if the rhythm doesn't quite make sense. Various rhythm patterns repeat. Of the several groups of five eighth notes that appear throughout the song, approximately half of these groups are (arrow 1), (arrow 2), (arrow 1), (arrow 2), (arrow 3). The other half consist of groups that can easily be hit with alternating feet (like down-up-right-down-up). The trickiest rhythm comes shortly after the freeze. Follow the loudest part of the song (should not be piano). Good luck on the speed-up. MANIAC MODE-This is like Dynamite Rave on sugar. Before choosing this song, take note of the highest and lowest numbers that the BPM meter hits. The song goes at about 139 beats per minute. . .for the most part. To make visualization a bit easier, the arrows go just a bit faster than Orion.78. . .usually. For the part before the freeze, follow the music. Get accustomed to the sixteenth notes. Some programmer stuck in a footroll. . .and this footroll is very easy to rush. Once past that, listen carefully to the music. If this rhythm seems impossible, try Cat's Eye Maniac or Lupin the 3rd '78 Maniac. Once that rhythm feels like second nature. . .the arrows freeze. Be warned that when they restart, they will be scrolling a good deal slower than before. Remember the lowest number on that BPM meter? That's how slow the arrows are going. It will gradually return to its original speed. Then the rhythm gets funky. This is another situation where the music is a big help. The rhythm will then degenerate into something that looks like it came straight out of Orion.78 Maniac. Keep following the music. The song will then become very, very soft, and the arrows will look a little too good to be true. Once that happens, be prepared for a massive speed change right before the end (the songs ENDS at 225 BPM). Get past that, and the song will finally end. On the Tempo Changer course. Lupin the 3rd '78-Don't get this mixed up with Lipton's onion soup mix! Anyway, arrows for the beat, on the beat, with a few left-right double steps mixed in. I'll be more specific. . .later. . . TRICK MODE-Feel the up-beats. Why? You'll need to know them like the back of your hand. A good deal of the notes are syncopated. Yuck. MANIAC MODE-It starts off innocently enough with a footroll, followed by three eighth notes, then another footroll, then three more eighth notes, then two footrolls, then some strange rhythm. Once the "theme" starts, the footrolls will hide inside of a string of eighth notes. The rhythm will repeat itself a few times, and switch. This time, there will be a double step hidden in there somewhere. From there, follow the easiest thing to hear. After that, the rhythm will get truly strange. A string of eighth notes with two eighth notes that are in the same direction appear. After those two eighth notes, a sixteenth note will show itself, followed by a note on the beat. Get that rhythm down. The ending will look scary, but follow the easiest thing to hear. Spin the ending if you so desire. This song isn't too bad for a cata; one of my friends (who has a problem with some of the Paramount songs) passed it on her first try. Matsuri Japan-Watch the arrows whiz by! Anyway, all the steps are on the beat-but that's like saying all the steps in Drop Out are on the beat. From what I remember, that is. There's also the problem of double-jupms. . .but I won't go into that yet. Rant time. Do not call this song Japan. It's Matsuri Japan. MATSURI Japan. Got it? TRICK MODE-This song does not match its rating. The beginning steps look easy enough (if you ignore the double steps). The first eighth note pattern (right-down-left) repeats four times. Ditto for the next eighth note pattern (right-left-down). When the flute comes in, the timing changes (I'd best get this right. . .). Most of the arrows in this section are on the up beat (have fun). After the flute cuts out (thank goodness), the single hardest section of the whole song goes by (and I really don't remember what goes on. . .sad, ain't it?). The rest of the song is a nice jumble of steps that occur on the beat and the occasional eighth step. MANIAC MODE-What? Sixteenth notes? Yep, and every up/down chain, along with a left-right chain, a left-down chain, and a right-up chain are sixteenth notes. The first note is on the beat. The second note is the off-beat one. Figure out the sixteenth note mess in the beginning (it's easier than Saints), and don't get the eighth notes and the sixteenth notes that appear together mixed up. Sixteenths come first. The eighth notes shouldn't be all too bad. Take the breather in the middle. . .you'll need it. When a left-down-right-down-left combination appears in a string, it's a sure sign of the end of the song. When the title screen is displayed for a long, long time, the song has ended. . .finally. ONI MODE-The sixteenth notes are as mixed up as the song! On Fine Choices and Love RevenG. Moonlight Shadow-Had I been doing doubles, I would have a strategy for this song on Maniac. It's nuts! TRICK MODE-Don't be scared! First, the eighth notes are slow, albeit kinda close together. Second, they always come in groups of three (except for that one group that comes in five). Third, the double steps are fairly far apart (except for the "Moonlight shadow shadow" steps). Lastly, the most crowded sections in this song usually have a 1 * 2 3 * 4 rhythm (with * being an up-beat). So this song ain't that bad, right? MANIAC MODE-This song is NOT a Genuine song. Twists all over the place. If you're willing to attempt the twists, be warned that the timing threw me (badly). I wanna spin! Regardless, watch for the sixteenth notes whenever the singer says, "Moonlight shadow (shadow)". Never-Ending Story-I'll dance to this one on Basic, I promise! MANIAC MODE-Timing, timing, timing. The first six notes will not be covered here. If they give you trouble, then you are in for one long song. Get the sixteenth notes sometime after arrow 7 comes on (it follows the melody). That nasty down-left-down-left-down-left. . .part gets some people. The sequence of notes that come before that part are down, right, and left. The sixteenth note is the right arrow. Once you nail those eighth notes (long section-good to streak), proceed to the next part that gives many more people difficulty: the eighth note double step. That is, the first note of this series is on the down beat (easy), and the second note is an up beat AND a double step. The third note is a single up arrow on the up beat (easy to remember), and the second note is a down-right double step on the down beat (again, easy to remember). From there, enjoy the "echo": a group of three eighth notes followed by six notes that mimic the previous combo, all in tempo (1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5). One example would be the right, up, left, right, right, up, up, left, left combo. More later. Paranoia Eternal-Fast, fast, fast! The arrows aren't a continuous stream, but that makes it all that much harder. The rests make this song a royal pain. MANIAC MODE-Now it's groups of eighth notes with rests in the middle. These groups are nowhere near as long as the nightmarish groups in Ninzaburo. The worst one involves ramming on the up arrow. This place is also a prime place to get a calf cramp. Some nutcase put this one on the EXTREME Paranoia Brothers course. Rhythm and Police-Umm. . . MANIAC MODE-This song gave me lots of trouble! The beginning eighth notes require some twisting. Please refer to Moolight Shadow Maniac for lessons on how to twist. Then, the sixteenth notes appear. The first arrow in every "skip" is on the beat. Remember that, for it will serve you well. Face right for best results. The song will switch back to those diabolical twisting eighth notes. Keep going, until a Wonderland-like string appears. Focus on the arrows that change, not the static down arrow (and later, the up arrow). The twisting string will restart, and then the skipping. This time, face left. If you make it out of those sections alive, dance to the final few arrows, and congratulate yourself! On the Dance Mania course (EXTREME). Romansu no Kamisama-I'll see if I remember Trick. . . TRICK MODE-Eighth notes, but the song goes fairly slow. Shouldn't be too bad. . .I hope. . . MANIAC MODE-Whoa! Footrolls in the beginning!! Said footrolls are in groups of five. Try to pick the order out. Good luck. Then the song breaks down into eighth notes. The eighth notes aren't too bad for a Cata. . .until those darned footrolls come back! Then the nightmare restarts! Good luck!! Sky High-This is the Lucyfer version. MANIAC MODE-Wha? This song is somewhat like a slower version of Wonda. Both songs feature strange eighth note arrow combinations that require a bit of twisting, foresight, and thought (especially six arrows that look like they were taken straight out of Afronova Maniac). The runs stop in unexpected places. Both songs are catchy. Worst of all, both have that nasty combination a la Can't Stop Fallin' In Love (Speed Mix) Maniac. . .the one in which the up arrow is the one that doesn't change. Still In My Heart-Can't stand this song. ONI MODE-The song moves at a nice clip. . .until the bridge. Then it slows down Era-style, and your battery won't thank you for it. On Naoki feat. Paula Terry (first song, for cryin' out loud) and Happy Hardcore (?!). The Twist (Double Pump Version)-This song doesn't really match its title in Basic. Maniac, however. . . MANIAC MODE-While the singer is rapping, follow the drums. During the chorus, a chain of five arrows will appear. These arrows shouldn't be too bad. Then a longer chain of arrows will appear. Focus on the arrows on the up-beat, not the arrows on the down-beat. Good luck on the up arrow! When the trumpets come in, be prepared for a long, long endurance test! 6th Mix. . .or what I remember of it. Bye Bye Baby Ballon-Believe me, if I could remember what this song looked like, I'd put something here. Candy (to heck with that star)-This song annoys me. STANDARD MODE-The most interesting part comes in the form of two eighth note groups. Fortunately for you, they follow the music. Hope you did well on Silent Hill Oni on Pop 8. . .'cause you go right into this song and mode with NO gain in battery! HEAVY MODE-The eighth note patterns behave themselves half the time. The rest of said patterns are spin patterns. The hold arrows require more than a little thought (or you'll end up backwards/hitting two eighth notes with one foot/confused). If you don't like twisting while holding an arrow, you're not going to like the arrow pattern in this song much. Cowgirl-My mom got an A on this song on her first try. It's not too fast, and there's only two of those left-right double steps, and about four holds. This song is best for those who find Highs Off U too easy. HEAVY MODE-Skips make up the beginning. The SECOND "skip" arrow is on the beat. The first one is a sixteenth of a beat in front of it (the arrows follow the background music). Watch for the change from sixteenth skips to eighth runs. Towards the end, you'll have to hold one arrow direction while hitting three eighth notes with the other foot (they're in the same direction, so don't worry). Put all your weight on the hold arrow and TAP the three eighth notes. The section after that follows the music (1, 2, ^, *, 3, *, 4). From there, the skips repeat themselves. Hit the last few arrows (left-right double steps) and breathe. Dive (more deeper and deeper style)-Those with the home version of 5th Mix will remember this song. STANDARD MODE-This was the first song I played on DDRMAX, AND I DON'T REMEMBER A THING! This song is on the BeForU course. Of all the songs on that course, this one is probably the easiest. HEAVY MODE-It's much easier than the original Dive. All the arrows are on the up/down beat. The worst thing that you'll encounter are the eighth note groups that start/end in a double step (like the first three arrows you encounter). The rest of it is stuff that shouldn't kill you (but it may lower your score a bit). Do It Right-The song starts out with three arrows on the beat. If this little trio gives you problems, you're in for a rough ride. The arrow strings get rather long in the middle. Left-right double steps are stuck within the longer strings. Good luck. STANDARD MODE-I was busy trying to keep myself out of the danger zone! All I remember are those groups of three eighth notes. . .lots of them! On the Soul 6 course. Do You Remember Me-Apparantly, I don't. Ah, I'm lost. . . STANDARD MODE-The hardest part about this song is the beginning of the verse. Most of those notes are on the up beat. The rest should be fairly easy. HEAVY MODE-The arrows follow the synthesizer. Fortunately, the rhythm isn't too complex. When Jenny starts to sing, the arrows become eighth notes. I don't remember anything else that was overly difficult. On the Pop 8 course. Exotic Ethnic-This song goes FAST. Very fast. STANDARD MODE-Steps occur on the beat. . .sort of. Eighth notes are introduced, but not overused. HEAVY MODE-Eighth notes are overused (the second-longest run has 53 notes; the final run has 69!). The eighth note patterns are reminiscent of Rhythm & Police (tricky, but do not require you to hit two consecutive arrows with the same foot). To make life miserable, Konami also put in some demonic holds (of the double step variety). This is an endurance song (one of many) on MAX. This song appears on the Love RevenG course (yeah. . .gotta love the tempo range of that crazy course). Fantasy-Didn't play it on Light. STANDARD MODE-The beginning is made up of holds. The holds themselves are a bit off beat at times, but they follow the background organ (or whatever that thing is). Once the synthesizer music breaks out, the arrows come on the beat. The arrows will continue to come on the beat when the singer starts doing her job. Somewhere in the middle is a nice hold section. Once the chorus begins, the arrows will continue to come once a beat. . .except arrows 1 and 3 are now hold arrows. The end is the same as the beginning sythesizer part. If you want some free Oridnary World practice, put this on Shuffle. HEAVY MODE-Play this song on Standard first, or the mass of arrows that count for a beginning won't make any sense. These arrows (double steps included) follow the music, more or less, but the music's rhythm is a mess. After the singer starts singing, the arrows turn into eighth notes. Double steps lurk within the eighth notes close to the chorus. Within the chorus, the singer will pause, and the synthesizer will blare out a run. During these times, the arrows will follow the synthesizer. Most people fail during the synthesizer runs. If you can make it past the chorus. . .the beginning pattern repeats itself. Oh well. Firefly-I'll ask my mom about it. STANDARD MODE-Some holds (but not enough to seriously hurt you unless you miss more than two in a row). Several eighth note groups appear throughout. If memory serves me right, one particularly long one is close to the end of the song. Everything else is on the beat steps (double steps included). On the BeForU course. HEAVY MODE-If it looks like a double step. . .it's a sixteenth note pattern (usually). The rhythm will follow the drums more often than not. Up beat arrows pepper the beginning. During the first few measure of Riyu Kosaka's singing ("deku dake", or something like that. It's near-inaudible), two eighth notes will appear. Problem is, arrow #2 is a hold arrow. Don't freak out. After that part ("Kedo shitsu ni") it's a run of eighth notes (which are slow enough to muddle out). The arrows during the holds at the end are on the beat. The last run begins on an up beat. Flash in the Night-Unfortunately, this song didn't make it past this mix. In terms of music, it's cheesy. In terms of steps. . .the steps themselves occur once every two beats. There's a rather nasty hold in the middle; good luck getting that. Watch for those left-right double steps. STANDARD MODE-This is the home of the smelliest hold on MAX. Steps are on every beat, and occasionally between beats! Said hold is a left-right double step that lasts for four measures. At least that hold in Ghosts is an up arrow. . . HEAVY MODE-Whose idea of a joke is this? The beginning arrows follow the synthesizer, which is rattling off sixteenth notes like there's no tomorrow. Once you get past that part (hopefully without a leg cramp), the arrows turn into nice eighth note patters with a double step mixed in occasionally. That stupid hold from Standard Mode is still there. Once the chorus starts, the eighth notes have more double steps mixed in. . .joy. After the chorus (which is supposed to be your chance to catch a breather), the synthesizer goes wild. Unfortunately, so do the arrows. The song ends with a double step. Have fun. Follow Me-Since NO ONE has played this song on Light, you won't see anything here. HEAVY MODE-In terms of tech, this song is relatively easy. The eighth notes don't do anything strange until the end (and even that's not too bad). Missed an AA on this song by 3 blinkin' Perfects! Ghosts-Do you know what a hold is? If you don't, play something else. This song features a four measure hold, and if you miss it, your meter will DROP. Other than that, the arrows are once every two beats (approximately). HEAVY MODE-Hear the synthesizer? That's what the arrows follow. Be careful of the hold arrows with three regular arrows during the hold-miss more than three of those holds and you'll be on your way to the Danger/Fail screen (depending on how well you did in the beginning). After those holds, it's back to the synthesizer. Repeat until the song is over. Groove-The lyrics are lame. HEAVY MODE-The hardest part, hands down, is the group of five eighth notes, with arrows 3 and 5 being double steps. If in doubt, jump on left-down until you hit left-down, the jump on right-down until you hit right-down. Then go back to the rest of the song. The pattern mentioned above is the predominant pattern. All variations of this pattern follow the same group pattern (arrow, arrow, double step, arrow, arrow). While that pattern is not in use, eighth notes (regular ones) will scroll by. Compared to what the beginning threw at you, these are really easy. When that pattern does not show up for a LONG time, the song is about to end. Fans of D2R will recognize the pattern; three sixteenth notes followed by a double step (1 ^ * 2, 2 is a double step). Don't rush these; I saw someone FAIL the Soul 6 course on those last four steps. Groove 2001-The lyrics are even lamer. TRICK MODE-Don't let the eighth note clusters mess you up. On the Cool 7 course. Healing Vision (Angelic Mix)-Noise, anyone? The arrows creep up at 49 BPM. Once the first arrow hits the top, the speed changes to 196 BPM. Somewhere in the middle, the song pauses. The last two arrows (two right arrows) are at 49 BPM. These arrows are like the eighth notes that go by at 196 BPM. Since there is very little eighth notes in this mode, you're going to have an interesting time with them. One section will have a LONG rest; don't worry, that's perfectly normal. You'll know when the mini-breather arrives when you have to hit five left-right eighth ntoes. The arrows will resume. . .eventually. But then, you won't want them to resume. Why? You WILL become familiar with the left-down-right pattern, because it appears throughout the end! The rest of the arrows are on the beat (with the exception of two in the beginning, and they aren't that hard to figure out) with no pattern whatsoever. Double steps are stuck in wherever Konami felt like putting them. Folks, this is CHAOS! STANDARD MODE-Fun! Not too many eighth notes, but the arrows don't really stop. That long pause in the middle is replaced by syncopated arrows. They follow the bass line (which 2MB conveniently blasts in this section). HEAVY MODE-Not fun if you get a cramp in the middle of the song. The first couple clusters are nice enough, but the following eighth note groups require spinning/sliding/excellent timing (hey, that rhymed). Once the "melody" starts (look for the floating woman), the arrows revert to on-the-beat arrows. . .but not for long! You'll have eighth note cluster after eighth note cluster. When the blast section comes on, you'll have an arrow followed by a double step a half beat later. When the arrows stop, take a short breather. The eighth notes will resume, and they WON'T STOP until the song is over. On Kidou (8th song, mucho tiring). I'm In The Mood For Dancing-Long title. . .lousy title picture! STANDARD MODE-It's really messed up! There are eighth notes aplenty! It wasn't what I was expecting. HEAVY MODE-The synthesizer behaves somewhat. Following the synthesizer shouldn't be too hard, unless the music is near-inaudible. When the singer starts, the eighth notes will start to follow a pattern, but you'll need to slide somewhere in the middle of it all. The eighth notes will stick around, more or less (but there will be breaks, thank goodness). About halfway through the song ("I'm in the mood/I'm in the mood"), the arrows will follow the singer's voice. When the singer is absent, the arrows will follow the synthesizer. The ending is very abrupt (it felt like I ran into a brick wall). Justify My Love-Sorry folks, but I don't like this song. STANDARD MODE-Some eighth notes, none that require spinning. On the Cool 7 course (PLEASE don't fail this!). HEAVY MODE-What a pain. It starts off easily enough. When the arrows start turning into holds, watch carefully ("I need to know, I need to know"). Right after the hold section, the arrows don't seem to follow much of anything (except for chaos). The clusters of arrows are actually groups of five sixteenth notes, for the most part. This pattern will repeat, and then the song will end. Best read on 1.5x. Let The Beat Hit 'Em (Stonebridge Club Mix)-The person in the background disturbs me. This song is one of the slowest songs you'll encounter. Don't rush, listen to the music, and have fun. HEAVY MODE-Be wary of the double steps placed within eighth arrow groups. While you're at it, be very aware of the beat, because you don't get many second chances on the From Solo course (and this is the first thing you encounter). Let's Groove-I apologize to all Afro fans. The scenes with Afro in them are AWFUL! Pictoral rant aside, this song is slow. It will also drill the left-right double step into your head. You get a whole lot of them in the beginning. I'm not sure if the same holds true for the up-down pattern, though. Steps occur about once every two beats. Be prepared for a tempo change (a la Era) when the woman/falsetto comes in. After the "stand up" part, the arrows will return to their original speed (which wasn't that fast to begin with) and their original pattern (more or less). This song is deceptively tiring. . .or, at least I found it that way. HEAVY MODE-It starts off with a hold. Two eighth notes follow the hold. The pattern repeats itself until the beat turns into a 260 BPM metronome (no, the arrow speed won't change). From there, it's eighth note city; the patterns aren't too bad. There will be little time to prepare for that slow part; be careful. The song will speed up shortly after the up-right-up-right sixteenth note group. Step to them as if they were eighth notes going at regular speed. The arrows aren't that bad once the song speeds up again. Hit that last hold, and you're done. The hardest part about this song is its lack of speed. Found on the Tempo Changer and Soul 6 courses (the latter was an. . .interesting experience. . .one I hope I never have to repeat). Look To The Sky-This song is sad, but that movie clip in the middle is neat! Steps are on the beat, most of the time. Be familiar with the left-right and up-down double steps; they appear somewhere in the middle and at the end. I call it neo-Butterfly. Trivia bit: Ask someone to name at least two of the DDR characters show in the movie. The first, and most obvious one, is Alice (her dance mates don't have a name, if memory serves me right). Those who are observant will name the second one: Johnny (he appears briefly durning the beginning). STANDARD MODE-More double steps and the occasional eighth note. The end is close when a group of five eighth notes scroll by. On the Cool 7 course. If you lose more than one bar during this song, you aren't going to make it past this course. If you lose more than one bar intentionally. . .blah to you. HEAVY MODE-This time, those cursed eighth notes have a double step mixed in. The few measures before the synthesized voice comes in contain sixteenth notes that follow the music. The arrows during Anna's singing are mostly long groups of eighth notes. If you're comfortable with strings of five or more, you'll be fine. Spin the end, if you wish. Lovin' You (Rob Searle Mix)-I hate the original song, and I hate this song, too. Sorry, but you're not going to see anything here unless I get this song in a tournament. HEAVY MODE-Two hard parts, both of which require a bit of So Deep-esque reading. It's not too hard to recover from them. Max 300-Yes, it's fast, and yes, it sounds like noise, and yes, it's way harder on IIDX. Arrows come once every two beats, with some arrows coming in on even beats. Keep sharp, and it isn't that bad. STANDARD MODE-Well, it gets worse. Be wary of the run before the end-it's a small sample of what Heavy Mode holds. Most of the arrows are on a beat. HEAVY MODE-Eww. . .just. . .eww. . . In the beginning, pay attention to the LAST arrow of those rolls. Then, work on not falling off the stage, because those 1 * 2 clusters aren't that hard (until the pattern looks like up-left-down, or something like that). Then, make sure your legs don't cramp. Then. . .hit that freeze arrow in the middle of the song, and make sure that nice O.K. pops up. Then. . .continue with the mad arrow mashing. Again, focus on the last arrow of those rolls. The rhythmic changes are somewhat subtle, so don't hit the upbeat arrows too early. Get to the final freeze arrow, and breathe. Simply, breathe. Final stage on Kidou. Knock someone else out. Midnight Blaze-Those with 5th Mix home version can remember this song and sigh. The arrows come on the beat, every beat, with very little exception. If this song is hard, it's because those darned arrows don't stop. Think Drop The Bomb, with different music. STANDARD MODE-Well, this time, there's those off-beat eighth arrows to mess you up. There's quite a few of them, so don't fall over. HEAVY MODE-I still can't AA this song. Follow the loudest part of the synthesizers in the beginning, and that should be the rhythm of those awful notes. The rhythm during the rapping is fairly basic stuff. . .except for one nasty upbeat section (which is fairly short). The chorus gets tricky. Hum along to the song, and you'll get the rhythm to the chorus. Overall, it shouldn't be hard, but. . . Miracle-Zzzz. . .er, what? The song itself is slow, and if the music is turned down, it's harder to get Perfects on it. Arrows come slowly every two beats or so. It would be a great beginner song if I didn't cringe every time I heard it. HEAVY MODE-Those Electro Tuned notes are back with a vegeance. For those that think Electro Tuned is the name of a blender, those arrows are two sixteenth arrows in the same direction. They're slower than they appear, though, so don't rush. The rest doesn't require an explanation. My Sweet Darlin'-Gotta love the original Japanese version of this song. HEAVY MODE-If the first four arrows give you problems (and it's not the machine's fault), you're in for a rough ride. Sing along with me: "Got to have lots of beautiful things/Because I'm scard to lose them, but/I want you, I want you, I want you/Even if you love someone else." You just sang the rhythm for that entire section (watch out for those double steps). During the "I want you" part, don't rush those up arrows. When the singer's voice gets caught in the sythesizer, it's roll time! Don't rush that, either. The arrows will briefly shy away from the singer and follow the synthesizer. Then. . ."Darling darling/Just call me my baby. . ." The arrows will again follow the singer's voice. When "Please look at me" blares out, that will signal a five-arrow roll, with the last arrow being a hold arrow. Focus on the first arrow and the hold arrow, and the roll will fall nicely in between. From there, it follows the background beat, then the synthesizer. See, it isn't that bad. . .except as the final song on the Pop 8 course. Nori Nori Nori-No, it's not a discussion about seaweed or bumming a ride. It's about hitting arrows on the beat. HEAVY MODE-It's been ages since I've played this song, and I don't remember anything except for a couple of hold arrows. On The Jazz-Hmm, what's a billiards table doing in this video? This song goes nice and slow, which is good, because it's one of the more inaudible songs in the game. HEAVY MODE-Like all jazz songs, this song doesn't have the easiest rhythm in the world to decipher. Take very careful note as to where those darned sixteenths are. Take an even closer note of those double steps. Can you tell the difference? Good. Now, keep the number of non-combo notes down, because this song is on Cool 7. Ordinary World-Well, Duran Duran didn't go on a killing spree when they found out that one of their songs was remixed and sung by a woman, so life may continue. This song has a fairly slow beat, and the arrows come rather infrequently (once every two beats or so). It makes for a great song for beginners. HEAVY MODE-Somewhat easy to pass, very hard to do well on. First, the difference between an eighth note and a dotted eighth note is about one-tenth of a second, so going too slow on the former or rushing the latter will happen the first few times. The notes in the beginning are eighth notes; the notes following those are dotted eighth notes. But timing is only half of what makes this song a royal pain to tech. Those hold arrows are arranged in that awful up-left-down-right (or some rotation thereof) pattern. . .which equals a spin. If you've played this song often, then spinning should be no problem. If spinning is out of the question, you'll need to shift feet in the middle of a hold arrow (it's possible, since the hold arrow will continue to "hold" for a short while after pressure has been released), but the timing of that has to be very precise. There's also a step technique to get out of spinning, but I can't do it to save my life. Or. . .you can cheat and turn off the freeze arrows (and make the song boring). Regardless, pay attention to that spin, because it comes up again, in the chorus. After the final hold arrow in the spin sequence (left or right), a string of eighth notes appear, and if you miss them all, you lose. The spin will repeat, but in the opposite direction. I can't say the same for the group of eighth arrows that appear later. The ending is also a spin, but one that is easily memorized. I find it easier to do that last part with my back to the machine, because it allows me to concentrate on the bass, which is what those last few arrows follow. Good luck. Orion.78 (Civilization Mix)-I can't seem to time this song at all. STANDARD MODE-Pass this, and you're probably ready for Heavy mode. This song moves, and a good chunk of it is on the up beat. The middle section (Da-Da-Dance!) follows the music (which means that the notes are somewhere between up beat and down beat). After that section, it's just more eighth note mashing (don't mix up eighth notes and double steps, both of which occur far too often in this song). This song will require stamina to pass. HEAVY MODE-This step chart can kiss my rear. It's a broken-up version of Healing Vision (Angelic Mix) without the stop and with several more double steps. One section (Da-Da-Dance!) is actually made of Matsuri Japan-like arrows, so watch carefully (or so it appears). Another stamina buster. On The Road of 2MB. Share My Love-The only tricky part occurs during the singing of the song title. The rest is on the beat. STANDARD MODE-Same tricky part, but with several eighth arrows throughout the song. On Soul 6, first song. Sobakasu (Freckles) (KCP Re-Edit)-I hated this song on Rurouni Kenshin, and I hate this song on DDR. Grr. . . STANDARD MODE-Looks more similar to Heavy mode than to Light mode. If those blasted groups of eighth notes don't scare you, then you just might be ready to tackle this song on Heavy. HEAVY MODE-The first AA for many people. . .but I wasn't one of them. The notes are either on the up beat or down beat, and the hold arrows aren't THAT hard to hold down. The hardest part is to hit all the arrows while holding said hold arrow down. There's a twist or two, but nothing that can't be easily fixed. On Pop 8. So Deep (Perfect Sphere Remix)-It's an awesome song, but don't get too caught up in the sheer beauty of the music, or you'll start missing arrows. Be prepared for a few double steps. STANDARD MODE-Okay, so those double steps are more prolific, and some of them have been turned into holds (three or four in a row, to be exact). It's nothing that can't be overcome. Those eighth notes, on the other hand. . . HEAVY MODE-This was the first song that forced me to use a speed mod to pass it. First, play Twilight Zone. Got a feel for a bunch of sixteenth notes put together? It's a similar principal, but you don't get the luxury of jumping around like that. The first measure of notes, in count form, looks like 1 ^ (*) ^ 2 (^) * ^ (3) ^ * (^) 4 (^) * (^). . .but don't step on the counts in parenthesis. Repeat seven more times. The next pattern is a two-measure pattern. The first measure is a repeat of the above. The second measure looks like 1 ^ (*) ^ 2 (^) * ^ (3) ^ * (^) 4 ^ * (^). Repeat that pattern three more times. The first measure in the next set looks like 1 ^ * ^ 2 (^) * ^ 3 ^ * (^) 4 ^ * (^). The second measure is the same rhythm as the first measure of the song. Repeat this pattern three more times. The first measure of the next set looks like the first measure of the previous set. The second measure of this set looks like the tenth measure of notes (it's the second rhythm diagram). Repeat that pattern three more times. The first measure of the next pattern is (1) ^ (*) ^ 2 (^) * (^) 3 ^ (*) ^ 4 (^) * (^). The second measure is 1 ^ (*) ^ 2 (^) * (^) 3 ^ * (^) 4 ^ * (^). It repeates. . .three more times. What a surprise. The final two-measure pattern is 1 ^ (*) ^ 2 (^) * (^) 3 ^ (*) ^ 4 (^) * (^) 1 ^ (*) ^ 2 (^) * (^) 3 ^ * (^) 4 ^ * ^. The last part of the pattern runs into the first part of the next pattern, thus creating a group of three sixteenth notes, followed by a group of six sixteenth notes, but the last two arrows of that group are really the first two arrows of the next pattern. Repeat that pattern two and a half times. The final measure and count looks like 1 (^) ! (^) 2 (^) * (^) 3 ^ * ^ 4 ^ * ^ #. The ! is the first double step in the song (left-right). The # is the final double step of the song (left-right hold arrow). The above rhythms were all done from memory, so if they're wrong, that's my fault. On Shin Kidou, with good reason. Somewhere Over The Rainbow-See that tempo range? Well, the song slows down to the lowest speed on the BPM gauge at about the third or fourth measure of arrows. If possible, memorize the arrows in this section, close your eyes, and step in time to the singer's voice. When the singer asks the rhetorical question of the song, listen for the final "I", and then prepare for the arrows to speed up to 120 BPM, and stay there. That's all, really. HEAVY MODE-The beginning is just there to tick you off. Ignore the screen during the slow section, if possible. Your goal is to be able to follow the singer's voice entirely, because that's what the arrows follow (including that hold arrow). Once the song speeds up again, nothing tricky happens, until those double steps start appearing on counts 2 and 4 in those eighth note runs towards the end of the song. On the Tempo Changer course. Telephone Operator(Club Mix)-The hardest part of this song is enduring the singer's voice. The song will stop momentarily, but it follows the music. STANDARD MODE-Eighth notes are introduced, and it can be a rude awakening for some. The song will still spaz, but it will follows the music. HEAVY MODE-This time, the eighth notes are all on the same arrow, so do NOT rush them. Those eighth arrows in the stop-go section follow the cymbal crashes. Soem twisting will be involved, but if this is too hard, go back to Freckles or something. The Center of the Heart-Go get 5th Mix, then go look at the notes. They're the same. HEAVY MODE-The only parts of note are those pesky double steps in the middle of three eighth notes, and that middle section, which follows the background bass exactly. So long as you make 60% or so of the notes in that section, you'll pass. true...(radio edit)-Yep, that's Riyu Kosaka. HEAVY MODE-I find the rhythm in the chorus to be a pain. I also don't play this song much, so I can't tell you what that rhythm is. true...(trance sunrise mix)-This mix title makes no sense. Neither does Ms. Kosaka. STANDARD MODE-On the BeForU course (and WHY didn't they put the radio edit version of this song on Heavy on that course instead of this song and mode?) HEAVY MODE-The rhythm isn't all too bad, until the chorus rolls around. For lessons on how to gallop, please play Cowgirl. The gallops are slightly slower than Cowgirl, and it will be broken once by three dotted eighth arrows and a hold arrow. After that, the rhythm is dictated by Riyu's voice. Don't mess up those last two hold arrows. Twilight Zone (RC Club Edit)-Hey, it's a MAX demo song. HEAVY MODE-The melody is loud and annoying, and the arrows follow it perfectly. Once the melody changes pitch, the rhythm is 1 # 2 3 * 4, where # is a hold arrow (a short hold arrow), and * is a regular off beat arrow. PLEASE don't mess up that run in the middle. When the female singers kick in, the rhythm changes to (# * 2 *) 3 * 4, where the # is the hold arrow, and the parenthesis are the arrows that appear during the hold. Don't get tied up in this section. After the left-right hold, the beginning rhythm repeats itself. It makes for good So Deep practice. Witch Doctor (Giant Toons Mix)-Instead of the arrows coming on beats 1 and 3, they come on 2 and 4. This minor change will mess up many people. STANDARD MODE-By far one of the easiest songs made on Standard. . .so long as those double steps don't get mangled. First, identify the double step. Then, lean on the hold arrow. On the next count, step on the regular step. Lather, rinse, repeat. During the verse of this song, a few eighth notes will appear, but if the beginning is easy for you, then this part won't be too much of a threat. Appears on Fine Choices, I think. HEAVY MODE-INSERTiON, meet Rhythm & Police. The beginning has a rhythm similar to INSERTiON, but at a much faster tempo. No double steps occur during that messy part. . .or anything similar during the song. During the verse, don't trip up on those seemingly-easy eighth notes. Reading this song is very hard; it should've been a 9. This song will also drain your stamina., that voice! The arrows come once every measure, with a few coming once every two beats. If it weren't for the singer. . . HEAVY MODE-Another common first AA. The harderst part is not rushing those double steps (and anyone who has played this song knows what I mean). Otherwise, it isn't overly hard. On par with Freckles. . .for irritation. Yozora no Mukou-Steps come once every two beats, with a few on the even beats. I have a black flag on this song. Grr. . . HEAVY MODE-What the. . .The arrows in the beginning follow the synthesizer. That mess in the middle won't kill you unless you're on an Oni course (and I don't remember what course this song appeared on). If you can manage to hit the first three arrows and the last two, you'll be fine. After that scary part, the song transforms into a relativly simple eighth note exercise (with a twist). Build up your meter while you can; the ending mirrors the beginning. Before I forget. . .MAX 2 stuff. . . A Minute (Extended Mix)-Contrary to its name, A Minute is longer than a minute. I usually RUN when I hear this song. STANDARD MODE-Steps are on the beat (not too bad, since the beat is slow). There are some double steps, and a nice little hold section that is good training for Silent Hill Oni and Ordinary World Maniac (if you put it on Shuffle). The final song on Nearly 130 (and this is the easiest song on the course). BreAk Down!-So I can't get the A upside-down. Sue me. Arrows will whiz by once every two beats, with occasional arrows on beats 2 and 4. Double steps (especially those left-right ones) come in groups. During the bridge, several long hold arrows will do bad things to your meter if you miss more than 2 of them. Don't forget the arrow at the end; if you're low on meter, it may be the difference between passing and failing! STANDARD MODE-Want fast, double step practice? As in, single step, double step, single step, double step, repeat ad infinitum until the chorus? Play this. HEAVY MODE-Konami kindly put this song on BeForU and Kidou 2 (curse them). The intro arrow patterns are good for twist practice (and for putting yourself in the Danger zone, if you miss that last arrow in every group). I recommend sliding the last two arrows of those groups (because getting the torque for the first and third groups is a lot more difficult than it seems). If these arrow patterns seem too hard. . .you're in trouble. Once the verse begins, the arrow patterns behave themselves. . .for a little while. The strange-looking patterns that appear after the nice patterns require spinning or sliding. Once the chorus begins, all sorts of bad things start to happen. All the groups are either eighth note groups (which require a little bit of twisting) or double steps (thank goodness they aren't mixed in with the eighth notes). The four notes that occur right before the bridge start on the up-beat. Use your right foot to hit the left arrow. Use your left foot to hit the down arrow. Dance from there. The bridge is made up of eight count hold arrows with regular arrows during the hold. Don't miss those hold arrows (but if you do, make sure to combo the regular arrows). Slide the arrow groups that appear once the chorus resumes until you're comfortable enough with the song to anticipate them (and twist accordingly. . .start the whole thing off by hitting the left arrow with the right foot. Be warned that these twists are difficult to pull off; if you consistently miss that last arrow, your meter will plummet faster than the stock market did during the Great Depression). If you choose to twist, DON'T change your orientation after a given twist. You're already aligned for the next twist. Spinning isn't the best idea here (since there's several of these groups, and half a chorus after that). Hit the last few groups of arrows (that really remind me of Sky High), and breathe. If you insist on style, then hit the VERY last arrow with your heel and air guitar (and don't lose that hold!). This is one of the easier combo songs, provided you can keep your wind. Burning Heat! (3 Option Mix)-This mix of Burning Heat! is a merciful 20 seconds shorter than its IIDX counterpart. Instead of the usual 4/4 time signature, Mr. T set the time signature to 12/8. Like 4/4, 12/8 has 4 beats per measure. Instead of eighth notes, 12/8 is counted off in triplets (or three equally spaced notes per beat). A 12/8 song will feel faster than a 4/4 song with the same tempo. However, the time signature is irrelevant in Light mode. Arrows will usually occur once ever two beats. These arrows are usually single steps, but groups of double steps will appear on occasion. The arrows will stop once in the beginning and once in the end. These stops are VERY short, so keep sharp! STANDARD MODE-Arrows come on the beat, and occasionally with the music. The latter arrows will be spaced slightly less than a beat apart. They're also a different color. HEAVY MODE-Half the time, the arrows follow the music (and it is a royal pain in the rear). The rest of the arrows go with the background bass (so if the song's volume is too low, these arrows won't seem to go with anything). Remember the time signature, and the arrows won't look quite so chaotic. This song is a lot more tiring than it appears. Masochists can play this song on the From IIDX course AND Kidou 2. Candy (with the heart)-This song gives me cavities. STANDARD MODE-Surprisingly, this song matches its rating (5). . .barely. I suggest that you play Witch Doctor on Standard before you attempt this song. There's plenty of double steps (a la Witch Doctor), and many of them require that you hit other arrows during the hold. When you here the "theme" of Candy (as the background music), be prepared for a double step. One of the double step arrows is a hold arrow that lasts for four beats. On each beat, a regular arrow will whiz by. Use ONE foot to hit all the regular arrows. Once you've hit the hold arrow, keep your weight on that leg, but IGNORE THE ON-SCREEN ARROW. Hopefully, the hold arrow will scroll to the end with no problems from you. Meanwhile, concentrate on the regular arrows. The end result should be a little more meter. During the little guitar break, double steps are mixed in with regular arrows. If you're confused, just jump on the direction of the next double step, and you should get most of the arrows. Good luck. HEAVY MODE-Just like the original. . .almost. I don't think there's as many holds as the original (whew). The end is a string of eighth notes. On the BeForU course (right after BreAk Down!, no less). D2R-HELP! This song is WAY better on IIDX (video-wise, that is. . .then again, I'm a Q-Jack fan). It's supposed to be a continuation of the Brilliant series. MANIAC MODE-The first two arrows are on the up beat! To make matters worse, double steps are stuck in a half beat behind regular steps!! The beginning is made up of eighth notes. Once the chorus starts ("Everybody dance with me. . ."), the rhythm mutates into three sixteenth notes (which look like a mini foot roll) followed by a double step (rhythmically, it's 1 ^ * 2, with 2 being the double step). I KNOW there's other nasty things happening in the chorus, but I don't remember them off the top of my head. Once the instruments kick in, the screen turns into a minor mess. The arrows follow the music, and the music is LOUD! The chorus will repeat again (same deal), and the song will attempt to do bad things to your meter by throwing in a bunch of hold arrows towards the end. No thanks to Konami, this song is on Naoki Standard (final song, not too bad) and Kidou (right after Drop Out). Destiny-Konami put this song second on the song list for a reason. It's supposedly the second easiest song. HEAVY MODE-Who wants eighth notes? You're getting them, like it or not. Somewhere in the middle, the double steps and the sixteenth notes appear close together (a la Can't Stop Fallin' In Love (Speed Mix)). On Naoki feat. Paula Terry (final song). Drifting Away-Some songs are destined to be loved by one person and hated by one. As usual, I'm on the wrong side of things. HEAVY MODE-It would be simple to say that the arrows follow the music. Too simple. Patterns of the left-down-left, down-up-down, etc. make up a good deal of the song. Do not confuse them with the double steps (which are quite apparant). The rhythm is downright messy! Worse yet, this song is the sixth song on the Cool 7 course. Something tells me that I'm NEVER going to get past that course (current record: 23 Goods, 4 Boos, 8 Misses). ever snow-Yoma Komatsu followed Riyu Kosaka's example and made a song of her own. Fortunately, we are spared the sight of seeing another BeForU member dressed up as a schoolgirl (then again, I'm a girl, and I LIKE the video for So Deep). Okay, enough BeForU bashing. . .this song is relatively slow. Arrows come once every two beats (joy), and the holds are relatively isolated (which means you can concentrate on the hold arrow alone). And concentrate you shall, for those arrows aren't exactly short. You'll need some knowledge of the left-right double step, if my foggy memory serves me right. HEAVY MODE-Enjoy the picture of Alice while you can. The first arrow you are required to hit is a hold arrow (up, to be exact). Two more regular arrows will scroll up during the hold (left). Right before the bells come in, you'll be faced with a footroll. The first three arrows you see after you hear the silver bells follow said bells. The next bunch of arrows are eighth notes. When the bells re-enter the song, the arrows follow the bells. The next bunch of arrows are-you guessed it-eighth notes. As soon as Yoma-chan starts singing, the arrows follow the bass drum (which means this song's difficulty goes up a notch if you can't hear the bass very well). Prepare for eighth notes (complete with double steps) as soon as Yoma-chan belts out, "Uchi deru ni," if you can hear it (her singing isn't very loud at this point). Three double jumps will be perfectly in time with three guitar chords right before the chorus. The chorus itself is mostly eighth notes (with those cursed double steps mixed in for fun). Watch out for the five note roll somewhere in the middle of it all. The eighth note runs should be fairly easy by now (you DID make it past the beginning, right?). However, you will need to do some twisting/sliding to get past some of those notes. Don't forget the lovely hold arrows (always). Once the chorus lets up, the arrows follow the bells. If memory serves me right, there's one more section of double steps that follow the same rhythm as those guitar rips earlier. If you're on Oni, make sure you hit the last five or so notes perfectly-the BeForU course gets rather unforgiving after this song (and I've made it past this song twice). i feel...-Fortunately, this song on Heavy is far harder than its IIDX Another equivalent. Don't remember anything overly special about this mode. And Akira Yamaoka is NOT another alias for Naoki. He does the sound for the Silent Hill series (and a good chunk of the IIDX series AND Love This Feeling). The lyrics to this song are as disturbing as they are nonsensical. Is that going to stop me from liking this song? Not a chance! I LOVE this song!! HEAVY MODE-Someone once told me that this song has no beat. On the contrary, this song has quite a bit of a beat. The arrows never follow it, of course. I strongly suggest that you listen to this song at least once before playing it. The beginning arrows follow the music nicely (but I'm willing to bet that your feet won't). Right before the singer starts, the arrows will follow the snare drum. When the song title is sung, and subsequently repeated to death, the arrows will follow the violin or piano (whichever one is playing). As soon as the music drops, watch the rhythm carefully. See those arrows? These arrows are deceptively easy to hit. Many streaks die at this point (I usually have no streak to speak of at this point). I'm not sure what the arrows follow during the "lyrics" of this song (if I've jotted them down correctly, it's one broken-up phrase that's just a tad unsettling). After the final line of "lyrics" ("yuu kara"), you'll encounter the first hold in the whole song! Then you are re-introduced to straight eighth notes! Joy!! Frankly, I can't quite pinpoint the exact location of the first few eighth notes. . .but I know they're there! Anyway, the final hold of this song occurs at the very end. Konami must've been feeling merciful when they released 7th Mix. Why? This song didn't appear on an Oni course until EXTREME. . .and the Sorrow course. It's Raining Men-Believe it or not, people play this song. . .too much. The only noteworthy part is the rather long hold, and the five arrows that you must somehow step on during that hold. Rather cruel for a Light song, if you ask me. Not that you would, but. . . Kakumei-The Revolution has begun! This is one of the titles in Japanese, and in terms of IIDX, this song is a royal pain in the forearms. STANDARD MODE-Timing is everything, and the timing on this song isn't quite as scary as it seems. However, I do not remember the specifics. HEAVY MODE-The title screen for this song is so nice. . .anyway, the arrows follow the predominant sound about half the time. The beginning is one of those times. Be prepared for lots and lots of sixteenth notes. Once the music quiets down (you'll have to listen to the song itself to understand me), you'll be faced with a hold arrows and two other arrows that should be hit during the hold. If you got rid of the hold, you'd see that it's a familiar rhythm. During the "build-up" sections, you'll face lots of eighth notes (and the occasional sixteenth note skip). The arrows will repeat themselves along with the beginning theme. The ending isn't that hard to figure out. . .that is, until the last two arrows show up. They're a half beat apart, and very hard for me to hold. Good luck. On Kidou 2. ONI MODE-Yeah, like I can AA MaxX Unlimited as an extra stage. Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I have yet to PASS MaxX Unlimited as an extra stage. Little Boy (Boy on Boy Mix)-Someone mentioned that this was supposed to by Boy OH Boy Mix, but the title was somehow mangled, and. . . HEAVY MODE-Those double steps appear on the up beat of those awful three note clumps. Well, they appear anywhere they want. Good practice for Stoic ~for Extreme~. I don't remember where this song appears, but it does appear somewhere. . .maybe on Kidou. Living in America-It's a nice, peppy song that got an artist change in EXTREME. Arrows come once every two beats, and nothing overly tricky (except for a smattering of hold arrows) appears anywyere. STANDARD MODE-Now the arrows come every beat. . .until the verse starts. Then. . .sing along! When the arrows aren't following Rose's voice, they're on the beat (with the exception of those 1 * 2 clusters, which aren't hard to hit at all). HEAVY MODE-World Tour, anybody? We start in America!! Long Train Runnin'-It's one of the demo songs. The animation is nice. STANDARD MODE-Those weird arrows follow the music. Then they follow the singer's voice. This sounds elementary, but it isn't, on Nearly 130. HEAVY MODE-What a pain. A rhythmic pain. Air guitar to the background music, and you've got the arrow rhythm. The arrows follow the singer's voice more closely. Easy to pass, impossible to score on. Look At Us (DJ Daddy Mix)-Appears only on this mix. What a shame. STANDARD MODE-The eighth arrows are few and far between. Almost all of it is on the beat. It's good, because it's the third song on Nearly 130. Maximum Overdrive (KC Drive Mix)-It's a 2, somehow. I don't remember how. HEAVY MODE-The arrows in the beginning mystify me. Then again, I last played this song on a machine with the volume turned down. The trickier rhythms are actually, "Join me for the ride." The end is a minor mess, but nothing that's impossible. Maxx Unlimited-This remix of Max 300 came out sounding so much better! Watch out for the slow sections. STANDARD MODE-Are you absolutely confident about double steps? If not, go away. This song features many double steps, and a couple of sections are made up of hold arrows that are double steps. Miss them, and you'll get warped to the Game Over screen. Otherwise. . .good luck. HEAVY MODE-I've played this song as an Extra stage plenty of times, and I still can't pass it. The beginning follows the easiest thing to hear. Don't rush the double steps that occur after that. The next part looks like it was edited from Max 300 (three eighth notes, but the third one is now a hold). Double steps mark the end of this section, too. I can't really describe how to do the next section, except to listen well. The section after that looks like it was straight from Max 300 (same ripped section, but without the hold). When the up-left-down, up-left-right patter appears, be prepared for another jam. . .and another slowdown. Follow the loudest thing again, and DON'T release that hold arrow too early. I can't tell you what happens at the end. More Than I Needed To Know-No,I'm not describing my opinion about the above song. The ending slows down a bit; be careful. HEAVY MODE-The rhythm is easy to pass and very hard to tech. Pay attention to those groups of three at the beginning; you'll see that pattern in a certain EXTREME song a lot. The slowdown is still quite deadly. On Tempo Changer. And now, the moment that no one really cares about. . .EXTREME songs! To save my fingers, I'm only going to mention the songs that have made a DEBUT on this mix (including new Oni steps). Second. . .I'm doing this by memory, so don't be angry if a song you want to see isn't here. 5.1.1.-My one and only AAA, to date. Arrows are literally once every other beat, with the exception of one or two parts. Don't worry, the arrows go SLOW, so reading shouldn't be too hard. No double steps, to my knowledge. HEAVY MODE-Go play this on Another on Beatmania IIDX 7th Style or later. This song's extreme lack of speed shows, and it's not funny. Play something that's about 200 BPM (Crash!. . .just kidding), and pay attention to those eighth arrows. Use that same speed on these skips, and life should be wonderful. You're not going to fail this if you've passed a couple of other songs on Paramount-I-mean-7. A-This song has been cut (the last part of the slow part should repeat one more time). The slow part is for reading practice and tech destroying. The speed change is 98 BPM, so be on your guard. IIDX players who hear this for the first time will probably be a bit startled by the location of the speed change (which is marked by an ascending scale). HEAVY MODE-Nowhere near as hard as A on 7 Key. Speaking of IIDX, the beginning is downright simple if you have some IIDX experience. The ending is simpler, too. For the remainder of the population, think of the faster part as Holic at 191 BPM, and the slower part as reading practice. ONI MODE-The faster part is now Irresisitblement at 191 BPM. Again, don't panic, and life will be good. This is MUCH easier than A Another. On IIDX Boss course. Across the Nightmare-It just doesn't sound the same on DDR. HEAVY MODE-And may you never see this as an Extra stage. Since I get this song mixed up with its Oni counterpart, I won't write anything specific to this setting. The arrows go VERY fast. Don't rush those rolls (I think both of them have rolls), and don't fall off the machine (it hurts). ONI MODE-I don't remember which Oni course it appears on. Curse me and my lousy memory. air-Elevator music, anyone? HEAVY MODE-My last encounter with this song was on Extra stage. Those stupid hold arrows will be the death of someone. The occur on the up beat of what should be a normal 1 * 2 pattern, and nothing short of memorization will help you to remember what foot goes where. Don't be surprised to find yourself sliding the first few times you play this song. Turning the hold arrows off on this song is LAME. AM-3P (303 Bass Mix)-Guess how many people know this song exists? HEAVY MODE-All I wanted was this song to end. Then again, that was because it was on Extra stage. Not hard to combo. Aoi Shoudou ~for Extreme~-I won't forgive Konami for cutting out the middle section of this song. There should be a very nice piano interlude after the singer stops singing the first time (on Heavy Mode, something happens here). Ah, well, what can we do? During the quiet section of this song, hold arrows will appear. Nothing to panic about, really. This song's title is in Japanese, and it is the last song to begin with the letter "A". The translation of the title is actually Youthful Urges, not Blue Impulse (the kanji used for blue is different than what is used in the title of this song). STANDARD MODE-Double steps aplenty. On the Naoki Neo-Standard course. HEAVY MODE-Well, well, well, gotta love the way this song starts off. If the section before the three hold arrows is troublesome, the rest of this song is gonna be a blast. Ignore the singer; the arrows follow the synthesizer/IIDX notes. Once Yuki cuts out, the rhythm gets downright weird. Those double steps are a pain to get to. The piano interlude should be between where the chorus ends and where the strange rhythm begins. Who ever thought playing IIDX with your feet could be fun? bag-Listen to ten off-key bagpipers in an enclosed parking lot, then listen to this song. It will be a major improvement. The hardest part of this song is its severe lack of speed. Memorize two or three arrows (which will be on the beat), close your eyes, count, then step. It helps if you count "1-2-3-4-5-6" (in one beat), because anything harder than Light has that kind of rhythm. STANDARD MODE-Yeah, what a pain. Of all the modes, some consider this one to be the hardest. Some of those steps are double steps; others are two parts of a six-figure rhythm pattern (one with six notes in a beat). I don't know where everything occurs. It's a mental workout, and it's on the new RevenG course. HEAVY MODE-The beginning on normal speed looks darned scary. However, that mess of arrows follows the bagpipe, and will pretty much do that throughout the song. The only double step is at the end of this hellish little arrow set. On the Road of Slow. Be In My Paradise-THE slowest song in the game (beats out bag by 2 BPM). However, it doesn't have the crazy bag step set. HEAVY MODE-Good reading practice. The scariest section in the middle goes quite slow (think Make it Better tweak section speed). Remember that speed, for those creepy sixteenth notes appear throughout the chorus as rolls (short ones, thank goodness). The song's ending is abrupt. On The Road of Slow (obviously). Be Lovin-Everyone's hypnotized! This song goes FAST, and if you're not paying attention, you'll fail, plain and simple. HEAVY MODE-It's an eighth note stomp fest, with one hard part (the tweaking towards the end). I'd give advice on that, but I still can't hit it consistently. Not for the easily tired. Burnin' The Floor (Momo Mix)-As if Blue Fire Mix wasn't enough. There's a very nasty speed-up in the beginning, which affects NONE of the arrows. The rest is simple on-the-beat stomping. Cartoon Heroes (Speedy Mix)-This song is irritating. Don't overdo it. HEAVY MODE-It's a pain, and passing it nets some serious bragging rights. I still haven't figured out what half those arrows follow. The skips will more likely than not end in double steps. The Be Lovin tweak section occurs twice. The Vanity Angel ending looks like this ending-except the former is a lot slower. Don't miss the holds. If Be Lovin is too much, stamina-wise, don't even consider this song. Colors ~for Extreme~-The song that got mangled the second-most is this one. It's not quite as bad as Colors ~Y&Co. Eurobeat Mix~, but it comes close. I'm not sure what was cut, but the ending is repeated for no good reason. IIDX players, yank out the hankies. HEAVY MODE-The rhythm is tricky, but readable. The rest is simple eighth notes. ONI MODE-I know it wasn't very hard on regular mode, but it was a PAIN on the IIDX boss course. Jet World-Nope, the Drummania 3rd Mix video is NOT playing in the background. What a pity. STANDARD MODE-The hardest part is *gasp* the BEGINNING! Make it past that section, and the rest should be passable. HEAVY MODE-It's fun! There's two ways of getting past this song: sliding and twisting. I recommed the latter (and play AM-3P if twisting on this song is too hard). Go ahead and sing to the guitar riffs-that's the rhythm of the mess of arrows that appear during said riffs. L'amour et la Liberte ~for Extreme~-Whoever redid this song must die slowly and painfully. This song bears little resemblence to the original. Some synthesizer has taken over most of the piano parts, and the lyrics have been cut, rearranged, and mashed together into something awful. The figure in the background is probably crying because of what has happened to a beautiful IIDX song. I strongly recommend listening to the original version of this song at least once. The arrows are on the beat, every beat, with little exception. HEAVY MODE-Who wants to cry? The rhythm to this song is a mess. It attempts to follow the synthesizer melody. The Perfect window on this song is narrow, and the rhythms get VERY messy after a while (to the point where I can tell you nothing about it). Easily the hardest song on the Sorrow course. sync ~for Extreme~-This is sadly, one of the better mixes. Go listen to the original anyway. Another song with arrows on the beat, but with a fairly large Perfect window. HEAVY MODE-The beginning is a 1 * 2 3 4 rhythm. When the introduction is over, the 1 * 2 rhythm will appear more often. It's possible to twist to the left-up-right combination, because the next one in the sequence is right-up-left. The same holds true for the left-down-right combinations, too. When the melody of the song starts, four regular arrows on the beat will appear, followed by a double step hold arrow (but hold down the correct side!), with other arrows on the beat. Once the hold section is over, the rhythm will degenerate into a 1 * 2 3 4 pattern for a while, then loop back to the same pattern as the beginning of the melody. After that section, the 1 * 2 pattern will be quite prevalent. See the note on the twisting, because it still applies here. The last few arrows in the song will be all on beat, and will consist of a single step and a double step (repeat three more times). The final arrow set is a hold left-right arrow. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ VIII. SOME Secrets Alternate Characters Stand on either the left or right arrow when you hit START, and keep standing on it until the Song Select screen pops up. Trick Mode At Song Select screen, down, down, down, left, left, right, right. Ratings will appear in red. Works on the first stage only. Maniac Mode At Song Select screen, down, down, down, right, up, up, left. Ratings will appear in green. For true maniacs only. Works on the first stage only. Mirror Mode This mode scrambles arrows somewhat. At Song Select screen, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right. The word Mirror should appear in the lower left or right corner of the screen (depending on whether or not you are 1P or 2P). Left/Right Mode More arrow scrambling. At song select screen continually stomp on EITHER the left or right arrow. Please reread the previous sentence aloud to yourself 10 times. Now that we are all on the same track, the word Left or Right will appear over your score (keep in mind that the cheat is related to what direction you were stomping on. Thus Left means that you were stomping on the left arrow, and vice versa). Shuffle Mode The ultimate arrow scrambler. At song select screen, up, down, left, right, down, up, right, left. This may not work, in which case, go to Note that you can have only ONE of the previous arrow-scrambling cheats on at a time. Hidden Mode Arrows will disappear four beats before they need to be stepped on. At Song Select screen, up, down, up, down, etc. (keep alternating) until you hear a sound. The word Hidden should appear in the lower left or right corner of the screen (depending on whether you are 1P or 2P). Little Mode If you're in this mode, there had better be a VERY GOOD reason why! All arrows are down beats. Won't help that much on anything rated below Superior. Anyway, the code is left, down, right, down, left, down, right, up. DON'T USE THIS CODE TO PLAY PARANOIA ON MANIAC MODE. IT'S INSULTING! Versus and Double Mode Before you hit start, hold down the two yellow arrows that appear on either side of the start button. Versus Mode will repeat the 1P arrows for both players (in a 2P game), and will show who won at the end of every song. Double Mode will let one player dance on ALL the arrows (this is very tiring). If you put in enough money for one player, Versus, Double, and Couple (why would anyone choose this?) will only last for one stage. If you put in enough money for two players, those modes will last for three stages. Cheat cancel Keep stepping on the Up arrow on the Song Select screen. Note that Trick, Maniac, Versus, and Double Modes will not disappear. I-don't-wanna-play-in-Maniac-Mode Cheat On the very first Song Select screen, keep stepping on the Down arrow to cancel any Mode changes, and set the mode to Normal. For more cheats, go to, click on Arcade, and look for Dance Dance Revolution. The Playstation cheat: All songs On stage select, keep pressing the Song Select right arrow until you hear the infamous "You've successfully entered a cheat" sound. DDR USA cheats: If you want to turn off any of the cheats, you'll have to enter the same code again (so if I want to turn off Shuffle Mode, I'd have to enter the whole thing in again. No fair!!). However, when you enter a cheat determines how permanent the cheat is. If I decide to play Boys on Mirror Mode, I have two opportunities to enter the code. The first is on the song select screen (the one with all the CDs on it). Entering a cheat on this screen will make it last through all the songs. ALL the songs. If I enter the code on the Mode Select screen (the one with the various ratings on it), that cheat will be effective ONLY FOR THAT SONG. That means that if I enter the Mirror Mode code on the Boys Mode Select screen, the cheat will only be effective for Boys, and not Dead End (my next song). Confusing, isn't it? Hidden/Sudden/Stealth/Off mode Start with up-down-up-down-up-down-up-down. . . The machine will yell out whatever cheat you've entered. First it will yell out, "Hidden", which means that notes disappear before they need to be stepped on. Then it will yell out, "Sudden", which will make the notes appear right before you need to step on them (no color, either). Keep up with that up-down thing, and the machine will yell out, "Stealth", or NO NOTES!!! Do more of those up-down things and it will turn off this Hidden/Sudden/Stealth thing. Mode Select This is now done right before you dance to the song. Colors are the same, except that blue feet mean one and only one thing-Beginner Mode, where you have to work to fail ('cause it's in some strange Little Mode version). Character Select Seems to be random. It's weird!! All the characters from THE DDR are in there (in some variation or another), and there are some new ones (like the dude in the bulletproof vest and the girl in a bright yellow trenchcoat, probably an escapee from my newspaper), and one that SOMEONE is bound to complain about (the 1P character with purple wings and clothes). If you really want to know who's who, check out Crono's FAQ at It should be under the Dance Dance Revolution section. . .somewhere. Flat Mode Strange arrow colors getting to you? Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Right. Should work (I hope) (Skywalker, my readers are depending on you!!!!!). There is also a mode that is supposed to shut the announcer up. I'll see if I can find it. At the rate I'm going, I might end up begging people to spill. ALL OTHER CODES SHOULD BE THE SAME. DDR 4th Mix cheats: Difficulty select: You do this before you choose the song. Character select: You do this before you start choosing songs. Hidden/Sudden/Stealth Left, Up, Right. Once for Hidden (arrows disappear a couple of beats before you need to step on them), twice for Sudden (arrows appear a couple of beats before you need to step on them), thrice for Stealth (arrows disappear, and don't reappear). Little/Flat Left, Down, Right. Once for Little (all steps are now on the beat), twice for Flat (arrows are all the same color). Shuffle Left, Down, Up, Right, Up, Down. May be wrong (switch the final Up/Down). 5th Mix cheats: Konami really wants to torture me. Here goes. . . Character select: This is done before you choose songs. Once you choose a character, a little animation will play of the character doing something. Here's the whole list. . . Afro: Sees something more interesting behind him, and looks away from you. Rage: He'll attempt to give himself a bloody nose. It doesn't appear to be working. . . Johnny: Ugh! He'll blow a kiss at you, and a little heart will float from him. Excuse me while I empty the contents of my stomach. Robo2001: Its eyes will light up, and its engines (or whatever's behind its back) will ignite. Spike: He'll put his hands on the front of his shirt and lean forward. Not as bad as Johnny. . .but pretty close. Baby-Lon: Hard to describe. . .eyes close, big grin appears on his face, rattle shakes. Kinda cute. Naoki: He's a hidden character. Go bug your local arcade about it. Anyway, he'll turn to the side and tip his hat. Janet: Sorta like Rage. . .but she knows better than to bloody her own nose. Emi: She'll wave and smile. Charmy: Yuck. Two words: Grin *bounce*. Princess-Zukin: Someone apparently forgot to tell her that drinking tea before dancing is not a good idea. Or if that someone did, she forgot. Mako: She'll run a hand through her hair and smile. Alice: She'll look up, then go back to playing Pokemon. . .oops, did I say that? She just looks down again. N.M.R.: For some odd reason, she looks like Naoki in different clothes. Freaky. She'll flash you. . .a grin! The other secret character. I have yet to see U1 and 2MB in my arcade. . .but from what I saw, they're available on the home version. Enjoy! Difficulty select: The default is Basic. To get to Trick, hit the down arrow twice on the song select screen. To get to Maniac, hit the down arrow twice more. To get from Maniac to Trick, hit the up arrow twice. To get from Trick to Basic, hit the up arrow twice more. Edit data: Hit the right arrow twice on the song select screen. To get out of it, hit the left arrow twice. Song sort: Hit the right and left SONG SELECT arrows (the yellow ones) at the same time. I'm not sure of the cycles. . . Little/Flat Mode Unchanged from 4th Mix. Hidden/Sudden/Stealth Unchanged from 4th Mix. Shuffle Up, down, up, down 6th Mix on. . .hold down the Start button when you select a song. A whole list of things to do pop up. If you want to go up an item, hold down the SONG SELECT arrows and press the Start button. Song sort, edit data, difficulty select-unchanged from 5th Mix. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IX. Are you having a bad day? Face it, some days will be better than others. Songs that come as easily as breathing on one day may seem impossible to pass on another day. I generally have three types of days--those that find me happy, happy, happy (a good deal of the time), those that make me extremely tense (not as often), and those that show the worst of me (several occasions). I find that on certain days, some songs come easier than others. For example, I can pass Holic on Maniac with ease. . .but my streaks go from 23 to 305. Can't seem to pass those "comfortable" songs? Try a different set. . .it may just work. These findings are based on my own experiences. Your experiences had best be different! Happy, happy, happy days A Absolute Abyss Afronova Primeval B4U BreAk Down! Brilliant 2 U (Orchestral Groov) Cat's Eye (Ventura Mix) Ecstasy e-motion Firefly Holic Love This Feeling Make a Jam! Matsuri Japan Moonlight Shadow (New Vocal Version) Paranoia Rebirth Trip Machine (all but Climax) Tsugaru Saints Go Marching (Remix) Young Forever Tense days .59 AM-3P Can't Stop Fallin' In Love (Speed Mix) Cowgirl Dead End Dive Era (Nostal Mix) Follow Me Jet World La Senorita Lupin The 3rd '78 Make It Better (both mixes) Ninzaburo Rhythm and Police (K.O.G. G3 Mix) Ska a Go Go Stomp To My Beat Synchronized Love (Red Monster Mix) Twin Bee (Generation X) Vol. 4 Wonderland (UKS Mix) Keep-away-from-me-if-you-value-your-face days Broken My Heart Gradiusic Cyber (AMD G5 Mix) Happy Wedding (DON'T ask me why) Hysteria La Senorita Virtual More Than I Needed To Know (DON'T ASK) Orion.78 (AMeuro Mix) So Deep (Perfect Sphere Remix) Waka Laka I've been angry a bit more these days. . .not your fault. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X. Credits This FAQ was supposed to be very boring. Because of everyone here, it's not quite so boring., and ---------------------------------------------- For actually posting my FAQ, and for being cool sites overall (did you take the poll of the day at Konami ------ The makers of the game. They got me addicted. All the video arcades who carry these games ------------------------------------------- This one is obvious... My Music Teachers ----------------- It takes someone who is familiar with music to figure out what the heck Konami threw in their game. Go figure. All my friends (if you know my other name, this is for you)...I think --------------------------------------------------------------------- You were the nuts who supplied most of my song info, without realizing it. All your bass are belong to me. K', and whoever you borrowed that dance mat from ------------------------------------------------ Needless to say, you provided me with pretty much all the information for Dance Dance Revolution: 2nd Mix. Can you dye your hair silver? ------------- THE site for codes! Nickel ( ---------------------------- For LOTS of game info (especially on Third Mix). Really, I thought Exorbitant was the highest rating. Editor-in-Chief at KHS ---------------------- Thanks for selling me the Dance Dance Revolution: 3rd Mix Nonstop Megamix CD. Now I can really annoy people with Mr. Wonderful. Skywalker, Leviathan, and Mattxima ---------------------------------- For all those 3rd Mix titles, groups, and lyrics and for dancing and putting up with me. I sing higher than you! Jon I. ( --------------------------- For putting up with me and my lame jokes, getting those ultimate streaks, and somehow getting a SS on AM-3P and a bunch of other songs on Trick Mode (my grade average for AM-3P is a C, give or take a grade). My Mom ------ She pointed out the relationship between The Olivia Project and their songs. She also got a SS on Boomb Boom Dollar. This proves that anyone can dance, regardless of gender or age (you can TRY to figure out how old she is. . .but don't ask me about it, because she will kill me if she finds out about this!) Deathlok the Demolisher ( --------------------------------------------------- For correcting me. Okay, okay, stop grinning like that! DJ Lee and DJ Taka (this is an inside joke) ------------------------------------------- For dancing to the darndest songs (still). Now get DJ Kazu addicted. Team Kiken ( ------------------------------------------ For showing the world what DDR is SUPPOSED to look like, and for also hosting a tournament which I can actually go to! Check out their site for the winner of the Men's tech competition (his score will blow you away). They also have a link to a bulletin board I frequent A LOT (hint, hint). Besides, most of them are really nice people (the rest I don't know too well). Really, really cool site? ------------------------- (yes, it's my personal homepage) Growlie ( ----------------------------------- For the 4th Mix song list (PSX), all the steps (I might have to make a couple of corrections. . .), and for being a great friend. He's also the only guy I know of who transitioned from Bumble Bee (three feet) to Jam Jam Reggae (eight feet) in two weeks. Please don't e-mail him chain letters, as he will not be happy. Alex ( ------------------------- For 3rd and 4th Mix gameplay info. It's a tad different in my arcade. . .who knows? You --- For taking the time to read this thing. So you REALLY want to know who I am? I play IIDX on Mirror/Random a LOT, I like one or eight, Cradle, and TWO Days of Love, and I can't stand Reincarnation, Love Shine, and Your Body (the song, not you). In DDR terms, I'm the girl who will NOT touch the back bar during MaxX Unlimited, and is trying to get Ska a Go Go on Top 20 lists everywhere. If you think you saw me, drop me a line. . .you just might have! Do you have any questions, comments, or CLEAN jokes? E-mail me "Here, in the place where we first met, so long ago. . ." -- Remember You, by NM feat. Juile. Thank you for all the memories, Konami.